Saturday, December 6, 2014

▶ 141129 | GEIGER Nov~Fest | Drånkvartetten [SE]

141129 | GEIGER Nov~Fest | Drånkvartetten from Scenarkivet

– from Johannes Geworkian Hellman –
Here is a video from the premier concert of a project with new music for 4 hurdy-gurdies, 4 Hg players from Sweden made some experimenting together with hurdy-gurdies, new art music in a mix of composition and improvisation. Maybe someone out there would be interested to hear it.. The best wishes and thanks for your work! /Johannes Geworkian hellman

141129 | GEIGER Nov~Fest | Drånkvartetten *
from Scenarkivet 6 days ago on Vimeo
– På GEIGER Nov~Fest hösten 2014 spelade Drånkvartetten den andra kvällen. Drånkvartetten är Fredrik Bergström, Bruno Andersen, Harald Pettersson och Johannes Geworkian-Hellman. Utifrån den 1000-åriga vevliran och liveelektronik spelar de nya, odödliga kompositioner. Konserten var världspremiär för den nya kvartetten.

* NovFest GEIGER ~ Drånkvartetten played the final hours of GEIGER Novfest 2014. Drånkvartetten is Bergström, Bruno Andersen, Harald Pettersson and Johannes Geworkian-Hellman. Based on the 1000-year-old hurdy-gurdy and live electronics they play the new immortal compositions. The concert was the world premiere of the new quartet.

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