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Il y aura 7 stages Chants de Vielles cette année et ceux-ci auront lieux en pré-festival, les 26 et 27 juin. Inscription jusqu’au 16 mai 2014 dans la limite des places disponibles.
Nous souhaitions simplement vous indiquer que les places s'envolent rapidement, faites-viiiiiiite!!!!
Descriptifs et formulaire d'inscription:

There are 7 stages songs of old this year and they will have places in the pre-festival, on 26 and 27 June. Registration until May 16, 2014 in the limit of available places.
We simply wanted to tell you that places are selling fast, make-viiiiiiite!
Descriptions and registration form: (Translated by Bing)

Les passeports en vente dès MAINTENANT. Profitez de nos tarifs préférentiels jusqu’au 30 avril! (5$ de rabais et aucun frais)
Il est à noter qu’il est dès à présent possible de faire les réservations d’espace dans le camping aménagé spécialement pour l’occasion
Passport on sale now. Take advantage of our preferential rates until April 30! ($ 5 discount and no charge)
It is worth noting that it is now possible to make reservations for space in the campsite specially arranged for the occasion (Translated by Bing)

Le Vent du Nord at Chants de Vielles

INSCRIPTION date limite du 1er juin prochain!

Période d’inscription aux stages 2014 – Prolongée jusqu’au 1er juin 2014

C’est parti, ceux et celles qui souhaitent s’inscrire à l’une ou l’autre des classes de maître en pré-festival peuvent le faire dès aujourd’hui. * (english below)
Pour une sixième année, Chants de Vielles propose un programme d’enseignement spécialisé s’adressant aux chanteurs et musiciens de niveau débutant, intermédiaire et/ou avancé (selon les groupes).  Animées par des chanteurs et musiciens reconnus comme des maîtres en leur domaine, les programmes seront présentés en 2 temps.  L’un, en pré-festival soit les jeudi 26 et vendredi 27 juin 2014 ou les stagiaires auront l’opportunité de vivre des apprentissages en groupe restreint l’autre pendant le festival, ou les stagiaires auront l’occasion d’expérimenter divers apprentissages en contexte grand public.
Crédit: Diane Parent
Crédit: Diane Parent
Programme 1 : Mise en pratique de la stylistique dans le chant traditionnel avec Érik Marchand (Bretagne)
Programme 2 : Découverte, exploration et interprétation du chant québécois et acadien. Avec Robert Bouthillier (Normandie/Québec)
Programme 3: Technique instrumentales, interprétation et expression du jeu de la vielle à roue. Avec Patrick Bouffard (France)
PROGRAMME 4 : Cornemuse: Technique d’interprétation et répertoire de mélodies à danser du Berry. Avec Rémy Villeneuve (France)
PROGRAMME 5 : Accordéon diatonique SOL/DO: Technique d’interprétation et répertoire auvergnat. Avec Raphaël « Raphnin » MAUREL (France)
PROGRAMME 6 : Technique, répertoire québécois et accompagnement des chansons traditionnelles. Avec Lisa Ornstein (États-Unis)
PROGRAMME 7 : Guitare Trad/folk, Technique d’accompagnement DAGDAD. Avec Yann Falquet (Québec) et Ryan McGiver (NY, É.-U.)
Période des inscriptions aux STAGES prolongée jusqu’au 1er juin (dans la limite des places disponibles)
Hâtez-vous, les places sont limitées
INSCRIPTION date limite du 1er juin prochain!

Registration period for courses in 2014 - Extended until June 1, 2014
It's gone, those who wish to enroll in one or the other master classes in pre-festival can do today. 

For the sixth year, carols Vielles offers a special education program aimed at singers and musicians from beginner, intermediate and / or advanced level (according to groups). Led by singers and musicians recognized as masters in their field, the programs will be presented in 2 stages. One, pre-festival is on Thursday 26 and Friday, June 27, 2014 or trainees will have the opportunity to experience learning in small groups together during the festival, or students will have the opportunity to experiment with different learning in large public context.
Credit: Diane Parent
Credit: Diane Parent
Program 1: Practical stylistics in traditional singing with Erik Marchand (Britain)
Program 2: Discovery, exploration and interpretation of Quebec and Acadian song. Robert Bouthillier (Normandy / Quebec)
Program 3: Technical instrumental interpretation and expression of the game the hurdy-gurdy . Patrick Bouffard (France)
PROGRAM 4: Bagpipe: Technical interpretation and repertoire of tunes to dance Berry . Rémy Villeneuve (France)
PROGRAMME 5: diatonic accordion G / C: Technique and interpretation Auvergne directory . Raphaël "Raphnin" Maurel (France)
PROGRAM 6: Technical, Quebec repertoire of traditional songs and accompaniment . Lisa Ornstein (United States)
PROGRAM 7: Guitar Trad / folk, Technical support DAGDAD. Falquet With Yann (Quebec) and Ryan McGiver (NY, USA)
Registration period to be extended until 1 June COURSES (subject to availability)
Hasten, places are limited

until 1 JUNE //

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

KALABALIK tour dates



Leksands Medeltidsmarknad (SE)
29 May - 1 June

Leksands Medeltidsmarknad

Aifur Krog & Bar (SE)
14 June

Trondheim vikingmarked (NO)
19 - 22 June 

Stallarholmens Vikingars Festival (SE)
4 - 6 July

Wolin (as a trio) (PL)
1 - 3 August

Medeltidsveckan i Visby (SE)
4 - 9 August

Horsens Medieval Festival (DK)
29 - 30 August

Biskupin Archaeological Festival (PL)
17 - 21 September 

Medieval picnic in Japan

May 24 in the facebook group "Hurdy Gurdy Player"
We held the medieval picnic in Japan on last day. Playing music and dancing with historical instruments, we really enjoyed the fine May day. In Japan, this style event is quite rare and not popular. So I hope to spread it to evereywhere in Japan.
 — with Dave Dogface Kawamura.


SOLD 1884 Pajot Fils Lute back for sale by Neil Brook

this instrument has been sold

Published on May 28, 2014
A quick demo of the 1884 Pajot luteback available from my website. Kind of a fitting title and the tune works well in C .

from website –

This instrument was bought from the Paris auctions 2 years ago and has been fully restored. It is largely original except for the wheel cover, keys and tangents, some mother of pearl inlay and tuning pegs. 

The keys are of ebony and bone and are fitted with machine screwed tangents for reliable operation in all temperatures and humidities. 

The original taper tuning pegs have been replaced with "Peghed" 4 to 1 ratio geared tuners fitted with the original ivory pips.

The wheel & axle are all original and there is no looseness in the bearings. The wheel has hardly any distortion. All open joints and cracks have been closed and as the repairs were done 18 months ago, as long as the instrument is not kept in an over dry environment, they should stay that way.

It is currently in traditional G/C  tuning. I had it in D/G first but as with many hurdy-gurdies, it seems to prefer G/C and I suspect that it has spent its many years in this tuning. The trompette is at c/d but can easily be changed to g' if required.

The soundboard is flamed maple which gives a warmer creamier tone to the instrument. It is not quite as loud as the spruce top Pajots I have experienced.

It will come with a quality padded gig bag and strap.

Current Stock | Neil Brook, Hurdy Gurdy and Fretted Instrument Maker

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eight (8) new uploads from Nigel Eaton!

eight (8) new uploads from Nigel Eaton!
note: some have since been deleted
• Conspirators in C (no buzz)
• Come When He Calls (in G currently)
• Letters

• a merry maid
• Come When He Calls (in D)

-- start here [playlist*]:

* all added to the Weekly's playlist "Hurdy Gurdy 1" -

Nigel's youtube channel -

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event poster featuring Gurdybird, who will be there cranking her symphonie! 

The Carnivale of the Peculiar: The Mysterious Freakshow present a night of Steampunkery, Oddities and the Unusual

The Exeter Phoenix & The Mysterious Freakshow present a night of Steampunkery, Oddities and the Unusual. Join us on a journey through the obscure and unusual, delight your senses and loose yourself in the Carnival of the Peculiar. Music, Cabaret, DJ’s, Dance Act, Performance Art, Dark Cabaret, Steampunk Market, Photography and much more ….

Steampunk dress optional … All Peculiars welcome!


The Gaslight Troubadours
Described by David Katz in his recent 4 star Mojo Magazine review as “Dr Jekyllmeets Sherlock Holmes in the Funky Drummer’s basement’ and continually referencing Victorian England’s seedy underbelly, The Gaslight Troubadours made a ghoulishly enthralling impression on the music world late last year with the release of their debut album ‘Clockwork Curiosities’. With radio support from the likes of Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson, and Stuart Maconie (BBC 6 Music), Huey Morgan (Radio 2), John Kennedy (XFM) and Max Reinhardt (Late Junction on Radio 3), and fans numbering the likes of Marc Almond and Peep Show writer Sam Bain, the future for these Hammer Horror beat obsessives looks bright. The men beneath the top hats are Professor Singleton Purblind and Lon Lippincot; dabblers in steam powered experimentation and the self confessed Burke and Hare of sample reconstruction. Live they’ve been described as “the sort of entertainment attended by gentlemen [and ladies] with exotic tastes”, and with a dancer, amazing visuals and theremins they'll certainly add something uniquely different to our night at the Phoenix.

The Mysterious Freakshow
The Mysterious Freakshow are a South-West based Alt-Rock and Steampunk Band formed in 2012. Mixing dark pyschadelic rock with pop sensibilities. Singer/Songwriter - FEY PINK - has teamed up with KYE GODFREY on Bass, TRACY AUSTIN on Drums, and TOM ROSENBLOOM on Guitar. Together from their studio on the edge of Dartmoor they have created a number of brooding, atmospheric and beautiful songs that are both reminiscent of times passed yet have a distinctly modern feel. Their unique take on the Steampunk genre has allowed them to draw upon their varied and eclectic musical influences which include Kate Bush, Motorhead, The Cure, Brian Eno, The Damned, Siouxsie & The Banshees to name but a few ...Although South-West based, The Mysterious Freakshow are presently gigging across the UK. They are also currently working on their debut album due for release in 2014.

Needle Poppets
Punk piano duo with a penchant for gin and silly hats. What started in 2012 as a party-piece project for a young couple soon turned into an album's worth of material and a fully fledged band by the name of Needle Poppets. Resisting the temptation to add further band members, the duo has stayed as Alec Bond (piano, vocals, bass) and Alexandra Jones (drums, vocals). The stripped sound delivers both power and intrigue, drawing inspiration from the likes of The Dresden Dolls, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Divine Comedy. Mixing theatre and punk, the music is risqué and often refuses to behave. They have just released their debut album, Fame to the Nation, and are gigging around the Midlands and beyond.

DJ Perfect
A very Dapper Flapper lady DJ playing an eclectic blend of vintage, electro-swing and crowd pleasers & teasers.

DJ Louie Louie
Purveyor of Classic, organic, vintage tunage and deliriously danceable digital beats for festivals, clubs or parties.

Pure Mischief – Live Dance Act
UK based electronic producer and vocalist, projecting a message of love, empowerment and good corruption! Pure Mischief is a live Vocalist and Live festival Dance Act ! Sharing Peace love n Good Corruption x with an agenda to Empower and promote Forward Thinking. On stage, Pure Mischief's dance act is visually appealing with live vocals,
UV decor and performance.
Mischief's musical journey began when she started performing at free parties. Her career then progressed onto club performance before hitting the festival circuit. She has since shared the main stage with other top dance artists such as Eat Static, System7, Orbital and Zion Train. In 2012 Pure Mischief branched out as a solo producer and recording artist, developing her unique style of fresh, electronic sounds. Her vocals range from minimal and harmonic, to punk and mischievous! She has already received excellent reviews for her energetic performances and looks forward to headlining more psy-events across the UK.

The Wattingers
The Wattingers music is stripped down to the bare bones, inspired by the old blues players. With a black sense of humour, they lean into the grimy underbelly of Western Steampunk, with influences from Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Sante Sangre, El Topo, original Night of the Hunter, Cannibal The Musical and The Child Ballads.

Marc Lobb: Magician and Mind Reader
Marc lobb is a performer of Magic Mentalism and Mindreading, experienced in this role Marc has won many accolades including 2013 Exonian Close-up Magician of the Year Award.

Miss Von Trapp: Putting the FUN into Funeral since 2006 and performing live since 2007.
Murderously Quirky Dark Cello Cabaret: Morbidly Vaudeville Songs and Psychocello accompanied performance poetry to revolt and entertain... Miss Von Trapp was discovered at a folk festival in late 2006 clutching madly at her cello, muttering something incomprehensible about worms and claiming that 'they'd let her out again'. Noone can be entirely sure when or where she was originally unearthed but she's here now to revolt and entertain. She'll have you singing campfire singalong grisly folk songs, ghoulish rewrites of cabaret numb...ers, music hall songs traditional and her own and the odd bit of darkly humorous poetry thrown in for good measure... And with makeup reminiscent of Aunt Sally - a folk game played at fairs where the unfortunate dolly was the target of many a coconut - and possibly a tin of cat food about her person, Miss Von Trapp would prefer flowers or gin if you were to throw anything at all. Putting the fun into funereal since 2006 and performing live since 2007.

Revolutionary Radio Sound System
The Anarchic bunch from Phonic Fm’s Revolutionary Radio take you on a dark journey through their twisted musical minds!

MC: Blonde John
Our masters of ceremeonies is the larger than life, straight talking Victorian gentleman – Blonde John.

Countess Isabella’s Automata
Countess Isabella's Automata are Time-Travelling Steampunk Molly Dancers originating from Deepest darkest Devonshire.
Countess Isabella and her dancing Automata are famous throughout the ages, performing their traditional English Molly style dances. Unfortunately, whilst travelling back from the Crystal Palace Exhibition, there was a fault with her time machine resulting in the whole group being trapped in the 21st Century. Isabella and her Automata continue to perform whilst searching for the correct parts to fix their device.

Rick Smith Photography & Face Creations from Shade. (TBC)

Ducklingski’s Creations: Steampunk Jewellery.

Veebscraft: Exeter artist specialising in greetings cards, mixed media and millinery. I particularly love to recycle previously loved materials.

Velveteen Clothes Emporium: Steampunk Clothing & Accessories

Band/Performer Merchandise


28 MAY - 1 JUNE; Lißberg GERMANY: HurdyGurdy Courses | Leiertage - Die Drehleier

40 Jahre Drehleierbau Drehleierkurse Drehleierforschung

Hurdy Gurdy and Bagpipe courses

Drehleierkurse für Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene
Kursleiter: Hendrik Arnder, Gerhard Ganz, Nicolas Koch-Simms, Cliff Stapleton, Peter Streng, Ron Winkler und Alex Zwingmann

Leiertage - Die Drehleier

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1 JUNE; Maurens (24), FR : Le cabaret médiéval

– « taverne médiévale »
Un concept multiforme, modulable, autour de l’Ensemble Tre Fontane et de ses invités. Conçu sous la forme de « numéros de music-hall », succession de séquences alternant musiques, récits, en solos, en duos et en orchestre, fictions, fabliaux et contes, lors d’animations et de concerts…*

* A multifaceted concept, modular, around the Ensemble Tre Fontane and his guests. Designed in the form of "music-hall numbers," succession of alternating sequences music, stories, solos, duets and orchestra, fiction, fables and tales, in entertainment and concerts ...

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30 MAY - 1 JUNE; Tamworth, Warwickshire, UK: Bagpipe Society Blowout - flagship event

Blowout -our flagship event. Dates for 2014: 30th May to 1st June

Workshops   Concerts  Sessions  Dances  Makers  Instruments Demonstrations  Talks

The Bagpipe Society
For all bagpipers everywhere.

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