Monday, October 13, 2014

Medieval Symphony by Bryan Tolley

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This short video demonstrates a medieval symphony made by Bryan Tolley. This simple instrument has been redesigned by Bryan to include some unique features that offer the musician several scales (or modes) in spite of a diatonic keyboard, and also a relatively loud voice from a single melody string.

via Bryan Tolley -
I have recently made a series of medieval symphonies that were designed as less expensive alternative to the walnut and boxwood models that I usually produce. These new instruments have some very original feature
s that I'll certainly consider adding to all my symphonies from now on. Please don't be put off by what appears to be a diatonic keyboard; this colourful box can play in several modes and scales and it puts out quite a sound! For anyone interested, the links below will give further details and there's also a brief demonstration video of the instrument. The symphony comes with a lined wooden case and strap for 1000€ plus postage. At present, there's only a yellow/black instrument remaining, but if that colour doesn't suit you other symphonies can be built to order.

Atelier Bryan Tolley

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