Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Help Robert keep #HGWeekly going! - GoFundMe

My hope here is to recover a portion of my expenses for the purchase of a new laptop, and so have something to live on for a little while.

As a hurdy-gurdy enthusiast, it has become a wonderful hobby for me to be publishing The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly . While it was never my intention to make any money from this endeavour, I put a fair amount of energy into it, and basically had to buy a new computer in order to continue this (along with some other purposes, of course). This could be "phase one" of my larger, evolving plan...

If you like what I do, I could use your support. Please know that I appreciate your consideration very much!

please visit the gofundme page for more information on my situation

gofundme! Help Robert keep #HGWeekly going

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