Thursday, November 6, 2014

7-9 NOVEMBER; Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA: FaerieCon East with Faun & Omnia

FaerieCon is excited to announce the return of FAUN, our 2014 headliners for the Good Faeries Ball! Don’t miss what will be an epic performance!

FAUN combines medieval & ancient instruments with modern influences to create an enchanting and powerful atmosphere. The band’s performance incorporates many different instruments, including the Celtic harp, hurdy-gurdy, key fiddle, various lutes, the bagpipes, archaic beats, large Japanese taiko drums, flutes, hammered dulcimer, and many more. FAUN’s melodic vocal section goes from solo, folk-like, and often ambient melodies, to enchanting chant-like performances. With two female singers and frontman Oliver s.tyr combining their voices, something truly magical happens. FAUN’s fusion of Celtic folk and medieval music with driving beats draws an ever-growing crowd of ardent followers.
FAUN was founded in early 2002 in Munich and has performed at more than 700 locations, festivals, concert halls and churches throughout the world. Some of them include: Mèra Luna Festival (Germany), Headlining the Faerieworld Festival Oregon USA & the Faeriecon Festival Maryland USA, Earthdance Festival (California USA), Elf Fantasy Fair (Netherlands), Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Fiesta Celtica Biella (Italy), Folkwoods Folkfestival (Netherlands), Arena van Vletingen (Belgium), Locomotive (Paris/France), Savari Karneval 2005 (Hungary), Palladius/Barcelona (Spain), and many more.

PaganFolk Band OMNIA Comes to FaerieCon! | FaerieCon 2014: International Faerie Convention

Faeriecon is excited to announce that OMNIA will make their debut appearance Masquerade Ball performance in Maryland this November! Omnia’s dynamic blend of folk-rock, Celtic, and World music powers their dramatic and theatric live show and we know they are looking forward to bringing all of their trademark energy and passion to FaerieCon!


Omnia is the quintessential tribal band in their presence and their music: there are no electronic enhancements to their sound, just pure acoustic music on traditional instruments backed by a full electric rock band delivering driving rhythms and soaring melodies that will capture your feet and lift your heart...

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