Friday, March 30, 2018

▶ Lyra 3 1 Short Demo

Lyra 3 1 Short Demo - YouTube

LYRA 3.1 is a kinetic sound sculpture with three Monochords. The name of the installation is derived from the Greek word lyra. Associated here is the historical wheel fiddle, which principle of tone generation was applied to the three monochords (3.1). They form the core of this work.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Restauration d’une vielle ronde Nigout – Vielles Kerboeuf

Restauration d’une vielle ronde Nigout de 1900 : Remplacement des 4 côtes fendues en noyer, Nouveau bandeau arrière, Recollage de la table, Renforcement de la caisse et de fentes sous table, Réparation du tour de table, Nouveau cache-roue, Nouveau couvercle, Nouveaux chevalets et oreilles, Nouvelle manivelle avec roue et axe, Nouveau jeu de cordes avec sillets et sautereaux, Ravivage des encrages et vernis. Photos avant/après.
(google translate) Restoration of an old vielle Nigout of 1900: Replacement of the 4 slotted walnut ribs, New headband, Re-gluing of the table, Reinforcement of the box and cracks under table, Repair of the round table, New wheel cover, New cover , New easels and ears, New crank with wheel and axle, New set of strings with sills and jumpers, Inflating of inking and varnish. Pictures before / after.

Restauration d’une vielle ronde Nigout – Vielles Kerboeuf

Monday, March 19, 2018

▶ Menez Tan "Totentanz"

[submission] :: Menez Tan's new music video
– The song is named „Totentanz“ (Dance oft the Death) . It is an old Melody, Menez Tan wrote the Lyrics.
It is a Lovestory and begins when a man is walking in deep winter through snow and wind to his love, who is waiting for him for beeing taken to dance.
But he has a bad message to bring her. He has to go to war. During his journey the death is near.
Both, he and his maid, who is spinning at home while she is waiting for him, are remembering the first time they met.
When he reaches the House of his sweetheart they are happy to see each other but very sad about the message. They are afraid about the death who is waiting beside of his chance .
But they don´t want to give up hope, either he will come home alive or - they promised each other- they will dance together in their next lives.


Warum Menez Tan, warum Vulkan? Ein Vulkan bedeutet rohe, ursprüngliche Energie. Wie ein Vulkan kehrt Musik das Innerste zu äußerst, wie bei einem Vulkan tritt Verborgenes zu Tage, werden Verbindungen zwischen der Unter- und Überwelt hergestellt.

Das Instrumentarium mit Gesang, Drehleier, Flöten und Percussion spiegelt sowohl das Unter- als auch Überirdische wieder: Trommeln und Bordune bringen erdige Noten, Flöten entführen in luftige Gefilde. Dazwischen stehen der Gesang und die Melodie als Bindeglied zwischen den Welten.
Menez Tan (bret.: volcano) play medieval and contemporary folk music from various times and regions in sentimental arrangements with both female and male vocals, thereby turning their inside out - just like a volcano.

Why Menez Tan,why volcano? A volcano means raw, primal energy. Like a volcano, music turns the innermost out, like a volcano it reveals what had been hidden, and connections are established between the underworld and the open air.

The choice of instruments, including vocals, Hurdy Gurdy, whistles and percussion, reflects both the underworld and the air. Drums and drones bring earthy notes, whistles lead to airy regions. Between them, the vocals and melody form a link between the worlds.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

#HGWeekly :: Hurdy Gurdy Events on Facebook

Germán Díaz picks up #MestreMateo18 in the category of Best Original Music by Dhogsfilme.

Germán Díaz recolle o #MestreMateo18 na categoría de Mellor música orixinal por Dhogsfilme. Una banda sonora compuesta íntegramente con zanfona *

* Germán Díaz picks up #MestreMateo18 in the category of Best Original Music by Dhogsfilme. A soundtrack composed entirely of zanfona!

Opera prima de Andrés Goteira, protagonizada por Melania Cruz, Carlos Blanco, Antonio Durán 'Morris', Miguel de Lira, Iván Marcos y María Costas. Dhogs señala a los malos, en un mundo perverso de amos y esclavos. Donde los crímenes se suceden ante una sociedad pasiva, insensible, que todo lo permite. Un reflejo de la realidad más oscura.**

** Opera prima by Andrés Goteira, starring Melania Cruz, Carlos Blanco, Antonio Durán 'Morris', Miguel de Lira, Iván Marcos and María Costas. Dhogs points to the bad guys, in a perverse world of masters and slaves. Where crimes occur in the face of a passive society, insensitive, allowing everything. A reflection of the darkest reality. (google translate)

Germán Díaz updated their cover photo (Facebook)