Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Album – Scott Marshall "Gurdymania" (samples)

Scott Marshall's new album is an inspiring experience!

Artwork by Claire Jennings; Design by Jon Loomes

"It's just hurdy-gurdies, just me, no other instruments or any singing or that sort of thing, but it is quite a remarkable thing. Comments about the album so far have included, 'a work of bloody genius', 'mesmerizing', 'reminds me of tubular bells', 'I am so proud of you' (my little sister said that one) and 'a really important piece of music'" – Scott M.
Here is the last half of the tune Catbear from the album, Gurdymania. It was recorded by Jon Loomes at Talking Cat Studios in Ripponden The main tune & trompette were recorded on a Wolfgang Weichselbaumer Allegro ( a fab little gurdy, fitted with a dog made by Claire Dugué) The harmony parts & riff overdubs were added using the top g string of a Dugué Exo Alto.

"Recording the album Gurdymania: it took 3 weekend trips on the train to Yorkshire, 7 days in all , over a period of almost a year, I used 7 different hurdy-gurdies , different tunings, different vintage delay and tape echo pedals, different pickups and microphones. Super-Polymath Jon Loomes was a total boffin in his ability to get the sound in my head onto the record."

Track 8 from new Hurdy~Gurdy Album

Hurdy-gurdy Superhero Cliff Stapleton has a copy & said:
"Your album is lovely and exceedingly unique as it is unlike anything else.You should be very pleased.It is undertaken with great sensitivity."

Other comments & messages about the album so far have included:
'a work of bloody genius'
'reminds me of tubular bells'
'I am so proud of you' (his little sister said that one)
'A really important piece of music'
'Hello Scott, this is a very good CD'
'Hi Scott, congratulations on a super job. I really like all of it, particularly the Balkan/Arabic stuff and the ambient tracks. You are a very talented vielliste, all power to your elbows!'
'Very impressive'
'some hauntingly beautiful pieces'
'Thanks for the CD which I have enjoyed listening to. The cover art is good too'
'I got your CD though and thank you very much. I enjoyed it, some good tunes. Still into your prog rock!  🙂'
'I came home from Germany yesterday and found your CD in the mail 🙂 Listening to it now'
'Many thanks for the GurdYmaniA!'
'Wow. Thanks very much. Been listening lots. It's a great production. 😎'
'Excellent. Listened to it loads.'
We listen your new CD on the road to Home. Cogretiolation,its fantastic.And we love it all.
'Rocked out to your album on the drive in..I'm no gurdy expert but I enjoyed it a lot..nice work mate  '
'My favourites are Lemon Curd (I played it on my flute), Rabbit Hole and the second part of Orion's Belt. And I like Frogspawn.'
Ist prima geworden!
Listening to it as I write. A very nice backdrop to programming computers...
'That there Frogspawn is one of the sweetest tunes ever.'
'Really enjoying the album Scott it's a masterpiece 🙂'
CD arrived in the post today - brilliant, mate. Well done indeed!
Celtarabia says: "We're enjoying listening to Scott Marshall's lovely solo Hurdy-Gurdy album it's highly recommended and well worth checking out. Called 'Gurdymania' it features only Hurdy Gurdy and is by turn traditional, Eastern European, classical and at times quite psychedelic. It's a remarkable album in many ways a masterpiece and a real work of heart."

How to order Gurdymania: It is £10 if you see me at a gig or a workshop or festival. It's £11 posted in the UK, £12 Posted to Europe or £13 posted 'Rest of the World'. To mail order message me with your address & I will send you the payment details.:)

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