Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wanted: Gurdy player for Arcade Fire cover band - TORONTO

Arcade Fire's REFLEKTOR

Arcade Fire cover band wanted: Knowledge of “hurdy gurdy” essential:

Know what a hurdy gurdy is? You too can be the next member of an Arcade Fire cover band.
Posted on Craigslist by a Toronto-based guitarist, the ad calls for 20 musicians including two violinists, a harpsichordist, a horn section that “MUST come as a package”, steel drummers, an accordion player, an organist, two drummers, back-up singers in addition to two main singers, and “someone who knows what a hurdy gurdy is”. It’s worth noting that the current touring incarnation of Arcade Fire features a measly 12 members including two Haitian drummers and former core member Sarah Neufeld.

"I'm looking to start an Arcade Fire cover band.
I can play guitar, so all I need is:
- a drummer
- a bassist
- two singers
- another guitarist
- pianist
- a harpsichordist
- two violinists
- a horn section (MUST come as a package)
- steel drummers
- accordion player
- organist
- second drummer
- someone who knows what a hurdy gurdy is
- back up singers..."

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