Saturday, February 1, 2014

Player wanted for gurdy samples project, NYC

Hi there,

I'm Connor and I own a private audio company that specializes in designing and creating sample libraries.  I have a request to make a hurdy gurdy sample library for a collection.  Basically this will entail a few hours in a studio recording every possible nuance that can be made with a hurdy gurdy, and then spending countless hours assembling and creating a playable instrument in a piece of software that can be accessed at anytime for inspiration and mockups for composers (no, this will not take away from opportunities to play on a film because it will never be the same as a real person).

The session date is yet to be determined (probably in a few months) and I would like to see what players can get to NYC.  If you are interested simply reply below and if you can attach a picture of your instrument, that would be great because it would help immensely in determining the technique I would need to approach the recording.  Also, any audio files would be great.

Once someone is selected, we will work out your payment and session details.

Look forward to hearing from all of you!


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