Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hurdygurdy meeting in TOKYO! | むちゃ楽しかった!ハーディガーディ・ミーティング!

Hurdygurdy meeting in TOKYO!

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It was a very precious day for Japanese hurdygurdy players!
Because it is difficult for us to gather on place with same instruments.
We talked about the unique instrument and some topics about it.
Each instruments had different characters each other.
And we played some medieval and renaissance tunes with 5 hurdygurdys. This was an exciting experience for all members. 
One member brought his Hardingfele. And I also played my new fiddle with 12 sympathic strings. Mystrious resonace for 17 sympathic strings spreaded the autumn sky in Japan.
Around 4 pm, one player joined us.
He is the Japanese Nychleharpa player. He is a rare player, because there are quite few people who play the instrument. I have played the instrument for 20 years, but he has more career about it!
He and I played improvisation with the Nyclehaepas. We were enjoyed the sound made for duo playing. This style is quite difficult for me, because we live far places each other.
Adding him, we enjoyed talking about music and instruments more and more...
This meeting will take place on a few monthes later.

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