Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SOLD 1884 Pajot Fils Lute back for sale by Neil Brook

this instrument has been sold

Published on May 28, 2014
A quick demo of the 1884 Pajot luteback available from my website. Kind of a fitting title and the tune works well in C .

from website –

This instrument was bought from the Paris auctions 2 years ago and has been fully restored. It is largely original except for the wheel cover, keys and tangents, some mother of pearl inlay and tuning pegs. 

The keys are of ebony and bone and are fitted with machine screwed tangents for reliable operation in all temperatures and humidities. 

The original taper tuning pegs have been replaced with "Peghed" 4 to 1 ratio geared tuners fitted with the original ivory pips.

The wheel & axle are all original and there is no looseness in the bearings. The wheel has hardly any distortion. All open joints and cracks have been closed and as the repairs were done 18 months ago, as long as the instrument is not kept in an over dry environment, they should stay that way.

It is currently in traditional G/C  tuning. I had it in D/G first but as with many hurdy-gurdies, it seems to prefer G/C and I suspect that it has spent its many years in this tuning. The trompette is at c/d but can easily be changed to g' if required.

The soundboard is flamed maple which gives a warmer creamier tone to the instrument. It is not quite as loud as the spruce top Pajots I have experienced.

It will come with a quality padded gig bag and strap.

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