Sunday, August 2, 2015

▶ MidiGurdy Impressions from Westerlo and Château d'Ars 2015

▶ MidiGurdy Impressions from Westerlo and Château d'Ars 2015 - YouTube
Published on Aug 2, 2015
Some impressions from the MidiGurdy presentation at Westelfolk, Belgium and the Le Son Continu festival in Château d'Ars in July 2015.

Many thanks to Peter de Jonghe, Thomas Hoste, Thierry Nouat, Oscar Fernández and Koen van Daele. And to the great people from Westelfolk and the organisers of the Le Son Continu Festival!

More Information on the MidiGurdy can be found on and

Discussion on Facebook –
Some impressions from Westerlo and Le Con Continu 2015. It was just fantastic! I met a lot of very nice people and got very good response for the MidiGurdy. But I really need to get a camera with a better microphone...

--- MidiGurdy is: An electronic hurdy gurdy: plug in headphones or an amplifier or connect it to your iOS device, your notebook or your netbook.
Marcus notes: It's not a hurdy gurdy, it is a MidiGurdy. And as such it is meant to be a tool: mainly for practice, but maybe also for trying out new (electronic) ways of musical expression. Can't wait to see what people will use it for... 
re: Sound – "Der Sound der Melodiensaite klingt für mich noch etwas künstlich. Sind das schon die neuen Soundfonts?"
(The sound of the melodies-string sounds to me something artificial. Are the already the new sound fonts?)
Automatically Translated
– MidiGurdy: "Nein, das ist der alte, in ein paar Stunden zusammengezimmerte Test-SoundFont. Und ja, er klingt sehr künstlich... Aber ich arbeite dran" smile emoticon
(No, no, no, this is the old, in a couple of hours together lumber test-Soundfont. And yes, he sounds very artificial... But I'm working on it)

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