Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mel and Ann Dorries help out Anna Murphy, traveling to Chicago to fix her gurdy

while on the road in North America, Anna Murphy found herself with a broken gurdy...

on September 12 –

Sam Riffle shared Anna Murphy's photo to the group: Hurdy Gurdy Player –
"Hurdy gurdy-ers! Can anyone in Chicago help fix Anna Murphy's busted stage gurdy?"
Anna had posted: "Today I'll be playing with my fully acoustic Largo by Drehleierwerkstatt. One of the first metal shows with this one, so I'm quite excited. Unfortunately my live hurdy broke yesterday"

i shared this to #HGWeekly on Facebook, and sent a message out to Mel Dorries, and also to Tom Lozano (as they were at EMIM’s 4th Indiana Hurdy-Gurdy Workshop... and i hoped that at least one of them would see it!); and, there was some action on Sam's post in the HG Player group (suggestion from Scott Gayman, and especially Gary Plazyk who emailed them)...  

and on September 14 –

--- this is pretty cool ---
Anna Murphy posts: "Today is a good day! Mel and Ann Dorries from drove all the way to Chicago to fix my hurdy-gurdy! I am so grateful to those nice people and everybody else for the help & suggestions."
...its great that it worked out!! 

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