Friday, June 19, 2015

▶ MidiGurdy Trompette Visualization video

▶ MidiGurdy Trompette Visualization - YouTube

"Connect the MidiGurdy to your computer or notebook and use it to visualize your right hand technique. These are the first experiments... but I think this could already help a lot with practice and even when teaching students."

Published on Jun 19, 2015 
"In this video I demonstrate the real-time visualization of trompette impulses on the MidiGurdy. The instrument is connected to a computer. When I turn the wheel the visualization is updated instantaneously. Impulses are highlighted as a heatmap, impulse onsets can optionally be marked with a blue line.
"The aim of this visualization is to help playes practice their trompette impulses, to check if they put the impulses in the right place. But it could also be used as a teaching tool. Show your students where you put your impulses and they will understand it quicker than just by hearing."

The MidiGurdy is a fully electronic hurdy gurdy. It is designed as a tool for quiet practice without disturbing your family or neighbours. 

MidiGurdy -
An electronic hurdy gurdy: plug in headphones or an amplifier or connect it to your iOS device, your notebook or your netbook.

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