Monday, September 28, 2015

▶ VIDEO: Lamb of God - Grace (hurdy gurdy cover)

Lamb of God - Grace (hurdy gurdy cover) - YouTube

Lamb of God - Grace (hurdy gurdy cover)
Published on Sep 26, 2015 by helvetion
Something different: little experiment and exercise for fast melody lines. I really hope you guys will enjoy it! The level of 1000 subscribers is near and as soon as it's reached, I would have a surprise for you all, so be watchful and stay kewl @metalinsider tweets:
We've never heard the hurdy-gurdy shred until we heard this @lambofgod cover on one: …

Friday, September 25, 2015

23 & 24 OCTOBER; Duiven, NL: Workshops at Cadansa Balfolk Festival by Stichting Draailier En Doedelzak

*English below*

CaDansa is een tof balfolk festival in Duiven (naast Arnhem). Dit festival heeft elk jaar goede bands en interessante workshops. Er zijn nog steeds tickets verkrijgbaar, dus bestel ze op

** Introductie workshops @ CaDansa Festival **

Heb je altijd al eens draailier of doedelzak willen spelen? In deze introductieworkshops gaan we aan de slag om zelf draailier of doedelzak te maken. Samen gaan we een eerste melodie proberen en het instrument ontdekken, waarbij steeds het speelplezier voorop staat.

Heb je geen muzikale ervaring? Kan je geen noten lezen? Of juist wel? Allebei prima. Deze workshop is gericht op beginners, om kennis te maken.

De CaDansa toegangsprijzen zijn inclusief workshopdeelname. Als je op CaDansa bent is deelname gratis. Meld je aan via of via de informatiestand tijdens het festival.
Wees er op tijd bij, want we hebben een gelimiteerd aantal instrumenten bij ons.

- Vrijdag tussen 13:00 en 17:00
- Zaterdag tussen 11:00 - 13:00 of 13:30 - 15:30
exacte tijden volgen.

Wat betreft de doedelzakken:
We gaan ons verdiepen in de doedelzakken zoals die bespeeld worden in Frankrijk, Vlaanderen en de Lage Landen. Dit zijn de instrumenten die ook op de schilderijen van Jan Steen of Pieter Brueghel staan en veel in de balfolk worden gebruikt. We hebben geen Schotse of Ierse doedelzakken bij ons

English version:

CaDansa is a nice balfolk festival in Duiven (near Arnhem, NL). This festival always have good bands and interesting workhops. There are still some tickets, so order them at

** Introduction workshops @ CaDansa Festival **

Have you always been curious about bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy playing and how these instruments work? Then join our introductionworkshop at CaDansa!

In these introductionworkshops everyone will try and play bagpipe or hurdy-gurdy. Together we will try to make a first melody.
Do you have no musical experience? Can't you read musical notes? Perfect!! It's an introduction workshop, specialy for beginners.
You don't have to bring your own instrument, we will bring some bagpipes and hurdy-gurdies.

Do you like to join us?
Please register by sending an e-mail to or register at the informationstand during the festival.
Don't wait to long! We have a limited stock of instruments

- Friday between 13:00 and 17:00
- Saturday between 11:00 - 13:00 of 13:30 - 15:30
exact schedule will follow

For the record: We won’t be playing the Scottish or Irish pipes, but the gurdies and pipes which are traditionally played in France, Belgium or in the Netherlands. Maybe you know them from paintings of Jeroen Bosch or Pieter Breughel?

Cadansa | Workshops

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mel and Ann Dorries help out Anna Murphy, traveling to Chicago to fix her gurdy

while on the road in North America, Anna Murphy found herself with a broken gurdy...

on September 12 –

Sam Riffle shared Anna Murphy's photo to the group: Hurdy Gurdy Player –
"Hurdy gurdy-ers! Can anyone in Chicago help fix Anna Murphy's busted stage gurdy?"
Anna had posted: "Today I'll be playing with my fully acoustic Largo by Drehleierwerkstatt. One of the first metal shows with this one, so I'm quite excited. Unfortunately my live hurdy broke yesterday"

i shared this to #HGWeekly on Facebook, and sent a message out to Mel Dorries, and also to Tom Lozano (as they were at EMIM’s 4th Indiana Hurdy-Gurdy Workshop... and i hoped that at least one of them would see it!); and, there was some action on Sam's post in the HG Player group (suggestion from Scott Gayman, and especially Gary Plazyk who emailed them)...  

and on September 14 –

--- this is pretty cool ---
Anna Murphy posts: "Today is a good day! Mel and Ann Dorries from drove all the way to Chicago to fix my hurdy-gurdy! I am so grateful to those nice people and everybody else for the help & suggestions."
...its great that it worked out!! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Le Vent du nord with Dominique Forges - Journée très productive aujourd'hui avec Dominique Forges (de Nevers!!!)

Le Vent du nord awith Dominique Forges (via Facebook)
- Journée très productive aujourd'hui avec Dominique Forges (de Nevers!!!) venu à notre rencontre sur la magnifique Ile de Tatihou pour travailler sur le projet musical La Nièvre rencontre le Québec qui aura lieu du 19 mars au 3 avril 2016! *

Le Vent du Nord et Dominique Forges

* Very productive day today with Dominique Forges (from Nevers!!!) come to our meeting on the beautiful island of Tatihou to work on the musical project La Nièvre rencontre le Québec which will take place from 19 March to 3 April 2016! (Automatically Translated by Facebook)


> La Nièvre rencontre le Québec