Friday, November 27, 2015

Eluveitie begins second leg of Europe/Scandanavia tour with Ithilien | "In The Hall of the Mountain King" [TV]

Eluveitie - VoxHall Aarhus by Homage Photography

Eluveitie just posted this on Facebook –
Check it out, it's Eluveitie covering Edvard Grieg's masterpiece "In The Hall of the Mountain King":
This is part of a TV show called "Rock The Classic" in which modern bands re-arrange famous classical works. It will air tomorrow at 21.45 CET on 3sat, you can also stream it here:

Clip vom Samstag, 28. November 2015 ::: 

mit Griegs "In der Halle des Bergkönigs": Eine Metal-Band und ihr Rencontre mit romantischer Musik (und einem Fagottisten aus der Klassikwelt!): Griegs Musik kommt an und wird spannend umgesetzt! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 DEC; Hull, UK: Celtarabia Yuletide Party at Kardomah94

Celtarabia at Cornucopia 2015

Celtarabia Yuletide Party at Kardomah94 Tickets, Hull | Eventbrite
Loudhailer UK
Saturday, 5 December 2015 from 19:30 to 23:30 (GMT)
Hull, United Kingdom

It's party time! High energy east/west fusion band - Celtarabia – are set to start the Yuletide celebrations at Kardomah94 on Saturday 5th December 2015.
Featuring some of this country’s finest world dance musicians, Celtarabia play the wildest cross-over music being made in England today. Quentin Budworth's Hurdy Gurdy playing is the magic behind Celtarabia’s unique sound, together with an incredible band of players including virtuoso hammer dulcimer player Amanda Lowe, ace drummer Alan Raw, and ex Red Guitars dub & slide bassist Lou Duffy-Howard, 
The band are consummate musicians and showmen & women whose wild fusion of Arabic, Andalucian, Celtic, Medieval music and contemporary beats is designed to get bodies dancing. Bring your dancing shoes! Visit to find out more
With support from the fabulous John Cox and Dave Hughes

Stage de vielle à roue - 29 novembre 2015 | Blandy, FR

4, Rue du Pont Paillard
Foyer communal

77115 Blandy
Prix : 20 €

Stage préparatoire aux rencontres de vielle à roue en Île de France. Etude du répertoire proposé par Nadine Thiant. Tous niveaux sauf totalement débutant.

Stage de vielle à roue - 29 novembre 2015 | Blandy, FR

▶ Anna Murphy explains her electric Hurdy-Gurdy, plus an interview too @ Noémie's Daily

[ submitted - thank you Noémie! ]

Anna Murphy explains her electric Hurdy-Gurdy
Published on Nov 25, 2015
In the backstage Anna shows how a hurdy gurdy works

submission: This is my video of Anna presenting her instrument before a show in France! Was really interesting!!! --- (there is also an interview on the Noémie's Daily blog / hgw)

(4) The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly:
Noémie's Daily to The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly -This is my video of Anna presenting her instrument before a show in France!...
Posted by The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly on Thursday, November 26, 2015

 there is also an interview on the Noemi's Daily blog -!anna-murphy/sfx71

Anna Murphy-Eluveitie

After being warmly welcomed by Eluveitie manager, we walk into the backstage. I finally see Anna with a huge smile waiting for me, we check our hands and go to the next room. I speak with her during installing my camera and start the interview.
You are back in Brittany, a Celtic land. What do you feel like playing here?
-Well, we actually have a special setlist prepared, for you guys, because usually, we didn't play “Luxtos” on this tour, but it seems a very popular melody here, we're going to play just for French audiences[smile].
> more

see also: Conversation with Anna Murphy (#HGWeekly interview 4 October 2014, Sacto CA USA) - YouTube

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Melvin Dorries - "A couple pics of our long day at the America's Got Talent"

Melvin Dorries of Hurdy Gurdy Crafters posts this on facebook -

"A couple pics of our long day at the America's Got Talent audition in Detroit. Lots of people were introduced to the Hurdy-gurdy and there were over 1000 auditions. Cobo center is a huge place. We looked to find Harry Akers my buddy who did the pro lighting for the event but couldn't find him. I played Amazing Grace for the 90 second audition and will not know if I have been selected for the show until Feb. when they will let us know via email."

Hurdy Gurdy Crafters [US]

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vielle Nigout 1904 restoration | Vielle à roue Seb. Tourny

>>> facebook album – Vielle Nigout 1904

Vielle à roue Seb. Tourny
La Châtre, FR
Facteur de Vielles à roue
fabrication - location - restauration - réglage et maintenance - animation de cours et stages


Matthias Loibner new CD: Lichtungen

VÖ: 13.11.2015
EAN/UPC: 705304462621
Traumton CD: 4626

Matthias Loibner: hurdy-gurdy
3.Folhas Cintilantes5:15 
7.L‘Eau Dans La Mer5:34 
8.Kitchen Rain5:57 
10.Sons De Carrilhoes4:22 
11.Balkany Flowers5:05 

all compositions by Matthias Loibner
except 10 by João Pernambuco
recorded with love
in august 2014 at St. Wolfgangi, Austria
hurdy-gurdy alto by Wolfgang Weichselbaumer (2002)
recording engineer: Johann Steinecker
equipement: Ton Eichinger
recording format: 24/96
mastering: Wolfgang Loos, Traumton Studios
photos: Julia Wesely
painting: Linda Wolfsgruber
design: Knut Schötteldreier
dedicated to D.

>>> Traumton: Releases: Lichtungen von Matthias Loibner: Tracks

▶ Arcane Alchemists - Labyrinth - Clip

Arcane Alchemists - Labyrinth - Clip - YouTube
Published on Feb 13, 2013 by HurdyGuigui
Arcane - Labyrinth - Clip officiel.
Réalisé par Félix David.

added to the Weekly's playlist "cool hurdy-gurdy music videos"
-- and also to "rock & roll at #HGWeekly"

• FOR SALE: Jean-Noêl Grandchamp Vielle a Roue; Portland, OR, US

Beverly Stafford posts: I'm selling my hurdy-gurdy, a sentimental instrument for me, but I am not playing it. I thought I would learn it, but realistically, I am a flute player and that it just the way it is. I am used to the flute sound and that is what I think about. So... if you are interested, please send me a message.
This instrument is kept in my house in a protected spot in the case, pictured here, and needs a few repairs, otherwise it is in good condition.
I have had it re-appraised and checked over this past October, and with these photos is a list of repairs. Please send me a note on my website if interested, where I have posted these photos also. I have had the maker of this instrument verified as follows for maker:

For Sale:
Jean-Noêl Grandchamp Vielle a Roue (hurdy-gurdy) made in France
Lute-back Baroque instrument with hard shell case and accessories
Appraised at $4300, September, 2015
Why am I selling this instrument? I play the flute, and this occupies my time and attention.
If you have any questions, please let me know,
Beverly Stafford, Portland, OR

(post permalink) Hurdy Gurdy Player group on facebook

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Efrén López Sanz to be in UK for three refugees benefit concerts in Oxford & London, Dec. 13-17


For our friends in UK:
I'm so happy to announce that next December I'll take part in three refugees benefit concerts in Oxford and London! We are working on a wonderful repertoire with the following band, specially created for these events:

Efrén López Sanz: rabab, hurdy gurdy, ud
Michalis Kouloumis: violin
Rachel Beckles Wilson: ud
Nilufar Habibian: kanun
Kalia Baklitzanaki: vocals, nay
Merit Ariane Stephanos: vocals
Stavroula Constanti: ney

December 13, 20:00: Holywell Music Room, Oxford.
December 15, 20:30; St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, London. (
December 17, 20:00: DLT Lecture Theatre, SOAS, London. (

Thank you for your collaboration in spreading the word and supporting our cause!

Timeline Photos - Efrén López Sanz

Efrén López Sanz - Bourrées de la Carrasca de la Vaca

Published on Nov 11, 2015
Efrén López Sanz by uelguezn falke
on Hurdy-Gurdy Model "Dwarf"

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

▶ Andrey Vinogradov: Solntse Gree/Teche Mi Voda Studena

Solntse Gree/Teche Mi Voda Studena - YouTube

Published on Nov 8, 2015
Andrey Vinogradov - hurdy-gurdy, arrangement. Bulgarian trad.

added to the Weekly's playlist "Hurdy Gurdy 2" [new select videos; see also: "Hurdy Gurdy 1" with over 200 select videos, and "various hurdy gurdy videos" 1 & 2 with hundreds more *] -…
* The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly YouTube Channel

R.I.P. Jaap Mulder (1949-2015)

Jaap at Stichting Draailier & Doedelzak's
Hurdy-gurdy & Bagpipe Try-out at Castlefest 2015

Jaap Mulder (1949-2015)

Ik probeer een memoriam te schrijven, maar dat lukt me nog niet zo goed. Wat te schijven over Jaap? Zijn verlies brengt veel verdriet maar ook heel veel goede herinneringen. *(english below)*

Jaap was bij velen bekend als bouwer van draailieren en schalmeien, maar bouwde ook hommels en clavercimbels. Samen hebben we vaak op festivals draailier (hij) of doedelzak (ik) gepromoot. Hoewel Jaap al sinds zeventiger jaren met de folk- en oude muziek bezig was, leerde ik hem pas in 2011 kennen, toen we voor het eerst aan de zogenoemde "instrumentenproeverij" begonnen. Sindsdien hebben vele mensen onder begeleiding van Jaap voor de allereerste keer op een draailier gespeeld. Menig cursist van onze Stichting leerde het instrument op een festival via Jaap kennen.

Om met Jaap op pad te zijn was altijd goed. Hij bracht enerzijds rust maar juist ook heel veel energie. Waar ik stellig was wist hij me te nuanceren. We waren serieus bezig, maar geen moment zonder humor.

Op deze foto was de laatste keer dat we samen op een festival de instrumenten promoten, niet wetend dat hij toen al ziek was. En wat maakte dat ook uit? Een maand voor zijn afscheid wilde hij nog meer leren over de bourree ("na 25 jaar begin ik het eindelijk een beetje te begrijpen") en maakte hij nog instrumenten.

Bedankt Jaap.
Niet alleen "bedankt" voor de inzet die je bracht, het "dankjewel" dat je als stichting aan je vrijwilligers geeft of voor wat je voor de bourdonmuziek in NL betekende... maar vooral bedankt als vriend en als mens. Het was goed en ik mis je.

We wensen zijn man, zijn familie en zijn vrienden, heel erg veel sterkte maar bovenal heel veel goede herinneringen. Zijn muziek, zijn instrumenten en de vele goede gedachten aan hem leven voort.
Laten we spelen.


Jaap Mulder (1949-2015)

I try to write an In Memoriam, but: What to write about Jaap? His loss brings much sadness, but also a lot of good memories. 

Jaap was known to many as a builder of old instruments and shawms. Together we promoted the hurdy-gurdy (he) or bagpipes (me) on festivals very often. Although Jaap was making folk and early music since the seventies, I got to know him in 2011 when we first started the so-called "instrument tasting," where visitors of the festival could try a hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe. Since then, many people played for the first time on a hurdy-gurdy under the guidance of Jaap .

It felt always good to go on the road with Jaap. He brought both peace and a lot of energy. We were serious in what we were doing, but never without lots of jokes.

This photo was taken the last time we promoted the instruments together at a festival, not knowing that he was already ill. And would that matter? A month before our last goodby, he wanted to learn more about the bourrée ("after 25 years, I finally begin to understand a bit") and he was still building instruments.

Thanks Jaap.

Not only "thanks" for the commitment you brought, the "thank you" that a music organisation gives to volunteers or for what you did and what you ment for the drone music in NL ... but especially thank you as a friend and as a human being. It was a good time and I miss you.

We wish his husband, his family and his friends, very much strength but above all a lot of good memories. His music, the instruments he built, and the many good thoughts of him will live on.

Let's play music together.

(From the Dutch Hurdy-Gurdy & Bagpipe Foundation / Stichting Draailier & Doedelzak)

ty Menno!

--- some more photos ---

Jaap & Menno at Castlefest 2015

Lies Sommer with instruments built by Jaap –

R.I.P., Jaap Mulder

R.I.P. Jaap Mulder ty Menno #HGWeekly - The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly (facebook post)

Monday, November 9, 2015

▶ Storm Seeker [submission / facebook]

[submission – video on Facebook] ::: Ahoy, die Drehleier-Spielerin meiner Band hat mir empfohlen, euch mal anzuschreiben, ihr würdet gerne mal Bilder und Videos rund um die Leier posten. Wenn ihr Lust habt würden wir uns freuen, wenn ihr unser Video teilen könntet, das gestern bei einer Akkustik Session entstanden ist.*
* Ahoy, the hurdy gurdist of my band said you would post some hurdy gurdy content from time to time and asked me, to send you the link (she's not on Facebook)! :::
--- it always a pleasure!

Storm Seeker:

[Submission] Welcome Storm Seeker [DE] to #HGWeekly :)
Storm Seeker's post:Kleiner Einblick in unsere Probenarbeit gef...
Posted by The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly on Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kleiner Einblick in unsere Probenarbeit gefällig? Wir haben gestern bei unserer Akustik Session ein bisschen die Kamera mitlaufen lassen. Hier ist ein kleiner Clip vom Song "Destined Course"!
Little insight into our rehearsals? We have yesterday at our acoustic session a little bit of the camera can run it. Here is a small clip of the song "Destined course"!
Automatically Translated

Base: Neuss, Germany (near Düsseldorf and Cologne)
Genre: Folk, Rock, Pirate, Metal

Members: Timo - Bass, Vocals Patty - Hurdy Gurdy, Whistles, Vocals Sandra - Cello, Vocals Tim - Keyboards Patrick - Guitar Marius - Drums


Sunday, November 8, 2015

▶ the III project - KOPANITSA

the III project - KOPANITSA - YouTube

Published on Nov 5, 2015 by meira segal

Efrén López - hurdy gurdy
Meira Segal - gaida
Yoni Ben-Dor - davul

Sound recorded and mixed by Efrén López at Vasmaris Studio and Stelios Petrakis Studio

video directed & filmed by Victoria Trzeciak
edited by Sibylle Meder
assistant camera & gaffer: Manolis Kritsotakis
live sound recordist: Klairi Kefalogianni
With many thanks to Jérôme Salomon and Giorgos Tsimbragos

a Tola Films production © 2015

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

7 NOV: FAUN will be Bad Faeries in the USA at FAERIECON / BALTIMORE - Sat. Nov 7th 2015!

– FAUN posts [on facebook]: We are very happy to be a part again of this amazing convention of bands, artists, writers and faerie folk. 
Including concerts of the bands Woodland & Martine Kraft. Also with a solo concert of Einar Selvik from Wardruna, with panels and workshops about Faerie myths, norse culture, magic, art and many other topics by Melissa Marr, Renae Taylor, Raven & Stephanie Grimassi, Robert Gould and many more. With a huge mythic market with many booths.
FAUN will perform at 9:30pm at Saturday 7th November as the headliner of the Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball.
Faeriecon will take place in the Wyndham Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore / East Coast USA.
You can find further informations via:
This will be our only gig in the USA for many months!!!
Looking forward, yours FAUN.