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9 OCTOBER; OSLO, NO: FatDog releasekonsert på Cafeteatret | "New Found Land" Release | ▶ "Ring The Changes"

9 OCTOBER; OSLO, NO: FatDog releasekonsert på Cafeteatret
also: 10 OCTOBER in Götenbergand 11 OCTOBER in Strömstad, SE

“New Found Land” on Riverboat / World Music Network. 
--- RELEASE ON 6 OCTOBER: see http://worldmusic.net/fatdog

▶ FatDog "Ring The Changes" - video by Martin Schmidt - YouTube

Published on Sep 21, 2014
From New Found Land out now on Riverboat/World Music Network 

FatDog is:
Gunnar Halle - trumpet, voice
Patrik Wingård - clarinet, flute, voice
Hallvard Godal - saxophone, bass clarinet, voice
Richard Burgess - voice, concertina, guitars
Putte Johander - bass, voice
Anders Ådin - hurdy-gurdy, guitar, voice


Monday, September 29, 2014

▶ Matthias Loibner-Palestra sobre Zanfona de Roda | A Viela de Roda no Brasil: Ultimamente no Brasil II: Matthias Loibner

▶ Matthias Loibner-Palestra sobre Zanfona de Roda (hurdy gurdy) - YouTube
Published on Sep 11, 2014
Palestra de Matthias Loibner nas Belas Artes em Curitiba dia 10/09/2014.*

* Lecture by Matthias Loibner at Belas Artes in Curitiba, Brazil; October 10, 2014.

see also –

on blog of Rique Meirelles -
É muito estranho pensar que os poucos mestres da viela de roda que pude conhecer eu só conheci porque criei coragem (meses juntando $$$) e me enfiei na Europa. Encontra-los sempre foi uma aventura deliciosa, apesar da distância entre meu país e o mundo vielístico ser quase desanimadora. Digo que é estranho porque esse http://vielanobrasil.blogspot.com.br/2014/09/ultimamente-no-brasil-ii-matthias.html o Brasil teve o inacreditável privilégio de receber diretamente da Áustria Matthias Loibner e sua viela de roda - algo que eu jamais pensei que veria ocorrer - e eu , tão perto e tão longe, não pude vê-lo... 


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Medieval Hurdy Gurdy by Bryan Tolley

submitted by Bryan Tolley

Those of you interested in early music might be interested in the medieval hurdy-gurdy I have been building recently. It is based on an illustration from the Rutland Psalter (c.1250) that shows King David playing an organ; beside the king there's another musician with an early hurdy-gurdy (or possibly a small organistrum). I've made drawings based on the proportions from the illustration, and two instruments have been built.

The three strings have been arranged as two chanterelles and a drone (a single chanterelle proved too feeble), and the drone has been fitted with capos to allow three tones. The instruments are from maple and I couldn't resist the blue and white decoration. If you want further details then look on the medieval hurdy-gurdy page of my web site.

If you're interested in the medieval hurdy-gurdy then there's a couple of videos on You Tube to describe the instrument. They are in English but when I have time I'll make a French version for those who can't understand this gibberish. The two links are [attached] below.

▶ Medieval hurdy-gurdy reconstructed from the Rutland Psalter c.1250 - YouTube

▶ Medieval hurdy-gurdy reconstructed from the Rutland Psalter c.1250 - YouTube

Just a footnote concerning the medieval hurdy-gurdy. The keyboards are chromatic; I know this isn't the same as the instrument shown in the illustration but the most musicians want this to ensure that any tune can be played. Secondly, the tuners are mechanical. Sorry, another modern convenience. They could be changed for regular tapered pegs but you'd probably spend more time keeping the gut strings in tune than turning the crank.

▶ Tara Howley Uilleann pipes

▶ Tara Howley Uilleann pipes - YouTube | playlist - bagpipes / dudelsack / doedelzak at #HGWeekly - YouTube

Published on Aug 24, 2014 by Larry Bridges
Tara Howley is a wonderful rising star in Ireland playing the incredibly difficult Uilleann pipes. Her sound is warm and haunting and she plays with ease and grace.

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another vid with Tara Howley -


Uploaded on Jun 10, 2010 by Frances Sloan 

Tara Howley is a young, very talented, musician. In this video she is playing a Traditional Irish Tune on the pipes. The music was incredible and it was a pleasure to meet her and her family. She was playing at different Pubs around Doolin, Ireland. This session took place at the Doolin Hotel. Tara usually performs with her sister Eimear as The Howley Sisters. If you are in the County Clare area of Ireland I highly suggest that you check the Kilfenora and Doolin Pubs and Hotels to see if they are performing. You won't be disappointed! And if you are looking for a very comfortable, clean self catering, I highly recommend www.doolinhaven.com in Doolin. It overlooks the Cliffs of Moher, the Aran Islands and the Atlantic Ocean. Absolutely beautiful views!!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2015 –  Tara Howley is making a CD of her music. She needs a little help though, some great rewards on offer. kickstarter.com/projects/...

31 OCTOBER - 2 NOVEMBER; Bath, Somerset, SW ENGLAND, UK: Le Grand Bal de Bath 2014

Dances, music sessions, dance workshops, music workshops + good food & drink -- Workshops with band members, and also with Serge Liorzou, Jean-Luc Gueneau, Paul James, Dave Shepherd, Anna Pack, Hot Springs 

Friday night session at The Royal Oak
Saturday & Sunday at Ralph Allen School

(see webpage to find a printable programme, a map, and videos of previous Grand Bals )

Contacts: steve.day@blueyonder.co.uk 0117 9393230; nickicawthorne@talktalk.net 01225 332025


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11 & 12 OCTOBER; Saussignac, Dordogne-Périgord FR: Chabrette & Cie Bals et stages

La musique continue, hommage aux amis passés et présents ! Bientôt une rencontre de chabretaires en Périgord, où j'aurai le privilège d'être invité. Voici le programme. Contact
Chabrette - Eric Montbel
Accordéon diatonique - Gilles Debecdelièvre
Violon - Antonin Duval
Vielle à roue - Cécile Delrue-Birot
Chant en occitan - Josette Chadeuil (répertoire varié)
Danse - Chantal Bouillet. (autour de la mazurka)

Le bal :
La Poule Noire (Gilles Debecdelièvre, Antonin Duval, Cécile Delrue-Birot),
Maragane (Jean Bourlier, Mary Pidoux, Dominique Delrieu et MHélène Désert)


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

▶ Fräkmündt - Pfaffechälleri | Landlieder & Frömdländler Album Release

 ▶ Fräkmündt - Pfaffechälleri
>>>>>>>> video no longer available but you can listen on bandcamp.com
Published on Sep 18, 2014 by Fräk Mündt
Artist: Fräkmündt http://fraekmuendt.wordpress.com/
Album: Landlieder & Frömdländler (2014)
Label: http://de.prophecy.de/fraekmuendt/

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Fräkmündt – Fräkmündt was the name of a mysterious mountain in the heart of Switzerland which is connected to uncountable sagas. It was re-named to Pilatus after a legend, telling that the corpse of Pontius Pilatus who condemned Jesus was thrown into a lake on the eastern mountainside in order to tame his restless and furious spirit. Also, many sources speak about dragons living in caves inside the mountain, the wild hunt haunting through its chasms and witches roaming the woods beneath it.

The Ur-Folk music project Fräkmündt tries to capture the spirit of these old legends and their manifestations in living traditions around mount Pilatus and in other pristine areas around the alemannic parts of Switzerland. Fräkmündt re-inteprate old Swiss songs but also create new ur-alpine music, based on the inspiration from sagas, nature, historical places and traditional ceremonies. Furthermore, as Swiss folk music always was, Fräkmündt is influenced by foreign folk and all kinds of other music (and sometimes also by enthralled schnaps from the various farms around).

Finally, all elements blend together in a somehow modern, yet untamed musical declaration of love to the Central Swiss alpine area, to share its oddities, secrets and beauty with others from near and far.

see also
Fräkmündt - Landlieder & Frömdländler |CD Kritik|CD Review|DVD Kritik - whiskey-soda.de | Musikmagazin fuer Metal, Rock, Gothic, Indie, Punk, HC, EMO und Alternative Musik

Landlieder & Frömdländler promo medley

-- [Release date: 26.09.2014] --
Published on Sep 1, 2014 by Fräk Mündt
Info & purchase:

Landlieder & Frömdländler promo medley - YouTube

While "Landlieder & Frömdländler" is Fräkmündt's most diverse and refined album so far, it perfectly exemplifies the ensemble's odd, rustic style. The musical spectrum ranges from thoughtful reflections on nature across wistful renditions of folk tales to drinking songs performed with Helvetian zest for life. With this, the musicians skilfully balance serious content and subtle humour, which makes their music compelling and tinged with Swiss local colour like no other.

Release date: 26.09.2014
North-American release date: 30.09.2014 (not shop, just distribution)

Available editions:
- CD Digipak
- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl) incl. poster and PVC protection sleeve (300 copies)
- 2CD hardcover book edition (18x18 cm, 60 pages) incl. historical pictures, liner notes and lots of Swiss legends in three languages (Swiss German, German and English) plus a bonus CD with 5 bonus tracks (500 copies)

1. Ofem Hoger on em See
2. Klarydä
3. PfaffechäIleri
4. Draachestei
5. Gämsjäger
6. D'Wandeler Prophezeyig
7. Fontannegsecht
8. Zoge am Boge
9. Luegid vo Bärg ond Tal
10. D'Züüsler
11. S'Totescheff am Börgestock
12. Simelibärg
13. Wieso semmer eso?

1. De Rigibärg
2. D’Draachejongfer (Eurovision edit)
3. Ha Amen Ort äs Blüemli Gseh (all. Vers.
4. Verreckt etz wotti...nömm (Matthias Reim cover)
5. Wenn chani es Näscht? (Amy MacDonald cover)

update Friday 19 sept –

Finally! Tomorrow the new album as well as the re-releases of our past records in a titillating new layout and with agitating bonus songs will be released! Dive into the weirdly voluptuous world of Fräkmündt and get your copy here: http://en.prophecy.de/fraekmuendt/fraekmuendt-landlieder-froemdlaendler.html

▶ The world of Fräkmündt - YouTube:
Published on Aug 29, 2013
a glimpse into the strange but wonderful world of Fräkmündt

Members Res - Gesang und Thematik, Maultrommel Anneli - Drehleier, Flöte, Bass, Gesang, Komposition Käthi - Akkordeon, Balalaika, Ukulele, Mundharmonika und Komposition Guschti - Gitarre, Banjo, Flöte und Komposition Hagu Hans - Schlagzeug Ursula - Kuhglocke

Genre Swiss-Ur-Folk
Hometown Luzern


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Monday, September 22, 2014

• Chris Eaton gurdy for sale, used

Nigel Eaton posts: 

a fab chris eaton hg, second hand this time, (i think around 1996 ish) due to a bereavement unfortunately, anyway it needs a new home, and is £4K inc the case, available in the Cambridge area, contact mariannefk@gmail.com

UPDATE: just reduced to £3300 please contact mariannefk@gmail.com best be quick i rek

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▶ ELUVEITIE - 'The Silver Sister' / Chrigel Glanzmann On the Lyrics (OFFICIAL TRAILER) | ELUVEITIE HIT TOP 50 OF THE WORLD CHARTS

▶ ELUVEITIE - 'The Silver Sister' / Chrigel Glanzmann On the Lyrics (OFFICIAL TRAILER) - YouTube
Published on Sep 5, 2014 by Nuclear Blast Records
ELUVEITIE's Chrigel on the Lyrics of 'The Silver Sister'. The song is taken from 'ORIGINS'.

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2014-09-05 15:00 - Swiss superstars of New Wave Of Folk Metal, ELUVEITIE, have just posted a video online giving fans an insight into the song ‘The Silver Sister’,
taken from their new masterpiece »Origins«. The album was released on August 01, 2014 via Nuclear Blast. [Check it out here]
-- The band states: “Our new album »Origins« addresses the Celtic mythology and spirituality in detail - the myths on the origins of the Gauls! This is a complex and multi-layered topic, which is difficult to work with and much scientific work. Not least because the Celts refused to write down anything on spiritual matters! This is why we have to rely on ancient historians of other civilisations, such as the Greeks or Romans, to tell us about the Celts and their culture.

The song ‘The Silver Sister’deals with a spiritual Celtic tradition, a tradition which is rooted deep within the Celtic mythology and ultimately coins the whole culture of the Celts. The following video shines a light on the lyrics and explains the scientific facts and insights modern research on the Celts has to offer on the topic. We hope you find these matters as thrilling and exciting as we do - enjoy!”

ELUVEITIE also released a new lyric video of the song „The Silver Sister“. Check it out here: 

ELUVEITIE will be on the road this autumn for an extended European run. Don’t miss the chance to see these guys live on the following dates: ***

31.10. I Treviso - New Age
01.11. I Romagnano - Rock’n‘Roll
02.11. FR Lyon - Ninkasi Kao
04.11. ESP Barcelona - Salamandra 1
05.11. ESP Madrid - Asla Arena
06.11. FR Toulouse - Metronum
07.11. FR Rennes - Antipode
08.11. FR Paris - Trabendo
09.11. BE Vosselaar - Biebob
11.11. UK London - Islington Academy
12.11. UK Manchester - Sound Control
13.11. UK Glasgow - Audio
14.11. IE Belfast - Mandela Hall
15.11. IE Dublin - Button Factory
16.11. UK Bristol - Bierkeller
18.11. D Leipzig - Hellraiser
19.11. D Herford - X
20.11. D Bremen - Tivoli
21.11. D Bochum - Matrix
22.11. D Hamburg - Grünspan
23.11. NL Eindhoven - Effenaar
25.11. D Köln - Essigfabrik
26.11. CZ Prag - Meet Factory
27.11. PL Krakow - Kwadrat
28.11. PL Warzaw - Progresja
29.11. PL Sczecin - Slowoanin
30.11. D Berlin - C-Club
02.12. D Darmstadt - Steinbruch
03.12. LU Esch-Sur-Alzette - Kulturfabrik
04.12. D Ludwigsburg - Rock Fabrik
05.12. D München - Backstage
06.12. D Geiselwind - Musichall
07.12. D Lindau - Vaudville
09.12 SI Ljubljana - Kiosk Siska
10.12. HU Budapest - Club 202
11.12. SL Bratislava - Majestic
12.12. AT Wien - Szene
13.12. AT Salzburg - Rockhouse

»Origins«, the bands sixth full length album was recorded at the New Sound Studios by Tommy Vetterli (CORONER, KREATOR & many more) and is the successor of the most acclaimed album »Helvetios«.
Order »Origins« here: http://smarturl.it/ELUVEITIE-Origins

More on »Origins«:
‘The Call Of The Mountains’ (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w2m-TeLi6I
‘King’ (video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AawUSC6hGY
‘The Call Of The Mountains’ (multilingual track):http://youtu.be/PhTrT93gOzA
Trailer #1: http://youtu.be/dKlU0aWP5_Y
Trailer #2: http://youtu.be/AVZVNk0xa80
‘King’ (lyric video): http://youtu.be/jgq0ywQsFc4

"ELUVEITIE – video on historic and ... - Nuclear Blast USA"




2014-09-01 – Swiss superstars of New Wave Of Folk Metal, ELUVEITIE, hit #38 on the world sales charts with their new album »Origins«.
This is a huge accomplishment for a metal band! Congratulation!!

»Origins« first-week chart positions around the globe:
World Charts #38

#1: Switzerland
#6: Germany
#22: Austria
#37: Finland
#52: France
#60: Canada
#104: USA (Billboard Top 200)
#141: Belgium
#163: UK (UK Indie #21, UK Rock #13)


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Friday, September 19, 2014

• Chris Eaton gurdy for sale - NEW!

Nigel Eaton posts: well heres a brand new Chris Eaton HG (cancelled order) with a revolutionary, virtually silent, totally rattle and knock free key and tangent mechanism with wonderful f fsharp leading notes below the tonic, like posh bagpipes. Perfect for classical, baroque and early music. £9.9k email paynoles@gmail.com for info. so it's either this "the greatest HG ever made" or a 15 year old Porsche 911 and they're shit

via facebook -


The 4th Big Hurdy-Gurdy Workshop Weekend 2015

Friday 13th February 2015  -  Sunday 15th February 2015
-- Friday evening Session; Weekend of Hurdy Gurdy Courses; Concert/Dance on Saturday eve

Our popular Hurdy-Gurdy Workshop Weekend is for players of all abilities. Early booking advised.

Highly influential and often inmitated, Patrick Bouffard is one of the very finest exponents of the distinctive and traditional style of hurdy-gurdy playing in central France. Patrick has played all over the world with many well known French folk bands including La Chavannee.

Gregory Jolivet is simply one of the best players of the hurdy-gurdy in the world today. He plays with the bands Blowzabella and La Machine and combines traditional techniques with new ideas and technology to push the limits of what the instrument is capable of.

Patrick and Gregory are both very popular with students as highly experienced teachers who teach people of all abilities on a regular basis.

Claire Dugue makes hurdy-gurdies of the finest quality and will be there to help out with maintenance tips and minor repairs to keep your wheel turning all weekend.

Arrive Friday afternoon, depart Sunday about 5pm.

Friday. Arrive from 4pm. You can arrive at any time earlier in the day but your room may not be ready before 4pm. 7pm Dinner.  8:30pm playing session. Saturday. 8:30am Breakfast. 10am-5pm Workshops (1pm lunch). 6:30pm Dinner. 8pm Concert/Dance. Sunday. 9am Breakfast. 10am-4pm Workshops (1pm lunch). 4:30pm Tea.

You can book on a course at Halsway Manor and bring a friend who can explore the area while using Halsway as a base for meals and accommodation. Please Phone for details. Halsway Manor is in the Quantock Hills (England's oldest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), 10 minutes from the West Somerset Railway (one of Britain's largest steam railways), 20 minutes from the fossil beaches at Kilve and 30 minutes from the Exmoor National Park.

To make a booking please phone Viv Butler, Events and booking Manager on 01984 618274 (+44 19 84 61 82 74) or EMAIL US with your requirements.

Full board per person (all meals, accommodation, workshops, concert/dance):
£210- single ensuite room;
£190- single non-ensuite room.
£190- sharing an ensuite room;
£170- sharing non-ensuite room.

Subject to availability and for an extra charge of £30 including supper and our famous Halsway breakfast.

These are available for day visitors (workshops only), camper vans and non-participants accompanying a participant. Please phone for details.

We get lots of plaudits for our food which is wholesome, plentiful and freshly prepared on the premises each day by our two chefs, Ian and Amy, using fresh ingredients from local suppliers wherever possible. All dietary needs are catered for, just let us know when you book.

Our reasonably priced bar stocks a great selection of Somerset ales and ciders as well as wines, spirits and non alcoholic drinks. You can pay as you go or have a bar tab and settle up by cash or card when you leave. The bar is a great place for informal music sessions in the evenings.

See our travel information page. If you are coming from abroad - or from the UK by public transport - we can arrange to collect you from Taunton Railway Station. We can sometimes help with car sharing too. Phone for details.


There's also a beginners' bagpipe workshop with Paul James.

Halsway Manor is England's National Centre for Traditional Music, Dance and Song. It is the only residential folk centre in the UK. The eastern end of the building dates from the 15th century with the western end as an addition in the 19th century.[11]

Halsway Manor (also known as Halsway Court) is a manor house in Halsway, Somerset. It is owned by the Halsway Manor Society who operate the manor as a national centre for the folk arts. It is the only residential folk centre in the UK. It is situated off the A358 road between Taunton and Williton on the edge of the Quantock Hills.

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