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UGEARS Hurdy-Gurdy: unique mechanical musical model by UGEARS — Kickstarter

"Engineered for self-assembly and play. Just build with your own hands and feel like Stradivari or a popular Hurdy-Gurdy star."

Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy and Mechanical Town Series

Ugears keeps expanding the creative world of hobbies and opening an assembly process as an exciting game. Inspired by the art of medieval craftsmen and enriched by smart engineering of the XXI century, this June, exclusively on Kickstarter, we are launching new models  with extraordinary functionality: a Hurdy-Gurdy, the genuine gem of the Ugears collection, a Date Navigator and a Secret Model - Treasure Box.

remember, folks: this is a mechanical model, not a real gurdy... 
wow. i am finding it hard to believe that they have raised $259,188!

UGEARS Hurdy-Gurdy: unique mechanical musical model by UGEARS — Kickstarter

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

▶ NEW CD :: LA BELLE VIELLEUSE – Virtuoso Hurdy Gurdy in the 18th c. France – Tobie Miller

Au temps de Madame de Pompadour, la vielle à roue (tout comme la musette) bénéficient d’un succès important. Elle se mesure aux autres instruments et, comme nous le montrent plusieurs tableaux, bénéficie de faveurs des dames de l’aristocratie.
Plusieurs méthodes sont éditées, dont celle de Michel Corrette (La belle vielleuse) et certains virtuoses comme Danguy ou Dupuits poussent les limites techniques dans leurs derniers retranchements. Son charme est célébré par les poètes dont les textes inspirent les cantates. C’est entre la Cour et les bergeries que nous conduit ce programme de découvertes...
In the time of Madame de Pompadour, the hurdy-gurdy, like the musette, enjoyed a great success. It was considered to be on a level with other instruments and, as can be seen in various paintings, was highly regarded by the ladies of the aristocracy. Several books of instruction for the instrument were published, one of which was Michel Corrette’s La belle vielleuse; virtuoso players such as Danguy and Dupuits extended its playing techniques to their limits. The instrument’s charm was sung by various poets whose words were then set as cantatas. The unknown works that constitute this recording place it firmly in the French court of the time with its stylised pastoral diversions.
PURCHASE: La Belle Vielleuse | Outhere Music

LA BELLE VIELLEUSE // Virtuoso Hurdy Gurdy in the 18th c. France - Ensemble Danguy & Tobie Miller - YouTube
Published on May 4, 2017 by Outhere Music

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ars Castle! Happy Times & Hurdy-Gurdies at Le Son Continu 2017 | photos by Scott Marshall

Château d’Ars

 Brian McCoy playing his new Weichselbaumer Gurdy with a special wheel...
Wolfgang Weichselbaumer stall

 The Philippe Mousnier stall

Seb Tourny's stall

 Eric Renard's Stall

 Joël Traunecker's stall

 Scott Gayman trying out a Midi-Gurdy with Marcus Weseloh

Chris Allen's Stall 

Vielles Kerboeuf stall

Boudet Luthiers stall

Albus Draco's stall
(the center one is a nice beginner instrument)

 Jean-Luc Bleton's Stall

special thanks to Scott Marshall for offering to share his photos with us – even before he went!

Scott Marshall, center (photo thanks to his friend Julie)

(MORE on facebook) Scott Marshall Hurdy Gurdy | all 115 Photos

Thursday, July 20, 2017

▶ Muddy-Gurdy Mississippi Project | Hypnotic Wheels / Gilles Chabenat

(1) Muddy-Gurdy Mississippi Project - YouTube
Published on Jun 19, 2017 by Hypnotic Wheels
gofundme Muddy-Gurdy :

Muddy-Gurdy Mississippi Project : unique musical project featuring the trio Hypnotic Wheels and Cedric Burnside, Sharde Thomas, Cameron Kimbrough and Pat Thomas with the sound engineer Pierre Bianchi. Film : Yannick Demaison - Biscuit Productions - regisseur, web master : Françoise Digel - Chantilly Negra : Samantha Julien

(1) Hypnotic Wheels - About
• (english below*) Hypnotic Wheels est le fruit de la rencontre de trois univers singuliers que sont ceux de Tia (Tia and the patient Wolves) Gilles Chabenat (Vielle à roue) Marc Glomeau (percussions).
Puisant aux sources des musiques populaires issues du Mississippi, Centre France ou Africaines, Hypnotic Wheels fabrique une musique qui fait référence à ce que le blues a de plus organique.
Construit sur la base d'une instrumentation inédite, réunissant la calebasse (étonnant instrument Africain) la vielle à roue électro acoustique (qui pulvérise toutes les idées reçues sur cet instrument) la voix et la guitare de Tia sont le lien émotionnel entre ces univers si loin si proche.
Surprenant, innovant, Hypnotic Wheels fait référence à ce que les grandes musiques populaires ont de plus authentique et rudimentaire.

• (google translate) Hypnotic Wheels is the fruit of the encounter of three singular universes that are those of Tia (Tia and the patient Wolves) Gilles Chabenat (Vielle à roue) Marc Glomeau (percussions).
Hypnotic Wheels produces a music based on popular music from the Mississippi, Center France and Africaines, which makes reference to what is more organic in the blues.
Built on the basis of an unprecedented instrumentation, combining the calabash (amazing African instrument) the hurdy-gurdy electro acoustic (which pulverizes all the ideas received on this instrument) the voice and the guitar of Tia are the emotional link between these universes if Far so close.
Surprising, innovative, Hypnotic Wheels refers to what the great popular music has more authentic and rudimentary.

Muddy Gurdy Mississippi Project - Cedric Burnside, Sharde Thomas, Cameron Kimbrough
Published on May 6, 2017 by Hypnotic Wheels
Original french project : the meeting of North Mississippi Hill country Blues with the rural french culture through the Hurdy-Gurdy featuring Hypnotic Wheels (Gilles Chabenat, Tia Gouttebel, Marc Glomeau) and Cedric Burnside, Sharde Thomas, Cameron Kimbrough, Pat Thomas. | HYPNOTIC WHEELS - Officiel | A guitar, a hurdy-gurdy, a calabash, a voice... - Une guitare, une vielle, une calebasse, une voix...

Fundraiser for JULIEN Samantha by ChantillyNegra Association : MUDDY GURDY MISSISSIPPI PROJECT

Friday, July 14, 2017


Published on Jul 14, 2017 by mandelrobert
The ENSEMBLE MANDEL, founded in Vienna in 2014, aims to introduce diverse periods of music history and musical instruments and compare them. It also aims to create a new, contemporary music. The group varies from 3 to 10 members. They combine electronic instruments with unique and rarely heard medieval instruments, such as the organistrum, viéle, clavisimbalum and recorders. 
The ENSEMBLE MANDEL is unique not only in sound but also in appearance. It juxtaposes magnificent old, original musical instruments on stage with exciting-sounding electronic musical instruments. They look at how to combine the spectrum of historical musical instruments with a range of electronic instruments. They want to square the circle by playing electronically with acoustic media and vice versa.
The performance of the ENSEMBLE MANDEL is exciting addition even to world-class music festivals and staged historical music events. In such environments a real contrast is created by performing contemporary music on original historical instruments in addition to authentic, historical music performances. 
The music of the ENSEMBLE MANDEL could also be a highlight of both traditional and contemporary chamber music events. They are happy to perform in concert halls, museums, and churches, in short, anywhere where an audience is open to experimental and creative music.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Upcoming Events! – #HGWeekly on Facebook

New CD :: Hurdy Gurdy # Myst | Laurence Bourdin / Cie Grain de Son

Sortie officielle du CD Hurdy Gurdy # Myst
Lourouer Saint Laurent, France
FRI JULY 14, 2017 - 7:00 PM

You can find the CD and the Book-CD for sale here:

Hurdy Gurdy # Myst

Concert-Vidéo pour vielle à roue électroacoustique solo

Showcase et dédicace sur le stand "Auvergne Diffusion"

Hurdy Gurdy #Myst - Teaser du spectacle

Published on Nov 28, 2016 by Cie Grain de Son
Création Multimédia pour Vielle à roue électroacoustique.
Inspiré du livre "Lieux Mystérieux en Auvergne".

Cinq pièces contemporaines sur le thème des lieux mystérieux....

Plus d'infos sur

Vielle à roue : Laurence Bourdin
Textes : Corinne Pradier
Création vidéo : Benoît Voarick
Mise en son : Bernard Gousset
Création lumière et Scénographie : Jasone Muñoz

Compositions :
Jean-Michel Bossini
Xavier Garcia
Christophe Havel
Pascale Jakubowski
Pierre-Alain Jaffrennou

concert dates at Laurence Bourdin Musicienne on Facebook!

Monday, July 10, 2017

▶ "Hurdy-Gurdy" – documentary interview/demo with Johannes Geworkian Hellman

Hurdy-Gurdy - YouTube
Published on Jun 17, 2017 by The Stringdom
with Johannes Geworkian Hellman, who demonstrates his own techniques and compositions on this unusual instrument.

Visit: for more of Johannes' music.

Find us on facebook:

Recorded: Stockholm, May 2017.

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▶ Nouveau CD Gilles Poutoux/Jean Luc Gueneau "Chemin de La Bergaudière | new facebook page: "Jean -Luc Gueneau Gilles Poutoux"

Nouveau CD Gilles Poutoux/Jean Luc Gueneau "Chemin de La Bergaudière - YouTube
Published on Jul 6, 2017 by Gilles Poutoux
Si la musique vous a plu, commander ce CD à 15 €
en me contactant par mail:

C’est dans l’enthousiasme de leurs jeunes années que Jean-Luc Gueneau et Gilles Poutoux se sont rencontrés, au sein du groupe FUBU qui pratiquait les musiques traditionnelles du Centre France. Ce fut là un moment décisif de leur parcours musical. Le groupe animait alors quantité de bals populaires dans toute la France. *(English below)*

La fin de l’expérience FUBU les mènera sur des chemins musicaux différents, qui permettra à chacun de nourrir des affinités particulières, d’affiner sa propre pratique instrumentale. Ils chercheront néanmoins à explorer plus en détail tel pan de la musique à danser « traditionnelle » et plutôt populaire, qu’ils n’ont d’ailleurs jamais cessé de la cultiver depuis le premier jour.
Longtemps éloignés par les circonstances, ils se sont retrouvés récemment au hasard de leur passion commune, et ont décidé de former un duo : Mélodéon Vielle à roue.Original par sa composition instrumentale, ce duo aborde le répertoire du Morvan et du Nivernais d’une façon authentique, offrant une simplicité riche de leur grande expérience, mâtinée de quelque audace.
* (google translate) It was in the enthusiasm of their young years that Jean-Luc Guenneau and Gilles Poutoux met in the groupe group, which practiced traditional French music. This was a decisive moment in their musical journey. The band then animated a lot of popular dances throughout France. 
The end of the experience will lead them to different musical paths, which will allow everyone to feed special affinities, to refine their own instrumental practice. However, they will seek to explore more in detail such a pan of "traditional" and rather popular dance music, which they have never stopped cultivating since day one.
Long distances from the circumstances, they recently found themselves at random from their common passion, and decided to form a duo: Mélodéon old wheel. Original by its instrumental composition, this duo addresses the repertoire of the morvan and du in an authentic way, offering a rich simplicity of their great experience, mâtinée of some audacity.

upcoming event – performing at Le Son Continu (15 July)

bonus –

La Montée des bois de Vaux
Published on Apr 9, 2013 by Gilles Poutoux
Jean Luc GUENEAU et Gilles POUTOUX interprètent La montée des bois de Vaux
traditionnel Morvan. Enregistrement inédit de 1923, du célèbre duo emblématique des années folles....
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Symphonia by Robert Mandel | Medieval style, box-type gurdy

Symphonia by Robert Mandel - YouTube
Uploaded on Jun 21, 2017 by Robert Mandel
Medieval symphonia by Robert Mandel

Medieval chifonies (symphonias) for sale! Precisely built, simple and loud instruments for travelling musicians, for beginners and for early music artists! For any details, please, write me privately (pm on Facebook)! RM

contact Robert Mandel via Facebook
…or leave a comment

Hurdy Gurdy & Bagpipes Weekend – Halsway Manor, UK; 9-11 Feb 2018

Guaranteed to be one of Halsway’s noisiest weekends, this Hurdy-Gurdy takeover is a brilliant opportunity to get together with some of the best of Europe’s players in an intensive learning weekend of masterclasses, workshops,sessions and a Saturday night concert/dance. This course runs alongside the Bagpipes Weekend, in a frenzy of reeds, drones and buzzing things!
To the hurdy gurdy team we welcome Matthias Loibner from Austria, Cecile Delrue-Birot from France, along with the inimitable UK player Joel Turk. The weekend is hosted by Claire Dugué, hurdy-gurdy maker and repairer, and she’ll be available to help people get the most out of their instruments with tips  for maintenance.
For an extra £35, participants can stay until Monday morning, including supper and B&B. Please enquire when booking.

Who’s it For?

This course will be for players of the hurdy-gurdy of all ages and abilities!
Hurdy Gurdy Weekend – Halsway Manor


A jam-packed programme of diverse bagpipe playing styles, with some of Europe’s top players. This course runs alongside the Hurdy Gurdy Weekend, in a frenzy of reeds, drones and buzzing things!
We will be exploring traditional English and Border Music plus new and traditional music for European Dance. We will look at different and more unusual dance rhythms (for example 3/2, 9/8) and various playing styles, and explore how we can express emotion though our playing. We will learn variations and the techniques of how we can work them into our playing.  We will do most of the learning by ear but music scores will be provided during the course to support our learning. We’ll split the group into
beginners-intermediate, and intermediate and above, and you’ll spend time working with both tutors. And of course, we will have a bit of fun too!
“It’s not just the wonderful workshop sessions with an extremely patient tutor, but also the camaraderie of the whole weekend that makes the Halsway experience so brilliant” Participant
For an extra £35, participants can stay until Monday morning, including supper and B&B. Please enquire at booking.

Who’s it For?

This course will be for players of bagpipes in G, of all ages and abilities!

Workshopdag in Zeist! – Courseday 7th of October 2017 | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

Always wanted to learn how to play the hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe? Or are you an advanced player who wants to improve his or her playing? This will be possible during the Courseday of Draailier and Doedelzak. During this day there will be hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and other music courses for the beginner and the advanced player. Lack of an instrument is not an excuse, because we have instruments for rent for the beginner groups. Application is possible through the application-form. Annulation is possible, but refunds are only applicable under certain circumstances, see our annulation conditions. The courses will start on saturday the 7th of october at 10.00 until 17.00. This day will take place in primary school "De Griffel" in Zeist (near Utrecht). There is a map on the page about the location…

Altijd al draailier of doedelzak willen leren bespelen? Of ben je gevorderde speler en wil je je graag een dag lang verder verdiepen? Dit kan tijdens onze workshopdag in Zeist.Tijdens deze dag in Zeist zijn er draailier- en doedelzakworkshops voor beginners en voor gevorderden.  Workshopdag 7 oktober 2017 | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

• Nyckelharpa - speeltechnieken en houding: Emilie Waldken (Ch)
• Alle instrumenten - Balfolk, improvisatie: Simone Bottasso (It)
• Alle instrumenten - Balfolk, dansbaar spelen: Nicolò Bottasso (It)
• Alle instrumenten - Stralend in de Schijnwerpers: Jan Kristof Schliep (De)
• Doedelzak - It's baroque to my ears!: Birgit Bornauw (Be)
• Doedelzak - Meer doen met melodieën: Debbie Lambregts (Be)
• Doedelzak - begonners: Wouter Kuyper (NL)
• Doedelzak beginners: Jonneke Jorissen (NL)
• Draailier - Vergezichten voor (ver) gevorderd: Rene Meeuws (NL)
• Draailier - als instrument binnen de groep: Koen Dhoore (Be)
• Draailier - begonners: Joop Aalbers (NL)
• Draailier - beginners: Cor Westbroek (NL)


"Windows", Hurdy-gurdy for advanced players: Rene Meeuws (NL)

In this workshop Rene will show and explain his way of playing the hurdy-gurdy. In this workshop he will work with modern tunes, sometimes polyphonic. He likes G/C, D/G and other hurdygurdies in his group. Rene is a famous Dutch HG-player and one of the founders of our foundation. Be prepared to be challenged by this excellent hurdy-gurdy player!
Listen to René with B4

Playing HG in a Band: Koen Dhoore (Be)

This day Koen Dhoore will give a hurdygurdy workshop for halfadvanced and advanced players. If you play hurdy-gurdy with other instruments, for instance in a band, where do you have to deal with? Are there things you should consider in your playing style and techniques? Besides this important issue, we will also focus on playing techniques and ornamentation.
Listen to Koen with Trio Dhoore

Hurdy-gurdy for begunners - Joop Aalbers (NL)

This workshop is especially for people who just started with the hurdygurdy. You have had some lessons and you play a bit. The workshop will go further into playing the hurdygurdy. We will work on techniques and Joop will focus on playing dancing tunes.

Hurdy-gurdy for beginners: Cor Westbroek (NL)
Always wanted to play the hurdy-gurdy? This workshop is especially for people who never played the hurdy-gurdy before. The workshop is the oppurtunity to discover the basics of the instrument while learning easy but beautiful melodies. Instruments can be rented and twee weeks beforehand there is an introductory morning (23th of September) in which you will receive the rental instrument and the basic information needed to get started the first two weeks. requirements: none, this is a beginners course At the moment we've run out of rental gurdies…

--- more info on all workshops --->

Workshopdag 7 oktober 2017 | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

English page

(FACEBOOK) Workshopdag voor bourdonmuziek, (bal) folk en samenspel

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Nürnberger Borduntage 2018; 12-14 January

(English below)*

Hallo liebe Dudelsack-, Drehleierfreunde;
nun ist es endlich offiziell:
Zum ersten Mal finden vom 12.-14. Januar 2018 die Nürnberger Borduntage statt.

Unsere Dozenten:

Gilles Chabenat
Stephan Groth ( Faun)
Alex Zwingmann (Fiolka)

Thomas Zöller (Estampie)
Daniela Heiderich (Die Irrlichter)

Ihr werdet in einer der modernsten Jugendherbergen der Welt, direkt in der Nürnberger Burg untergebracht sein. Dort finden auch unsere Kurse statt.
Natürlich haben wir an alles gedacht und werden neben tollen Kursen, auch für ein spannendes Rahmenprogramm sorgen.

Anmelden könnt ihr euch ab dem 19.6.2017 ab 19 Uhr!

Informationen rund um das Kurswochenende findet ihr aber bereits jetzt unter:

Wichtig: Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 10 Personen begrenzt.
Sichert euch also am besten frühzeitig eure Plätze.

* google translate:

Hello dear bagpipes, enthusiasts;
Now it is finally official:
For the first time, January, 2018, the Nuremberg Borduntags.

Our Lecturers:

Gilles Chabenat
Stephan Groth (Faun)
Alex Zwingmann (Fiolka)

Thomas Zöller (Estampie)
Daniela Heiderich (The Irrlichter)

You will be accommodated in one of the most modern youth hostels in the world, right in the Nuremberg castle. Our courses also take place there.
Of course, we have thought of everything and, besides great courses, will also provide for an exciting supporting program.

You can register as of 19.6.2017 from 7 pm!

Information about the course weekend can be found at:

Important: The number of participants is limited to 10 persons.
So be sure to secure your seats early.