Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aku the Hurdy Gurdy Dog! – mixed media by Kerry McFall

my best friend and my gurdy 

art by my cousin Kerry McFall – a new post on her blog at features "Aku the Hurdy Gurdy dog!"

“Hurdy Gurdy Dog”, mixed media by Kerry McFall
I learned on our recent visit to Sonoma that my cousin Rob is a big fan of Hurdy Gurdys – wait, what?  A hip graphic artist guy in NorCal, into yoga and not into gluten, and his true passion is a Medieval instrument that sounds like a collision between a bagpipe and an electric keyboard and a Tennessee fiddler?  I am always fascinated by what inspires the passions that drive people’s lives.
The instrument itself is beautiful...
more: Hurdy What? | Kerry McFall's Gallery Nouveau

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