Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Willkommen beim Spielkurs Mühlhausen 2019! | www.spielkurs-muehlhausen.de

Dear hurdy-gurdyists, cold autumn sundays (or mondays, or...) make me desperate to plan new things for 2019: How about coming to a workshop weekend at a historic site in Germany?
Germán Díaz will be teaching at Spielkurs-Muehlhausen.de in mid-Germany on 1-4. March, 2019  Spend a weekend In a historic complex including a medieval church and crank winter away.
Check out all the details here: https://translate.google.de/translate… and feel free to contact me in case of any questions 
Alexander Noß 

Schön, dass du da bist: Vom 1. bis 4. März 2019 gibt es im Zentrum Deutschlands wieder ein Kurswochenende für traditionelle und historische Musik. Ein Spielkurs, Kurswochenende in Mühlhausen, traditionelle Musik, vielleicht fragst du dich jetzt, ob gerade das nun das Richtige für dich ist?

google translate:
It's great that you are there: From 1 to 4 March 2019, there will once again be a course weekend for traditional and historical music in the center of Germany. A game course, class weekend in Mühlhausen, traditional music, maybe you wonder now if that is the right thing for you?

Willkommen beim Spielkurs Mühlhausen 2019! | www.spielkurs-muehlhausen.de

Monday, October 22, 2018

▶ "Within the Sound" documentary on Wolfgang Weichselbaumer

The documentary accompanies the Viennese instrument maker Wolfgang Weichselbaumer. Through an analytical, partly pilosophical approach, the autodidact Weichselbaumer seeks the perfect sounding body. Having built hurdy gurdies since he was nineteen he comes to develop an entirely new sounding tool. Encounters with musicians like the Spaniard Germán Díaz allow insights in Weichselbaums working methods. Through the meeting and growing friendship with the legendary French hurdy gurdy player Valentin Clastrier the film intensifies from a documentary report on a nearly forgotten instrument to a portrait, a symbiosis between the unconventional instrument maker and the extraordinary musician.

How to Build a Chien | Barnaby Walters

In order to play musically and express themselves, a violin player must spend years perfecting their intonation and bowing technique. In contrast, a hurdy gurdy player achieves much of their sonic expression and stylistic refinement in the selection, preparation and set-up of an instrument, investing time and technical skills before playing to ensure good sound and function. These technical skills start with the most basic set-up such as tuning and applying rosin and cotton, and can extend all the way to constructing your own instrument. Building chiens lies somewhere between these two extremes. If you have a damaged or poorly constructed instrument, it could drastically improve sound and playability! Even if you have a well built instrument, going DIY allows you to experiment with different trompette sounds and responses, and reduces dependency on your musical instrument maker if a chien breaks or goes missing…

Barnaby Walters • How to Build a Chien

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Burgbordunale 2019

Marienburg, 56856 Zell (Mosel), Deutschland

Es gibt sie zum ersten Mal: die Burgbordunale! (English below)*

Wir planen für 2019 ein Wochenende mit Musik und Tanz rund um Drehleier, Dudelsack, Diatonisches Akkordeon, Nyckelharpa und andere Instrumente.
Zu den Dozenten gehören Blowzabella und Alban Faust.

Veranstaltungsort ist die Jugendbildungsstätte Marienburg in Zell an der Mosel.


Die Burgbordunale ist eine verlängerte Wochenendveranstaltung mit Kursangebot für fortgeschrittene Teilnehmer.

Ergänzend werden an zwei Tagen nach dem Mittagessen doppelstündige Miniworkshops angeboten.

Geplant ist auch, verschiedenen Instrumentenbauern die Möglichkeit zur Präsentation ihrer Instrumente zu geben. Der Samstagnachmittag bietet sich hierfür an, da an diesem Abend auch ein öffentliches Konzert/Ball stattfinden wird. 


Anmeldung nur über: https://eveeno.com/burgbordunale-2019

* (English /google translate):

We are planning a weekend for 2019 with music and dancing around hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, diatonic accordion, nyckelharpa and other instruments.

The lecturers include Blowzabella and Alban Faust.

Venue is the youth education center Marienburg in Zell an der Mosel.


The Burgbordunale is an extended weekend event with courses for advanced participants.

In addition, two-hour mini-workshops will be offered two days after lunch.

It is also planned to give various instrument makers the opportunity to present their instruments. The Saturday afternoon is ideal, as there will be a public concert / ball this evening.


Registration only via: https://eveeno.com/burgbordunale-2019

Burgbordunale 2019

Burgbordunale 2019 (Facebook event page)

Zaterdagmiddagcursus november t/m mei | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

De inschrijvingen zijn gestart! (English below)*
Elk jaar biedt Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak een cursusreeks aan, zowel voor beginners als voor gevorderden. Daarnaast is er een samenspelgroep waarbij alle instrumenten welkom zijn. De cursus vindt plaats in Zeist op de volgende zaterdagen:

• 17-nov
• 15-dec
• 19-jan
• 16-feb
• 23-mrt
• 13-apr
• 11-mei
Geen instrument? Geen probleem! Cursisten kunnen een instrument huren.
De cursusdagen starten om 13.00 en duren tot 17:00.
De workshopdag vindt plaats in basisschool De Griffel te Zeist. Klik verder voor de routebeschrijving. Een goed bespeelbaar en perfect afgeregeld instrument is voorwaarde voor deelname. Deelnemers zijn daarnaast ook bereid thuis voldoende tijd in het instrument te steken om de lesstof voor de volgende les voor te bereiden.

* (English – google translate)

The registrations have started!

Each year, Stichting Draailier and Doedelzak offers a series of courses, both for beginners and for advanced students. In addition, there is a team of players in which all instruments are welcome. The course takes place in Zeist on the following Saturdays:

• 17 Nov.
• 15-dec
• Jan.
• Feb. 16
• Mar.
• 13-Apr
• 11 May

No instrument? No problem! Students can rent an instrument.

The course days start at 13.00 and last until 17:00.
The workshop day takes place in primary school De Granger in Zeist. Click further for the directions. A good playable and perfectly adjusted instrument is a prerequisite for participation. Participants are also willing to put enough time in the instrument at home to prepare the lesson material for the next lesson.

Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

Zaterdagcursus 2018-2019 (Facebook event page)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Halsway Bagpipes and Hurdy-Gurdy Weekend 2019

Friday 8 Feb 4pm — Sunday 10 Feb 4pm, 2019

Guaranteed to be one of Halsway’s noisiest weekends, this Hurdy-Gurdy takeover is a brilliant opportunity to get together with some of the best of Europe’s players in an intensive learning weekend of masterclasses, workshops, sessions and a Saturday night concert/dance. This course runs alongside the Bagpipes Weekend, in a frenzy of reeds, drones and buzzing things! Early booking advised.
The weekend is hosted by Claire Dugué, hurdy-gurdy maker and repairer, and she’ll be available to help people get the most out of their instruments with tips  for maintenance. She is joined by an elite tutor team of Gilles Chabenat (France), Francesco Giusta (Italy) and Joel Turk (UK)! Gilles & Francesco will work with Intermediate & Advanced level students; Joel will work with beginners.
For an extra £35, participants can stay until Monday morning, including supper and B&B. Please enquire when booking.

Who’s it For?

This course will be for players of the hurdy-gurdy of all ages (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult) and abilities!

The Team

Claire Dugué, a native of France, encountered the hurdy-gurdy in London during her college training as an instrument maker. She was captivated by the instrument and has been making hurdy-gurdies ever since, producing quality instrument for amateur and professionals alike. Claire has now taken over the organisation of the weekend from Paul James and will be hosting the event and be also at hand to help with the technical aspects of setup and maintenance.
Gilles Chabenat is regarded as one of the very best hurdy-gurdy players of his generation. He began playing the hurdy-gurdy at 13 with Les Thiaulins, an association devoted to folk arts and traditions. Following private lessons with Georges Simon, he won several music awards and subsequently devoted himself to his region’s traditional repertoire with a desire to branch out into other musical styles.
In the wake of Valentin Clastrier, he thus felt the need to reinvent the instrument and the playing techniques associated with it. Around that time and after several years of research, luthier Denis Siorat developed a contemporary-style electro-acoustic instrument which facilitated the integration of the hurdy-gurdy into the modern musical experience.
In 1992, Gilles Chabenat began a twelve-year partnership with the Corsican group I Muvrini. During that period, he met and worked with a number of renowned artists: Véronique Sanson, Stephan Eicher, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Sting, as well as Frédéric Paris, Edouard Papazian, Alain Bonnin, and Gabriel Yacoub to name but a few. More recently, he has been collaborating with jazz musicians and also works regularly with Eric Montbel, Didier François, a Nyckelharpa player, Gabriel Yacoub and Patrick Bouffard.
Gilles’ musical experience and evolution are thus constantly shaped by the people he meets. In his approach to hurdy-gurdy playing, he draws essentially on the multifaceted nature of an instrument which has been in constant evolution for more than one thousand years.
Francesco Giusta (Italy) started to play hurdy gurdy at the age of 11 with local tutors before developing his technique with some masters of the instrument; J F Maxou Heintzen, P Bouffard, G Jolivet, G Diaz, T Nouant, S Durand and V Clastrier.
Within the years he has played in several bands, mostly in folk and medieval music performing at many folk and medieval festivals in Italy and France; worked with Lou Dalfin and in some musical project with Sergio Berardo.
He recorded some CD’s (‘En l’aire ailamont’ in 2011 and ‘Podre’ in 2013 with La Mesquia, ‘Balfolk’ in 2014 with Trigomigo) and was a guest in ‘Bon Nadal Occitania’ in 2009, with Sergio Berardo, ‘Cavalier Faidit’ in 2011 with Lou Dalfin, ‘Santulubbiranti’ in 2015 with Malanova.
Since 2011 he has been giving masterclasses in Germany and regular lessons in Turin. In 2015 he won the first price at the hurdygurdy challenge at ‘Le son continue’ festival in Chateaux d’Ars, France.
He now plays with Trigomigo, Controcanto, Bal là and has regular hurdygurdy classes in Turin and Cuneo.
Joel Turk is one of our regulars at Halsway Manor, as he has been teaching hurdy-gurdy to the most advanced players over the past 2 years. He is back this year to look after the beginners! Joel is well known for being a member of the great band Red Dog Green Dog.

Hurdy Gurdy Weekend – Halsway Manor (book now!)

Halsway Bagpipes and Hurdy-Gurdy Week-end 2019 (Facebook event page)

see also: Bagpipe Weekend – Halsway Manor

Hurdy Gurdy & Bagpipes 

Saturday 9 Feb 8pm–10pm, 2019

An evening of music (and dancing) from the tutors of our 2018 Hurdy Gurdy & Bagpipe Weekend: details to be announced shortly.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

6 October – Workshopdag voor bourdonmuziek, (bal) folk en samenspel; Netherlands | Stichting Draailier En Doedelzak

(English below; )
Inschrijvingen open! | Registration has started!

Workshopdag 2018 

Inschrijving geopend!

Jaarlijks organiseert Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak een interessante workshopdag in Zeist. De cursussen duren deze dag van 10:00 tot 17:00, waarna we de dag gezamenlijk met een hapje en een drankje afsluiten.
Deze dag bieden we verdiepende workshops voor verschillende niveaus aan. Er zijn curssusen zowel voor beginners als voor gevorderde spelers. Voor de deelnemers aan de beginnersgroepen draailier of doedelzak hebben we een aantal leeninstrumenten beschikbaar.
>>>Lees meer...
Het programma:

• Nyckelharpa: - Klassiek & Barok: Jantien Schaap (NL)
•  Alle instrumenten - Bretonse Muziek: Ies Muller (NL)
•  Alle instrumenten - Balfolk, dansbaar spelen: Greet Wuyts (Be)
• Doedelzak - (ver)gevorderden: Olle Geris (Be)
• Doedelzak - Galicische stijl op Cornemuse: Benoit Kesnier (Be)
• Doedelzak - begonners: Puck Duits (NL)
• Doedelzak beginners: Jonneke Jorissen (NL)
• Draailier - (ver)gevorderden: Francesco Giusta (It)
• Draailier - (half)gevorderden: Barnaby Walters (GB)
• Draailier - begonners: Joop Aalbers (NL)
• Draailier - beginners: Cor Westbroek (NL) & Lode Buscan (Be)

Altijd al meer willen weten over folk of bourdonmuziek? Ben je gegrepen door draailier of doedelzak? Tijdens onze jaarlijkse workshopdag in oktober, kan je hier meer over leren!

• Nyckelharpa -  Jantien Schaap (NL)
• Alle instrumenten - Bretonse Muziek -  Ies Muller (NL)
• Alle instrumenten - Balfolk spelen - Greet Wuyts (Be)

• Doedelzak - (ver)gevorderden -  Olle Geris (Be)
• Doedelzak - (half)gevorderden - Benoit Kesnier (Be)
• Doedelzak - begonners - Puck Duits (NL)
• Doedelzak beginners - Jonneke Jorissen

• Draailier - (ver)gevorderden - Francesco Giusta (It)
• Draailier - (half)gevorderden - Barnaby Walters (GB)
• Draailier - begonners - Joop Aalbers (NL)
• Draailier - beginners - Cor Westbroek (NL) & Lode Bucsan (Be)

Er zijn workshops voor beginners en verdiepende workshops voor gevorderden. Ken je mensen die altijd al draailier of doedelzak willen spelen? Nodig ze uit, want dit is de kans om kennis te maken. Geen instrument? Geen probleem! Voor deelnemers aan de beginnersgroepen hebben we een aantal instrumenten te leen.

De workshopdag duurt van 10:00 tot 17:00 en sluiten we af met een hapje en drankje. 

Alle informatie en het inschrijfformulier staat op http://draailier-doedelzak.nl/workshopinschrijven.htm

-------- ENGLISH ------

Always wanted to learn how to play the hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe? Or are you an advanced player who wants to improve his or her playing? This will be possible during this Courseday of the Dutch Hurdy-Gurdy and Bagpipe Foundation. During this day there will be hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and other music courses for the beginner and the advanced player.

The courses will start at 10.00 until 17.00. This day will take place in primary school "De Griffel" in Zeist (near Utrecht).

*** PROGRAM ***
• Nyckelharpa -  Jantien Schaap (NL)
• All instruments 1 - Music from Bretagne - Ies Muller (NL)
• All instruments 2 - Playing Balfolk - Greet Wuyts (Be)

• Bagpipes - (more)advanced - Olle Geris (Be)
• Bagpipes - (half)advanced - Benoit Kesnier (Be)
• Bagpipes - begunners - Puck Duits (NL)
• Bagpipes - beginners - Jonneke Jorissen (NL)

• hurdygurdy - (more)advanced - Francesco Giusta (It)
• hurdygurdy - (half)advanced - Barnaby Walters (GB)
• hurdygurdy - begunners - Joop Aalbers (NL)
• hurdygurdy - beginners - Cor Westbroek (NL) & Lode Bucsan (Be)

All information and the registration form is available (in English) at http://draailier-doedelzak.nl/workshopdag6okt_english.htm


Workshopdag voor bourdonmuziek, (bal) folk en samenspel

Workshopdag voor bourdonmuziek, (bal) folk en samenspel (Event page on Facebook)