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Workshopdag in Zeist! – Courseday 7th of October 2017 | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

Always wanted to learn how to play the hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe? Or are you an advanced player who wants to improve his or her playing? This will be possible during the Courseday of Draailier and Doedelzak. During this day there will be hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and other music courses for the beginner and the advanced player. Lack of an instrument is not an excuse, because we have instruments for rent for the beginner groups. Application is possible through the application-form. Annulation is possible, but refunds are only applicable under certain circumstances, see our annulation conditions. The courses will start on saturday the 7th of october at 10.00 until 17.00. This day will take place in primary school "De Griffel" in Zeist (near Utrecht). There is a map on the page about the location…

Altijd al draailier of doedelzak willen leren bespelen? Of ben je gevorderde speler en wil je je graag een dag lang verder verdiepen? Dit kan tijdens onze workshopdag in Zeist.Tijdens deze dag in Zeist zijn er draailier- en doedelzakworkshops voor beginners en voor gevorderden.  Workshopdag 7 oktober 2017 | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

• Nyckelharpa - speeltechnieken en houding: Emilie Waldken (Ch)
• Alle instrumenten - Balfolk, improvisatie: Simone Bottasso (It)
• Alle instrumenten - Balfolk, dansbaar spelen: Nicolò Bottasso (It)
• Alle instrumenten - Stralend in de Schijnwerpers: Jan Kristof Schliep (De)
• Doedelzak - It's baroque to my ears!: Birgit Bornauw (Be)
• Doedelzak - Meer doen met melodieën: Debbie Lambregts (Be)
• Doedelzak - begonners: Wouter Kuyper (NL)
• Doedelzak beginners: Jonneke Jorissen (NL)
• Draailier - Vergezichten voor (ver) gevorderd: Rene Meeuws (NL)
• Draailier - als instrument binnen de groep: Koen Dhoore (Be)
• Draailier - begonners: Joop Aalbers (NL)
• Draailier - beginners: Cor Westbroek (NL)


"Windows", Hurdy-gurdy for advanced players: Rene Meeuws (NL)

In this workshop Rene will show and explain his way of playing the hurdy-gurdy. In this workshop he will work with modern tunes, sometimes polyphonic. He likes G/C, D/G and other hurdygurdies in his group. Rene is a famous Dutch HG-player and one of the founders of our foundation. Be prepared to be challenged by this excellent hurdy-gurdy player!
Listen to René with B4

Playing HG in a Band: Koen Dhoore (Be)

This day Koen Dhoore will give a hurdygurdy workshop for halfadvanced and advanced players. If you play hurdy-gurdy with other instruments, for instance in a band, where do you have to deal with? Are there things you should consider in your playing style and techniques? Besides this important issue, we will also focus on playing techniques and ornamentation.
Listen to Koen with Trio Dhoore

Hurdy-gurdy for begunners - Joop Aalbers (NL)

This workshop is especially for people who just started with the hurdygurdy. You have had some lessons and you play a bit. The workshop will go further into playing the hurdygurdy. We will work on techniques and Joop will focus on playing dancing tunes.

Hurdy-gurdy for beginners: Cor Westbroek (NL)
Always wanted to play the hurdy-gurdy? This workshop is especially for people who never played the hurdy-gurdy before. The workshop is the oppurtunity to discover the basics of the instrument while learning easy but beautiful melodies. Instruments can be rented and twee weeks beforehand there is an introductory morning (23th of September) in which you will receive the rental instrument and the basic information needed to get started the first two weeks. requirements: none, this is a beginners course At the moment we've run out of rental gurdies…

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Workshopdag 7 oktober 2017 | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

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