Monday, July 24, 2017

Ars Castle! Happy Times & Hurdy-Gurdies at Le Son Continu 2017 | photos by Scott Marshall

Château d’Ars

 Brian McCoy playing his new Weichselbaumer Gurdy with a special wheel...
Wolfgang Weichselbaumer stall

 The Philippe Mousnier stall

Seb Tourny's stall

 Eric Renard's Stall

 Joël Traunecker's stall

 Scott Gayman trying out a Midi-Gurdy with Marcus Weseloh

Chris Allen's Stall 

Vielles Kerboeuf stall

Boudet Luthiers stall

Albus Draco's stall
(the center one is a nice beginner instrument)

 Jean-Luc Bleton's Stall

special thanks to Scott Marshall for offering to share his photos with us – even before he went!

Scott Marshall, center (photo thanks to his friend Julie)

(MORE on facebook) Scott Marshall Hurdy Gurdy | all 115 Photos

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