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Gmina Haczów | Wakacyjne kręcenie Korbą < Hurdy-gurdy meeting in Haczów, PL, July 2015 | Zakręceni

"Holiday Crank Spinning" : II (under-Carpathians's) Hurdy-gurdy meeting - Haczów, 11-12 lipca

During 11-12 of July 2015 in Haczów there was a kind of "rally" of wanderers from varous districts of Poland. The second time Haczów became a capital of hurdy-gurdy lovers and folk songs (dedicated to wanderers).

A meeting started on Saturday - there were hurdy-gurdy and singing workshops, which led Stanisław Nogaj, Maciej Harna, Maciej Cierliński and Mrs Barbara Bator - a member of "Vox Angeli" band and initiator of this event.

A guest of honor  of this metting was Stanisław Wyżykowski - senior of the hurdy-gurdy in Haczów, musician and hurdy-gurdy maker - one of the few traditional h-g makers.

It was special weekend and a great opportunity for the enthusiasts of folk music and wanderers' songs in all ages. It was also a chance to improve abilities and meet with other musicians and listen to wanderers' stories. The meeting was held in different places-sceneries: in the rooms of Comunity Culture  and  Rest Center in Haczów, on the streets of Haczów and in a barn of Stanisław Wyżykowski. The end and final concert crowning two-days workshop  - in severe interior of wooden Church in Haczów.

Solemn liturgy was held by monsignor Kazimierz Kaczor, in which hurdy-gurdies was playing. It reminds of inextricable link of folklore and the Church. The homily was delivered by the parson of Haczów's parish: priest Adam Zaręba. All the people were singing traditional  hymns in the melody variant known in Haczów. After the parish there was a concert of wanderers' songs. A mayor as a honorary patron of the meeting greeted visitors and hurdy-gurdy players. After that Mrs Barbara Bator invited for a concert. We could listen to very diffeent repertory, from Podkarpacie (under Carpathians's region), through Ukraine  to Scandinavia. The crank was spinned by: Stanisław Wyżykowski, Marta Sobota, Maciej Harna, Stanisław Nogaj, Andrzej Staśkiewicz, Piotr Wawrzkiewicz, Jan Malisz, Serhij Petryczenko, Maciej Bator, Paweł Semrau and others.

The importance of this annual event demonstrates great interest in the media, among others Rzeszów Radio, Radio Biwak, local press and Internet portal. We would like to thank to organizators and co-organizers for the great event and people which included meeting the honorary patronage of: Metropolitan of Przemysl archbishop Józef Michalik, "under-Carpathians's " palatine Mrs Małgorzata Chomycz- Śmigielska, the head of the Police Station in Haczów, Waldemar Adamczak and all the sponsors.

– special thanks to Malwina Paszek for this translation

for original text in Polish, and more photos please see:
Gmina Haczéw | Wakacyjne kręcenie Korbą

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