Sunday, October 23, 2016

Patty Gurdy ▶ First Music Video & Planning Q&A Videos

"Gurdy's Green" - Patty Gurdy (Hurdy Gurdy Music) - YouTube
Patty Gurdy 
 Published on Oct 19, 2016
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I also play in a Pirate Folk Metal band: Storm Seeker

This instrument is called "hurdy gurdy" and has its roots in the medieval times. It works like a mechanical violin with a wheel bow, that can play bass, melody and rhythm all at once. This song is recorded using ONLY the hurdy gurdy.

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Patty Gurdy feeling pumped.
Not only will I share some hurdy gurdy music with you on my new YouTube Channel, I am also making some other videos about questions I get a lot concerning my instrument, as well as tipps and tricks ;)
SO: Is there anything you always wanted to know about the hurdy gurdy or about me?
ASK ANYTHING, comment under this picture here :)
Alright, stay tuned for some nice nice content coming very soon <3
(working on some nerdy video editing atm... takes some time :D )

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  1. Your music is phenomenal——It would be wonderful for you to release your own Music CD!!!