Thursday, November 26, 2015

▶ Anna Murphy explains her electric Hurdy-Gurdy, plus an interview too @ Noémie's Daily

[ submitted - thank you Noémie! ]

Anna Murphy explains her electric Hurdy-Gurdy
Published on Nov 25, 2015
In the backstage Anna shows how a hurdy gurdy works

submission: This is my video of Anna presenting her instrument before a show in France! Was really interesting!!! --- (there is also an interview on the Noémie's Daily blog / hgw)

(4) The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly:
Noémie's Daily to The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly -This is my video of Anna presenting her instrument before a show in France!...
Posted by The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly on Thursday, November 26, 2015

 there is also an interview on the Noemi's Daily blog -!anna-murphy/sfx71

Anna Murphy-Eluveitie

After being warmly welcomed by Eluveitie manager, we walk into the backstage. I finally see Anna with a huge smile waiting for me, we check our hands and go to the next room. I speak with her during installing my camera and start the interview.
You are back in Brittany, a Celtic land. What do you feel like playing here?
-Well, we actually have a special setlist prepared, for you guys, because usually, we didn't play “Luxtos” on this tour, but it seems a very popular melody here, we're going to play just for French audiences[smile].
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see also: Conversation with Anna Murphy (#HGWeekly interview 4 October 2014, Sacto CA USA) - YouTube

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