Friday, June 19, 2015

• "Gurdy-in-the-bag" - symphonie by Robert Mandel

"Gurdy-in-the-bag" (480 X 160 X 180 mm) symphony hurdy-gurdy for safe flights. You can order one, can be ready in 3-4 weeks

'The first "gurdy-in-the-bag" is sold! Please order one if you want to take your instrument on board! This is a full-value hurdy-gurdy with one chanterelle (360 mm in vibrating length!), one trompette and one bass bourdon. Tuning is C-g-c, but anything is possible!'

also this –

a very special flemish renaissance model made after Jacques Callot's drawing (1620 !) A very special price, 2.250.- US $

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