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Workshopweekend (31 maart) 1 en 2 april 2017 | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

photo: Workshopweekend 2016
(English below *) Jaarlijks organiseert Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak een weekend voor beginners, halfgevorderden en gevorderde spelers in de bossen van Sint-Michielsgestel (naast Den Bosch). Geen instrument? Geen probleem! Deelnemers aan de beginnersgroepen kunnen een instrument lenen.  

Cursisten zijn vanaf vrijdagavond 31 maart welkom. Deze avond zijn er sessies, bals en optredens
De workshops starten zaterdag 1 april om 9.30 en duren tot zondag 2 april om 17:00
Overdag zijn er workshops, vrijdag en zaterdagavond is er vanaf 20:00 muziek en jamsessies. Voor de jamsessies kan je alvast wat sessie repertoire downloaden
• Alle instrumenten: samenspel - Anne-Lise Foy (Fr)
• Alle instrumenten: balfolk - Toon van Mierlo (Be)
• Nyckelharpa - Koen Vanmeerbeek
• Zang - Raphael De Cock (Be)
• Diatonisch accordeon - Stéphane Milleret (Fr)
• Gast (geen workshop, wel deelname weekend)

• Doedelzak beginners - Jonneke Jorissen (NL)
• Doedelzak (half) gevorderd - Rémi Decker (Be)
• Doedelzak (ver) gevorderd - Vincent Boniface (It)

• Draailier beginners - Cor Westbroek (NL)
• Draailier (half) gevorderd - Cliff Stapleton (UK)
• Draailier (ver) gevorderd- Tobie Miller (Ca)

* ENGLISH (google translate):

Annual Foundation Hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes organizes a weekend for beginners, intermediate and advanced players in the forests of Sint-Michielsgestel (next to Den Bosch). No instrument? No problem! Participants of the beginner groups can borrow an instrument.

Students are welcome from Friday March 31. This evening there are sessions, balls and performances
The workshops begin Saturday, April 1st at 9:30 and last until Sunday, April 2nd at 17:00
During the day there will be workshops, Friday and Saturday from 20:00 there is music and jam sessions. For jam sessions you can already download some session repertoire
• All instruments ensemble - Anne-Lise Foy (Fr)
• All instruments balfolk - Toon van Mierlo (Be)
• Nyckelharpa - Koen Vanmeerbeek
• Song - Raphael De Cock (Be)
• Diatonic accordion - Stéphane Milleret (Fr)
• Guest (no workshop or weekend participation)

• Bagpipe Beginners - Jonneke Jorissen (NL)
• Bagpipe (semi) advanced - Rémi Decker (Be)
• Bagpipe (well) advanced - Vincent Boniface (IT)

• Draailier Beginners - Cor Westbroek (NL)
• advanced Draailier (half) - Cliff Stapleton (UK)

• Draailier (re) gevorderd- Tobie Miller (Ca)

more infomation >>> Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

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▶ Anxo Pintos Master Class Hurdy Gurdy @ XII Encontro Internacional Zona da Zanfona de Rianxo

Anxo Pintos Master Class Hurdy gurdy - YouTube
Published on Dec 14, 2016 by 
 Master class con Anxo Pintos para o XII Encontro Internacional Zona da Zanfona de Rianxo organizado por aCentral Folque.
Recursos, ornamentación, articulación, modos, escalas... *

* google translate: 
Master class with Anxo Pintos for the XII International Meeting Zone Gurdy Rianxo organized by aCentral Folque.
Features, ornamentation, articulation, modes, scales, ...

Vídeo con Anxo Pintos no XII ZdZ ** 
anxopintosmasterclassSubimos un novo vídeo á FolqueTV que gravamos no último Encontro Zona da Zanfona de Rianxo o pasado 30 de xullo de 2016 durante o curso que impartiu o mestre Anxo Pintos. Un resumo dalgúns dos contidos da master class que puidemos desfrutar con el durante o XII Encontro Internacional con recursos propios do instrumento como ornamentación, dedillado, modos e escalas para zanfona…
Anxo Pintos é un dos máis destacados zanfonistas galegos da actualidade. Creador dun estilo propio e pioneira para este instrumento que adaptou a linguaxe e articulación da gaita para zanfona. Mestre de moitas persoas desde a súa aula da Etrad en Vigo e inspirador para unha xeración enteira de músicos que seguimos o seu maxisterio.

** google translate:
Video Anxo Pintos in ZDZ XII 
We climbed a new video to FolqueTV that recorded in the last meeting of the Zone Gurdy Rianxo last July 30, 2016 during the course that gave the master Anxo Pintos. A summary of some of the contents of the master class that we enjoy during the XII International Meeting with own resources of the instrument as ornamentation, fingering, scales and modes for accordion ...

Anxo Pintos is one of the most prominent zanfonistas Galicia today. Creator of a style and a pioneer for this instrument adapted language and articulation of the harmonica to accordion. Master of many people from his classroom in the eTrade Vigo and inspiring for a whole generation of musicians who follow his teaching.
(Unha corrección... foi o XII Encontro Zona da Zanfona)

Vídeo con Anxo Pintos no XI ZdZ – Folque 

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Sandlings Sessions – February 3-5 | FolkEast‎ [UK]

FolkEast are delighted to host a weekend of workshops, intimate performances and dance at the stunning Snape Maltings in the heart of the Suffolk Sandlings. Work with...

Ian Stephenson
The Young’uns
Chris Wood
Miranda Rutter

Taking place from early evening on Friday 3rd to late afternoon on Sunday 5th February 2017 , there will be the opportunity to work and play with some of the UK’s leading folk artists.

And in the evening, time to enjoy intimate and unique performances with the odd session thrown in and a splash of FolkEast frolics.

It is a real privilege to bring together such an extraordinary, informal gathering of folk artists and educators to share their skills, knowledge and passion with us. By Day, they will be running workshops to suit all interests and levels of experience and by night, their music making can be enjoyed in a series of intimate performances, sessions and collaborations.

Sandlings Sessions (Facebook page)

FolkEast dates for 2017 – 18th , 19th and 20th August. We hope to see you there! 

FolkEast (Facebook) |

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Cursos AIZ Casavieja primavera 2017 - 31 de Marzo, 1 y 2 de abril [ES]

Casavieja, Spain

primavera 2017 - 31 de Marzo, 1 y 2 de abril

Impartido por Efrén Lopez 
Impartido por Ana Alcaide
Códice Calixtino 
Impartido por Marcel Peres
Impartido por Josefina Paulson
impartido por Demian Reolid y Miguel Casado

Los cursos se impartirán en la Granja Escuela de Casavieja (Ávila).
La recepción de alumnos será el viernes 31 a partir de las 18:00 h.
En el precio está incluido el alojamiento y comidas en el mismo albergue.
El precio para acompañantes no asistentes a los cursos es de 80 Euros.
Para los interesados en hacer los cursos de zanfona, nyckelharpa y rabel y que no dispongan de instrumentos podemos facilitarle uno para el curso.
Para hacer la reserva hay que ingresar 50 euros en la cuenta abajo citada.




Nuevos instrumentos para hacer en el curso de Casavieja,
31, de marzo 1 y 2 de abril
reserva de plazas hasta el 25 de febrero
solo 7 plazas

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#hurdygurdy in #Japan :: Katsuhiko Makino | 先日、人生初の能舞台での演奏を行ってきました。

I played the hurdy gurdy on the stage of Nou, which is the Japanese historical play having deep dignity.
I was so lucky, because we could not play on such stage easily.
I played some medieval music with my hurdygurdy for Japanese traditional dancers. It needed some courage because this is the first time in Japanese history that the hurdygurdy was played on the too quite conservative stage.
But I and my instrument [received] good comment from the audiences!
They said there were not any differences about [appreciating?] the sounds.


(on facebook) 先日、人生初の能舞台での演奏を行ってきました。... - Katsuhiko Makino

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▶ ARTUS le 14 Octobre 2016 à Bordeaux – Rock & Roll!

ARTUS le 14 Octobre 2016 à Bordeaux - YouTube
Published on Dec 3, 2016 by ISSEHN
Extrait de ce concert au I.Boat dans une certaine euphorie communicative...

featuring Romain Baudoin on hg

thanks to ‎Robert Guillerault

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Artús (facebook)

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Draailierworkshop Efrén López in NL | Stichting Draailier En Doedelzak

10:00-16:00 in Zeist | Voor gevorderde t/m vergevorderden | Inschrijvingen geopend
Dit weekend is Efrén López in Nederland voor concerten met "Fantasía para Violonchelo y Flamenco". Deze unieke kans heeft Stichting Draailier En Doedelzak aangegrepen om voor gevorderde t/m vergevorderde draailierspelers een workshop met Efrén López te organiseren.

** INHOUD **
Efrén stuurde de volgende omschrijving van zijn workshop:
– "This workshop is aimed to hurdy gurdy players who wish to expand the field of work of their instrument, incorporating new repertoires, ornaments, phrasing and rhythmics to the HG's techniques and common styles. In order to achieve that, we'll get the HG of its usual context (Early music, European Folk...) to "contaminate" it with other traditions (Bulgaria, Greece, Crete, Turkey...) distilling from them interesting elements to enrich our sound, no matter the style we usually play.
We will work especially on odd time measures (5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 10/8, 11/8...)."

** Over de docent **
Efrén López is een multi-instrumentalist afkomstig uit Spanje. Als muzikant, componist en producent verwierf hij faam met vele diverse projecten. In zijn muziekstijl zijn naast Spaanse ook vele invloeden uit het Midden-Oosten en Oost-Europa terug te vinden.

Kosten workshop: 55 euro, bij betaling voor 4 januari 45 euro.
Maximum aantal deelnemers: 12
Niveau eisen: Deze workshop is bedoeld voor (ver) gevorderde spelers.
Deelnemers hebben meerdere jaren speelervaring, zij volgden meerdere cursussen. Het aanleren van een melodie vormt geen probleem. Deelnemers beheersen slagen t/m de vierslag volledig en kunnen deze ook onregelmatig toepassen.

Efrén geeft aan – "The tunings I will use in the workshop are: chanters strings in G and D, drones in D, C, A, and G, and trompettes in D, A and G. Although not essential, knowledge of music theory and transposition are recommended."

Workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven.

Zaterdag 14 januari: Draailierworkshop Efrén López

Draailierworkshop Efrén López in NL (facebook)

ALSO: on the 15th of January: Draailier workshop met Efrén López | Westelfolk

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update – still mostly on medical leave; few recent editions


17 NOV – a quick update on my medical situation: i met with my surgeon yesterday, and he wants to try a course of injections for my long-injured neck rather than perform surgery at this point. hopefully this will help to relieve the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders which have literally pulled my shoulder out of place. i have been having some serious difficulty with my right arm, and have not been able or had the energy to do any cranking for awhile – hopefully this helps and i look forward to re-establishing my gurdy practice soon :)
– Rob

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11 NOV

– a small edition with a few new things. i am still mostly on medical leave, not being able to spend too much time at the computer.
– your submissions are appreciated - please share your announcements, favorite articles, photos and videos of this fascinating World of the Hurdy Gurdy!
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SINFONIA: THE IBERIAN HURDY-GURDY: TAKE 2 | Documentary Crowdfunding

Help us complete post-production for a documentary on Spain's Hurdy-Gurdy & its amazing renaissance

This documentary is about my story on the trail of the zanfona (Hurdy-Gurdy) in Spain. It's an entertaining, informative, and intriguing trip filled with interviews, concerts & great music! And hey–what other crowdfunding campaign out there has not one but two​ hurdy-gurdies as perks?
– Wolodymyr Smishkewych

check it out / please support!

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Published on Nov 6, 2016 by Patty Gurdy

Patty Gurdy's Facebook Page:
Want more?
I also play in a Pirate Folk Metal band:
Storm Seeker
My instrument is called "hurdy gurdy" and it has its roots in the medieval times. It works like a mechanical violin with a wheel bow, that can play bass, melody and rhythm all at once.
If you know more reasons why someone should get a hurdy gurdy, please leave them in the comments!

If you want to support me, give me a thumbs up and share this video on any social media platform you like! Thank you :)
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The symphonie in mediaeval England

Tewkesbury, c. 1350
location, date, and description of instruments found in England; by Rob Guest

"here is a list of all the early (pre-1550 ) English symphonie/gurdy that I have found in churches etc … If anyone knows of any others, please let me know." 

The symphonie in mediaeval England

Monday, October 31, 2016

12 NOV: Audlem Bagpipe and Hurdy-Gurdy Day 2016; Audlem, South Cheshire, UK

Our annual bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy day will this year be on Saturday 12th November starting at about midday, and has moved back to its traditional home, The Shroppie Fly in Audlem, South Cheshire. All musicians of all abilities are welcome to come along, join in the session, and chat about all things musical. Anyone who is thinking of playing either bagpipes or the hurdy-gurdy will be welcome to try instruments (mine at least), and talk about the right and wrong ways to go about buying instruments or setting up and maintaining them.

Contact Geoff Turner on, Ian Bloor on or John Hardy on 01270 811446

Audlem Bagpipe and Hurdy-Gurdy Day 2016 (Facebook event page)

Friday, October 28, 2016

♫ -Valentin Clastrier / Steven Kamperman - Fabuloseries♫

Brand new release by the 'godfather of modern hurdy-gurdy', Valentin Clastrier: 'FABULOSERIES'

The French 'living legend' Valentin Clastrier is generally regarded as the inventor of the modern hurdy-gurdy: he has transformed this traditional drone instrument into a virtuoso sound machine. His playing is full of surprises, like his career: his start as guitarist with Jacques Brel eventually led him to many years of cooperation with European jazz heroes like Louis Sclavis, Michel Godard and Michael Riessler.
Until 2012, clarinetist, composer and crossover wizard Steven Kamperman was known mainly for his work with his Turkish-Dutch ensemble Baraná, with which he performed from Mexico to Siberia. His impassioned playing reveals a background in jazz and a special love for modal music.
With mesmerizing drone tones and compelling rhythms as a base, Kamperman and Clastrier blend chromatic melodies with fabulous sounds and intense improvisations. A spectacular duo that definitely 'rocks'!

Valentin Clastrier, Et la Roue de la Vie by Duo Clastrier-Kamperman (PAN 2015)
Published on Feb 19, 2016 by CalefaxReedQuintet
Valentin Clastrier, Et la Roue de la Vie
Performed by Duo Clastrier-Kamperman
Valentin Clastrier (electro-acoustical hurdy gurdy)
Steven Kamperman (alto clarinet)
Recorded at Calefax' yearly PAN Festival (no. 12)
28.12.2015 Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ,
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Listen:  ♫ -Valentin Clastrier / Steven Kamperman - Fabuloseries♫

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▶ Symbio "Traction" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Symbio "Traction" [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

  Published on Oct 27, 2016
 "Traction" From the album "Phoresy".
Written and preformed by the Swedish duo Symbio

Johannes Geworkian Hellman - Hurdy-Gurdy
LarsEmil Öjeberget - Accordion

Listen to "Traction" on Spotify




Hanna Nyström
Manfred Hanberg

LarsEmil Öjeberget

Audio recording: Fredrik Bengtsson - Gammalthea
Mix: LarsEmil Öjeberget
Mastering: Claes Persson - CRP Mastering

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Patty Gurdy ▶ First Music Video & Planning Q&A Videos

"Gurdy's Green" - Patty Gurdy (Hurdy Gurdy Music) - YouTube
Patty Gurdy 
 Published on Oct 19, 2016
 Patty Gurdy's Facebook Page:
OliWe's fb:
Marius Falo Music's fb:

Want more?
I also play in a Pirate Folk Metal band: Storm Seeker

This instrument is called "hurdy gurdy" and has its roots in the medieval times. It works like a mechanical violin with a wheel bow, that can play bass, melody and rhythm all at once. This song is recorded using ONLY the hurdy gurdy.

If you want to support me, give me a thumbs up and share this video on any social media platform you like! Thank you :)

on Facebook –

Patty Gurdy feeling pumped.
Not only will I share some hurdy gurdy music with you on my new YouTube Channel, I am also making some other videos about questions I get a lot concerning my instrument, as well as tipps and tricks ;)
SO: Is there anything you always wanted to know about the hurdy gurdy or about me?
ASK ANYTHING, comment under this picture here :)
Alright, stay tuned for some nice nice content coming very soon <3
(working on some nerdy video editing atm... takes some time :D )

post on Facebook

Patty Gurdy on Facebook

Patty Gurdy Youtube channel

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Zaterdagmiddagcursus 19 november - 13 mei | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak Saturday afternoon Course November- May

Zaterdagmiddagcursus november- mei  [english below*]

Elk jaar biedt Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak een cursusreeks aan, zowel voor beginners als voor gevorderden. Daarnaast is er een samenspelgroep waarbij alle instrumenten welkom zijn. De cursus vindt plaats in Zeist op de volgende zaterdagen:
• 19 november
• 17 december
• 14 januari
• 11 februari
• 11 maart
• 8 april
• 13 mei
Geen instrument? Geen probleem! Cursisten kunnen een instrument huren.
De cursusdagen starten om 13.00 en duren tot 17:00.
De workshopdag vindt plaats in basisschool De Griffel te Zeist. Klik verder voor de routebeschrijving. Een goed bespeelbaar en perfect afgeregeld instrument is voorwaarde voor deelname. Deelnemers zijn daarnaast ook bereid thuis voldoende tijd in het instrument te steken om de lesstof voor de volgende les voor te bereiden.

Info en inschrijven

Bekijk de afzonderlijke pagina's voor meer informatie, zie ook het submenu rechts. Of is de keuze direct gemaakt? Ga dan naar het inschrijfformulier.
>>>>> Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

* ENGLISH (google translate):

Saturday Afternoon Course November- May

Each year offers foundation Hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes course series to both beginners and advanced. There is an interplay group where all instruments are welcome. The course takes place in Zeist on the following Saturdays:
• November 19
• Dec. 17
• January 14
• February 11
• 11 March
• 8 April
• 13 May
No instrument? No problem! Students can rent an instrument.
The course days will start at 13:00 and last until 17:00.
The workshop takes place in the primary school Granger Zeist. Click below for directions. A playable and perfectly tuned instrument is a prerequisite for participation. Participants are also prepared at home stabbing enough time in the instrument to prepare the curriculum for the next lesson.
• All instruments - Composing and Arranging: Lies Sommer
• All instruments - About Mozart, Galli Mathias Musicum: Rene Meeuws

• Draailier - Intermediate t / m advanced Kay Habets
• Draailier - began providers t / m Intermediate Thomas Hoste

• Bagpipe - Intermediate t / m advanced Puck German
• Bagpipe - began providers t / m Intermediate: Wouter Kuyper
Info and registration
See the individual pages for more information, see the sub-menu on the right. Or is the choice made immediately? Then go to the registration form.

>>>>> Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

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▶ Hortus deliciarum (Efrén López)

Published on Sep 21, 2016 by Efrén López
Hortus Deiciarum live at Millenia studios (Valencia), September 5th, 2016.
Efrén López: hurdy gurdy
Miriam Encinas: pandero de Peñaparda
Isabel Martín: pandero de Peñaparda
Meira Segal: gaida
Composed, recorded and mixed by Efrén López.
Video shoot and edit by Ivan López.
added to added to the Weekly's playlist "Hurdy Gurdy 2" [new select videos; see also: "Hurdy Gurdy 1" with over 200 select videos, and "various hurdy gurdy videos" 1, 2 & 3 with hundreds more *] -…
* The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly YouTube Channel
– and also to: "bagpipes / dudelsack / doedelzak" –…

Monday, September 19, 2016

▶ Mazurca de Mera | Oscar Fernández

Mazurca de Mera - YouTube
Published on Sep 19, 2016 by Oscar Fernández
Mazurca de Mera,
Arkivo de Xabier Garrote,
Zanfona de Jaime Rebollo.
Toco Eu.
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* "new select videos;" see also: "Hurdy Gurdy 1" with over 200 select videos, and "various hurdy gurdy videos" 1, 2 & 3 with hundreds more]

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catching up with Anna Murphy & Cellar Darling | May Day

"As promised, I am finally ready to share a new song from my solo project with you"

Mayday (2016) [Official Lyric Video] - YouTube
Published on Aug 12, 2016
**** 'Mayday', along with the extended version of my debut album 'Cellar Darling' (includes 'Mayday' and the Tommy Vetterli remix of the song 'Cellar Darling') will be available SOON on the digital music service of your choice. Both are available NOW at Bandcamp: ****

As promised, I am finally ready to share a new song from my solo project with you:

Mayday is about living in the moment and doing stupid stuff. It is inspired by my constant search for chaos and the consequences of it. Musically it features my most authentic approach so far as well as a perfect band consisting of Marco Jencarelli (guitars), Ivo Henzi (bass) and Merlin Sutter (drums).
It is honest, sarcastic and provocative.

The song was produced by Marco Jencarelli and myself at Soundfarm studios in Lucerne, the artwork is done yet again by me with photography by Merlin Sutter.

The lyric video was produced by myself and Merlin Sutter. Recorded in one take and terribly hungover, that's some real Mayday action right there. I am fully aware that there will be lots of funny screen shots taken after this and I'm ready to face the consequences.

I can't wait to play 'Mayday' live for the very first time in Australia later this month, together with my live band featuring Ivo Henzi, Merlin Sutter and the Rafi Kirder:

26 August 2016: Sydney, Bald Faced Stag
27 August 2016: Melbourne, The Evelyn Hotel |

Anna Murphy legt mit ihrer persönlichen Performance in Maydayeinen Notrufschalter zur Rettung von Lyric-Videos um. Mit einer simplen Intensität fügt sie einer bislang eher gelangweilt wirkenden Ästhetik, Liedtexte möglichst als brandaktuelle Animation zu präsentieren etwas hinzu, das mir bisher unbekannt war...


Published on Aug 29, 2016
We can't wait to finally share some music with you. Don't want to miss it? Subscribe to our channel here on YouTube, and like/follow/subscribe at:
@cellar_darling on Twitter
@cellardarlingofficial on Instagram

Late night songwriting mood at the studio.. Recordings are set for next week!
(7 August)



Anna Murphy, Gorgeous Muse Talks About Her Ex-Band ELUVEITIE, New Band Cellar Darling, And Solo Project !!
スイスが誇る Folk / Melodic Death Metal バンド、ELUVEITIE。ヴァイオリン、バグパイプ、ホイッスル、ハーディー・ガーディーといった伝統楽器を大胆に取り入れ、ケルトの民族音楽とメロデスを見事に融合させた革新的な集団です。
2014年に日本公演も大成功させた、このインターナショナルなメジャーアクトに今年、大事件が勃発しました。2000年代前半から所属していた中心メンバー、ボーカル/ハーディー・ガーディー の Anna Murphy, ギタリスト Ivo Henzi, ドラマー Merlin Sutter が脱退してしまったのです。 ...

Interview: Anna Murphy | Australian Music News | AAA BACKSTAGE (3 August)
Swiss heavy metal goddess Anna Murphy is returning to Australia next month as a solo woman! Her recent departure from Celtic-metal outfit Eulveitie was a huge devastation amongst fans but the ethereal songstress has used it as an opportunity to fully explore her unique and powerful brand of eclectica. We caught up with the hurdy-gurdy superstar to discuss life after Eluveitie, the upcoming mini-tour, and comic book villain obsessions...
A couple of months ago I met up with Anna MurphyIvo Henzi and Merlin Sutter ahead of their last ever show with Eluveitie in Sydney. It was a great chat back then, but ever since I’ve been looking forward to talking to the trio again, to see where their musical path is taking them post-Eluveite. I phoned up Anna last week for what turned out to be another very pleasant chat. Don’t miss them all when they head down to Sydney and Melbourne later this month, it will be two awesome nights of beautiful and heavy music! ...

At a young age of 26, Anna Murphy has pretty much cemented herself as a veteran in the worlds of Folk and Celtic Metal. When she was 16, she left home and joined Eluveitie, originally as their hurdy-gurdy player, a band that has risen to the heights of becoming one of the most recognisable artists in the folk metal genre. On top of that, Murphy has kept herself busy by joining other bands including Frakmundt, godnr.universe and Nucleus Torn as well as becoming a recognised audio engineer and launching a successful solo career...