Tuesday, July 5, 2016

MidiGurdy - Milling the Body [video] | We have done some major work on the new workshop

MidiGurdy - Milling the Body - YouTube

During the last weeks I've been very busy preparing the production of the MidiGurdy. The workshop is now nearly complete, all the tools have been installed and most of them have been put to use already. Most of my time and energy currently goes into the CNC router/mill that I'm using to create the instrument body parts, as well as the wooden keys and keybox cover. Here comes a short video documenting the CNC milling process of the instrument body.

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This week we have done some major work on the new workshop: An old slaughterhouse that has been used by my grandfather and uncle until a few years ago. And now it will be the home of the MidiGurdy! It has two large rooms downstairs, one of which will be for all the dusty stuff, the other one for electronics and finer mechanics. And there's plenty of storage space in what used to be cold storage and freezers.
The red roof tiles from around 1948 need to be replaced. And as the house has a slanted concrete floor without insulation, we have laid a wooden flooring so that our feet don't freeze in winter. Topped off with two very comfy chairs from the 1950s, it starts to feel nice and cozy  And next week, the wood oven will fit in the little corner that we have left without floor boards.
So, producing the MidiGurdy has officially become a family business! My father has taken on the job as master builder, refurbishing the workshop. He has been busy for quite a while now, selling the old machines, painting the walls, removing residue from the smoker, replacing windows. I really can't thank him enough!
And when it's all done, my wife will help me build the instruments. I am so eager to get started properly! But still a few things to do beforehand...

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MidiGurdy - This week we have done some major work on the new...

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