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▶ Ghironda(Hurdy gurdy trompette) in slow motion

Ghironda(Hurdy gurdy trompette) in slow motion - YouTube
Published on May 16, 2017 by sound massage
Filmed and edited by Luca Pigaiani
Si ringrazia per la collaborazione il produttore e suonatore

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New Album – Scott Marshall "Gurdymania" (samples)

Scott Marshall's new album is an inspiring experience!

Artwork by Claire Jennings; Design by Jon Loomes

"It's just hurdy-gurdies, just me, no other instruments or any singing or that sort of thing, but it is quite a remarkable thing. Comments about the album so far have included, 'a work of bloody genius', 'mesmerizing', 'reminds me of tubular bells', 'I am so proud of you' (my little sister said that one) and 'a really important piece of music'" – Scott M.
Here is the last half of the tune Catbear from the album, Gurdymania. It was recorded by Jon Loomes at Talking Cat Studios in Ripponden The main tune & trompette were recorded on a Wolfgang Weichselbaumer Allegro ( a fab little gurdy, fitted with a dog made by Claire Dugué) The harmony parts & riff overdubs were added using the top g string of a Dugué Exo Alto.

"Recording the album Gurdymania: it took 3 weekend trips on the train to Yorkshire, 7 days in all , over a period of almost a year, I used 7 different hurdy-gurdies , different tunings, different vintage delay and tape echo pedals, different pickups and microphones. Super-Polymath Jon Loomes was a total boffin in his ability to get the sound in my head onto the record."

Track 8 from new Hurdy~Gurdy Album

Hurdy-gurdy Superhero Cliff Stapleton has a copy & said:
"Your album is lovely and exceedingly unique as it is unlike anything else.You should be very pleased.It is undertaken with great sensitivity."

Other comments & messages about the album so far have included:
'a work of bloody genius'
'reminds me of tubular bells'
'I am so proud of you' (his little sister said that one)
'A really important piece of music'
'Hello Scott, this is a very good CD'
'Hi Scott, congratulations on a super job. I really like all of it, particularly the Balkan/Arabic stuff and the ambient tracks. You are a very talented vielliste, all power to your elbows!'
'Very impressive'
'some hauntingly beautiful pieces'
'Thanks for the CD which I have enjoyed listening to. The cover art is good too'
'I got your CD though and thank you very much. I enjoyed it, some good tunes. Still into your prog rock!  🙂'
'I came home from Germany yesterday and found your CD in the mail 🙂 Listening to it now'
'Many thanks for the GurdYmaniA!'
'Wow. Thanks very much. Been listening lots. It's a great production. 😎'
'Excellent. Listened to it loads.'
We listen your new CD on the road to Home. Cogretiolation,its fantastic.And we love it all.
'Rocked out to your album on the drive in..I'm no gurdy expert but I enjoyed it a lot..nice work mate  '
'My favourites are Lemon Curd (I played it on my flute), Rabbit Hole and the second part of Orion's Belt. And I like Frogspawn.'
Ist prima geworden!
Listening to it as I write. A very nice backdrop to programming computers...
'That there Frogspawn is one of the sweetest tunes ever.'
'Really enjoying the album Scott it's a masterpiece 🙂'
CD arrived in the post today - brilliant, mate. Well done indeed!
Celtarabia says: "We're enjoying listening to Scott Marshall's lovely solo Hurdy-Gurdy album it's highly recommended and well worth checking out. Called 'Gurdymania' it features only Hurdy Gurdy and is by turn traditional, Eastern European, classical and at times quite psychedelic. It's a remarkable album in many ways a masterpiece and a real work of heart."

How to order Gurdymania: It is £10 if you see me at a gig or a workshop or festival. It's £11 posted in the UK, £12 Posted to Europe or £13 posted 'Rest of the World'. To mail order message me with your address & I will send you the payment details.:)

▶ Black Rock (Cliff Stapleton) Vio Prototype Demo Solo Hurdy Gurdy | Acoustic sound & Internal Pickups

Black Rock (Cliff Stapleton) Vio Prototype Demo Solo Hurdy Gurdy - YouTube
Published on Aug 14, 2016 by Barnaby Walters
Cliff Stapleton’s tune “Black Rock”, played on my third prototype hurdy gurdy. The audio source changes over the video from acoustic sound to the internal pickups so that the sound from each can be compared.

As this is a demo of the instrument, no additional EQ, effects or processing was applied to the sound — this is the raw signal.

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▶ New videos from Arnaud LACHAMBRE

Je vivroie liement , Guillaume de Machaut (XIV° siècle)
Published on May 10, 2017
Improvisation et virelai de Guillaume de MACHAUT.
Arnaud LACHAMBRE : vielle à roue alto (Henri RENARD fecit)

Douce Dame Jolie, Guillaume de Machaut (XIV° siècle)
Published on May 15, 2017
Improvisation et virelai de Guillaume de MACHAUT
Arnaud LACHAMBRE : Vielle à roue alto (Henri RENARD fecit)

Comment qu'a moy lonteinne , Guillaume de Machaut (XIV° siècle)
Published on May 23, 2017
Virelai de Guillaume de Machaut (XIV° siècle)
Arnaud LACHAMBRE : Vielle à roue alto (Henri RENARD fecit)

Ik zag Cecilia komen, air flamand
Published on May 5, 2017
Chanson du XVII° siècle originaire des Pays Bas.
Arnaud LACHAMBRE : Vielle à roue alto (Henri RENARD fecit)

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▶ New videos from Ariel Ninas - Muiñeira de Pedrouso & Variacións sobre canto de cego

Ariel Ninas - Muiñeira de Pedrouso - YouTube
Published on May 7, 2017 by Punto e Volta
Ariel Ninas (Mauro Sanín) interpreta a muiñeira de Pedrouso, gaiteiro do barrio de Casas Novas, en Santiago de Compostela.

Gravado o 28 de abril de 2017 no parque da Finca do Espiño, en Santiago de Compostela

Proxecto Punto e Volta

Ariel Ninas - Variacións sobre canto de cego sobre canto de cego - YouTube

"It's a traditional melody from what is known as "Canto de cego," song by blind people, travellers playing hurdy gurdy and singing stories since medieval times"

Published on May 7, 2017 by Punto e Volta
Ariel Ninas (Mauro Sanín)

Gravado o 28 de abril de 2017 no parque da Finca do Espiño, en Santiago de Compostela

Proxecto Punto e Volta

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INTERVIEWS - here is one of them; there are several more on the channel

Ariel Ninas - Inicios música tradicional e na zanfona - YouTube

▶ "Sweet Dreams" Hurdy Gurdy Cover - Patty Gurdy (Live Session)

(8) "Sweet Dreams" Hurdy Gurdy Cover - Patty Gurdy (Live Session) - YouTube
Published on May 23, 2017 by 
Patty Gurdy 


This is a cover of the song Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.
Big thanks to my sound engineer Marius Falo
and my cinematographer OliWe

Want more?
I also play in a Pirate Folk Metal band:

This instrument is called "hurdy gurdy" and has its roots in the medieval times. It works like a mechanical violin with a wheel bow, that can play bass, melody and rhythm all at once.

If you want to support me, give me a thumbs up and share this video on any social media platform you like! Thank you :)

Business contact:

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Monday, May 15, 2017

a photo from Räikkä

Treenikaverukset / Rehearsal buddies

via Räikkä (on Facebook)

Räikkä - YouTube

Curso reglaxe e zanfona, 27 MAY, with Jaime Rebollo; Compostela, Galicia, ES [ Hurdy-Gurdy "reglage" (settings) workshop ]

Jaime Rebollo imparte este curso de reglaxe de zanfonas dentro dos Monográficos de Primavera que ACentral Folque organiza en maio e xuño de 2017. (english below*)

Os contidos do curso versarán sobre organoloxía, ferramentas, inventos e reglaxe: elementos resonadores, mecánica, solución de problemas comúns, supervisión de problemas particulares en cada zanfona, trucos…

* Luthier Jaime Rebollo teaches this course about setting up, tunning and building issues for hurdy-gurdy within the Spring Workhops that aCentral Folque organized in May and June 2017.

The contents of the course will focus on organology, tools, and inventions for the instrument: resonator elements, mechanical questions, troubleshooting common problems and supervision in each particular hurdy-gurdy, tricks ...

more info

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

International Instrument Makers Exhibition at Le son continu 2017, July 13 -17; La Châtre, FR

More than a hundred instrument makers, be they French or from other countries, show their productions, have them heard and tried, advise customers and place orders. All of the traditional instruments are represented : drone instruments of course, such as hurdy gurdies and bagpipes, as well as picked or strummed instruments, accordions and percussions. Moreover, you can buy accessories (holders, strings, …) and sound engineering equipment (microphones or amplification system makers).

International Instrument Makers Exhibition - Le Son Continu - Facebook

UPDATE / SEE ALSO: Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly: Ars Castle! Happy Times & Hurdy-Gurdies at Le Son Continu 2017 | photos by Scott Marshall

Lsc Le Son Continu - Facebook

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sangre De Muerdago Asian Tour June 2017 | ▶ Asian Tour 2017 Trailer

For this Walpurgisnacht, we want to announce the second chapter of our 10th Anniversary tours, this time going to Asia, it is our first time to perform in these lands, and we will be playing shows over China and Taiwan, starting in 1 month from now.

Published on May 3, 2017 by sangredemuerdago
SANGRE DE MUERDAGO - Asian Tour 2017 Video Trailer by Chariot of Black Moth.

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO Asian Tour June 2017 
1st - Zhengzhou @7LIVEHOUSE
2nd - Luoyang @The Roof
3rd - Beijing @Dusk Dawn Club
4th - Hangzhzou @Looby
5th - Shanghai @YuYinTang
6th - Nanjing @61HOUSE
7th - Wuhan @VOX Livehouse
8th - Changsha @Red Club
9th - Xi'an @MIDIE Livehouse
10th - Chengdu @BiQiue Bar
11th - Chongqing @Nuts Livehouse
13th - Jingzhou @VOX Livehouse
14th - Guangzhou @SD Livehouse
15th - Shenzhen @B10 Live
16th - Taipei @Revolver (TAIWAN)
17th - Tainan @TCRC Bar(TAIWAN)
18th - Gaoxiong @Paramount Bar(TAIWAN)
-We want to send our gratitude to YiQi Liu for putting this tour together. 
-And we want to thank very much to our best partner in crime, who has already earned a spot in Valhalla even without sword, Darel Standing, for this once again beautiful design. ( High res. image: ) And Jan Valentini for his counsel with the poster writing.
-On a side note, our bandcamp store is open now with a bunch of new items:
-More news will follow... now let the fires of Beltane burn!
Love and liberty.

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO puts together the four winds to create a world of fairy-like reality. Calling up our oldest memories and melodies and giving the more delicate, quiet and melancholic Galician Folk from the late 70s and early 80s a new dimension, where nature, folk tales, old wisdom, mysteries and love get together to build up a future far from technological civilization. Finger picked guitars, cello, violin/viola, baroque flute and ocassional percussion and hurdy-gurdy, dance together on a beauty invocation, on a feast of passion and melodies that will awake our sleeping 'myself,' our true soul. 
With its music, SANGRE DE MUERDAGO brings us to a world of ancient musical enchantment.

“SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is true at heart and ageless. It stands to represent life among the wilderness, life outside of the modern chains of capitalism and working yourself to death. This music represents the true soul of humanity before it becomes filled with all of the lies of modern society. It represents our true identity as a species. What we were, what we should be, and what we could still be. It’s enough to fill one with an overwhelming, though unintended sadness at the current state of the world. It also fills you with a pride that we are capable of creating such beauty as that which is found in Sangre de Muerdago’s music. The incredible song-writing cannot be understated.” – Heathenharvest Periodical
"SANGRE DE MUERDAGO is an expression of gratitude; a healing experience. It’s the sound of a band with dirt under their fingernails, mud between their toes, fallen leaves tangled in their rainsoaked hair, both a lamentation and defiant celebration of the experience of life in a time of ruin and contraction. It’s a secret whispered between lovers huddled around a fire, a solitary walk through abandoned fields overrun with gnarled apple trees and deer-bed depressions in the grass, the smell of a cedar swamp, a myth spoken in the trills of winter wrens flitting between verdant ferns and rotten logs." – Worm Gear Webzine

Fête de la Vielle; 17-20 AUGUST; Anost, FR

art by Agnès Billard

Ugmm on Facebook
L’UGMM (Union des Groupes et Ménétriers du Morvan) est une association culturelle régie par la loi 1901, chargée de promouvoir les traditions orales du Morvan et de Bourgogne (musiques et danses traditionnelles, chants, contes, langue...). Elle organise d'évènements comme La Fête de la Vielle en août à Anost (71), Le Printemps de l' Auxois en mai à Vitteaux (21)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Monográficos de primavera – aCentral Folque | Reglaxe de zanfona con Jaime Rebollo

Monográficos de primavera

Estes son os  Monográficos de primavera de 2017 que aCentral Folque organiza en Santiago de Compostela. Cursos específicos en diversas especialidades instrumentais para afondar en aspectos relativos á interpretación, técnica, repertorio, movemento e discurso cos mestres que os imparten. Terán lugar no CSC da Trisca a prezos moi reducidos.
con Jaime Rebollo
Sábado 27 maio
11 – 14h  , 16 – 20h  //  50€

Gaita Anterga
con Óscar Ibáñez
Sábados 20 e 27 maio
16 – 19h  //     45€

The Bagpipe Society's "Blowout" 2017 - our 25th! (2nd to 4th June) | Scott Marshall Hurdy-gurdy Workshop

Blowout 2017 - our 25th!
"Our Annual Festival of Bagpipes"
Polesworth Abbey, near Tamworth, Staffs, UK
2nd to 4th June

On Saturday, Scott Marshall will share some of the things he has been discovering through playing: instrument set up, rosin & cotton, ideas for practice and improvisation, improving technique and making practice fun, playing to records. Also trompette tricks and patterns, adding the buzzes between the buzzes, scales and exotic scales, visualising the keybox and intervals. Amplification & using effects pedals.
Please let us know the tuning (G/C or D/G) of your hurdy gurdy when you order tickets

Scott has been playing the hurdy-gurdy for twelve years. He plays at sessions and for dances and occasional duets and has taught the instrument both in the UK and abroad with Cliff Stapleton. He is currently experimenting with vintage electronica and echo units to create textured improvised sound tracks. Scott writes quirky, catchy tunes and has recently finished recording his first solo hurdy-gurdy album.

Blowout 2017 - our 25th!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Workshop with Matthis Lobnier @ Folkestra Open Summer 2017 - Seminari estivi di musica | Concert

Pragelato, 18-22 luglio 2017

Corsi e Docenti: La Ghironda: Matthias Loibner Big banda Contemporanea: Filippo Ansaldi (aperto a tutti gli strumenti) L'Organetto del futuro: Simone Bottasso (aperto anche alle fisarmoniche) Il Violino open-minded: Nicolò Bottasso (aperto a tutti gli strumenti ad arco) Musica elettronica e live electronics: Simone Sims Longo La voce nel coro: Pietro Numico (per coro femminile) * ENGLISH below *

#workshops, #musicadinsieme #concerti #improvvisazione #worldmusic #musicaelettronica #musicacontemporanea #celamettiamotutta

Costi: € 200 a persona (€. 190 per i possessori di tessera ARCI)

Termine delle iscrizioni: 15 maggio 2017

Possibilità di pernottamento in camere triple o campeggio presso Villaggio Kinka.

Per iscrizioni e maggiori informazioni:

L’Associazione Folkestra & Folkoro, con il patrocinio della Città Metropolitana di Torino e del Comune di Pragelato, organizza una “settimana musicale estiva” rivolta a tutti gli appassionati di musica, siano essi strumentisti, cantanti o ballerini.

Da martedì 18 a sabato 22 luglio, verranno proposti stage di strumento, di canto, di musica d’insieme; le serate saranno dedicate a spettacoli dal vivo, concerti orchestrali, corali, bal folk, animati dagli stessi docenti e partecipanti ai corsi, e con importanti ospiti esterni.

Il tutto contaddistinto da un unico denominatore comune: la musica tradizionale rivisitata da giovani artisti contemporanei e riproposta utilizzando linguaggi compositivi e esecutivi moderni

Folkestra Open Summer 2017 - Seminari estivi di musica (Facebook event page)

ALSO: Concerto del Ghirondista austriaco MATTHIAS LOIBNER. Venerdì 21 luglio - Pragelato (TO) - PalaKinka - h. 21.00. 

* ENGLISH / google translate:

Pragelato, July 18-22, 2017

Courses and Teachers: La Ghironda: Matthias Loibner Contemporary Big Band: Filippo Ansaldi (Open to All Instruments) The Future Organ: Simone Bottasso (Open to Accordions) Open-minded Violin: Nicolò Bottasso (Open to All Instruments In arc) Electronic music and live electronics: Simone Sims Longo Voice in chorus: Pietro Numico (female choir)

#workshops, #musicadinsieme #concerti #improvvisazione #worldmusic #musiccomputer #musicacontemporal #celamettiamotutta

Costs: € 200 per person (€ 190 for ARCI Card Holders)

End of entries: May 15, 2017

Possibility to stay in triple or campsite rooms at Kinka Village.

For inscriptions and more information:

The Folkestra & Folkoro Association, with the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Turin and the Municipality of Pragelato, organizes a "summer music week" for all music enthusiasts, whether they are instrumentalists, singers or dancers.

From Tuesday 18 to Saturday, July 22, will be offered stage of instrument, singing, of music together; The evenings will be devoted to live performances, orchestral concerts, choirs, bal folk, animated by the same teachers and participants in the courses, and with important outdoor guests.

All of this is conquered by a single common denominator: traditional music revisited by young contemporary artists and reproposed using modern compositional and executive languages