Thursday, October 29, 2015

i received a special gift today

i received a special gift today from Cliff Stapleton

The Duellists : CD (1997)
– "The Duellists, a trio of Nigel Eaton, Cliff Stapleton & Chris Walshaw, play newly written dance music inspired from, and rooted in, the English and French traditions. With bagpipes and hurdy-gurdies, they provide driving dance music and bewitching rhythms underpinned by the exciting and primitive combination of melody and drones."
–– "In 1997 The Duellists released a CD entitled English Hurdy-Gurdy Music on Panic ATC Records (PATCCD 20397 DU). All written by the trio, the recording includes guest musician Ian Luff, on bass and cittern, underpinning the powerful melodies and complex rhythmic interplay of the hurdy-gurdies..."

The full track listing for the CD is:
1. Starters (Eaton)/Alfriston (Walshaw)
2. Miserden (Walshaw)/Indigo (Stapleton)
3. The Duellists (Eaton)
4. Doyenne (Stapleton)
5. Capriole (Stapleton)/Drystone (Walshaw)
6. Kate at the Gate (Eaton)
7. Magog/Monkey Puzzle (Walshaw)
8. Bluesaussis/Biscuit Shuffle (Stapleton)
9. Baba Yaga's Cat (Stapleton)
10. Poolside (Stapleton)

"enormously subtle and satisfying music" - Folk Roots

PHOTO: The Duellists, 1996
Cliff Stapelton, Chris Walshaw & Nigel Eaton

here is the title track from the album - just lovely!
▶ VIDEO: The Duellists - The Duellists
ALSO: here is a shout out to MIKE SMITH for putting me in touch with Cliff. - thanks a million!

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