Monday, August 22, 2016

The Tumbling of Creatures - Cliff Stapleton

Cliff Stapleton & Friends Present…  The Tumbling of Creatures: Music For The Hurdy-Gurdy
"I have chosen 12 unique musical tracks that have been recorded over a 30-year period with bands and theatre companies. The compositions, the order of tracks and the interplay with other artistes show a sense of story of my creative life with this remarkable and ancient instrument, the hurdy-gurdy."

Compact Disc (CD)
Full length album
Running time - 53.27
A Woodbird release
Wb001 2016

This edition comes in a deluxe, four-panel, handmade concertina-style wallet, silk-screen printed in copper and black ink with a card insert. 

track list –

Kicksy-Wicksy, Angles (2010)

3 Piece Suite, The Drones (1990)

Eglantine, The Man in The Brown Hat, Scottische Fran Havero, The Minah Bird, Blowzabella (1984)

Cherries, Angles (2010)

Gloryflower, The Drones (1990)

Huckle-Duckle, Primaeval (2006)

Blue Sausage Island, Biscuit Shuffle, The Duellists (1997)

The Labyrinth, Bron Bradshaw & Cliff Stapleton (2003)

We’ll Witness the Resurrection of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons), Cyclobe (2010)

Scent, Cliff Stapleton (2003)

The Tall Yellow Giant that climbs up high, Sylvia Hallett, Clive Bell & Cliff Stapleton (2014)

The Remote Viewer, Coil (2002)

Cliff Stapelton | Mike Smith photo

more: Letterpress font for new CD front cover - Cliff Stapleton
– The front cover artwork for ‘The Tumbling of Creatures’ uses unique metal block fonts from the letterpress studio of Graham Bignell, the New North Press, in East London

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