Wednesday, May 10, 2017

International Instrument Makers Exhibition at Le son continu 2017, July 13 -17; La Châtre, FR

More than a hundred instrument makers, be they French or from other countries, show their productions, have them heard and tried, advise customers and place orders. All of the traditional instruments are represented : drone instruments of course, such as hurdy gurdies and bagpipes, as well as picked or strummed instruments, accordions and percussions. Moreover, you can buy accessories (holders, strings, …) and sound engineering equipment (microphones or amplification system makers).

International Instrument Makers Exhibition - Le Son Continu - Facebook

UPDATE / SEE ALSO: Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly: Ars Castle! Happy Times & Hurdy-Gurdies at Le Son Continu 2017 | photos by Scott Marshall

Lsc Le Son Continu - Facebook

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