Friday, July 10, 2015

Clashing Skies and The Soggy Bard

"Clashing Skies"Seth Coad-Douglass Photography | Ashland, OR, US

Lo! – And as the Bard did sing with the voice of a dragon, the sky did open forth and echo his call. This last tuesday, while playing my usual set at Oberon's, I was requested to play the Dragon Born Comes, which was answered with rumbles of thunder as lightning cracked through the sky. Then, perhaps in a grotesque display of overkill, I was requested to play The Song of Storms, to which the sky happily obeyed. It rained so hard that Downtown Ashland was struck by a flash flood, hail, and very VERY loud thunder! We all played in the rain and danced on the soaking floor in the tavern, and a grand old time was had! In honor of this triumphant display of Bardic Magic, a new mixed drink was concocted, and named "The Soggy Bard". This is truly a tale of legend, one which will be told for generations! 

"Here's a video of the flash flood deluge with a little weensy snippet of my hurdy gurdy!"

Earl the Bard | Fairy's Eye Photography 

"In the Land of Ash did a bard of simple stature live. His songs not widley known, but his intrument was one of the Gods. One faithful Tuesday the Bard did play and summoned the the power of Thor. Thunder roared and lightning struck the ground with intense power, making the sky come alive. Hail and rain pounded the Earth with the furosity of an avalanche; making the streets become rivers. Everyone in the Tavern did marvel at the Bard's ability for it twas him who played songs that summoned storms. At the moment he stopped playing the rain, hail, thunder, and lightning receaded back into the heavans. All in the Tavern were amazed at his skill and rejoiced for they had experience first-hand what the Bard was capable of. Thus ends the tale of the Soggy Bard."
The Soggy Bard, Nick J.

Earl the Bard (facebook)

lightning photo: Seth Coad-Douglass Photography | Ashland, OR, US

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