Tuesday, February 24, 2015

• FOR SALE: Neil Brook Wren; near Atlanta, GA, US

submitted by Andrew Lentini –

I have decided to try and sell my hurdy gurdy, made last year by Neil Brook. The model is the Wren, and is a pretty standard model without anything crazy. That said, it sounds amazing and has LOTS of volume (and sweet tone). It's in D. I ordered it from Neil and it arrived in mid-April, 2014.

I am just not playing it enough to justify it sitting in its case. Serious offers considered.
These pictures were taken by Neil when he shipped it to me. It looks the same now...no condition issues.

For specifications, Neil's Wren page is a wealth of information on this truly sweet instrument.


Happy to talk to you about it.

Andrew Lentini
playthebanjo <at> gmail.com
Athens, Georgia (about an hour east of Atlanta)


  1. Hello, so u will no longer play the Hurdy Gurdy?
    I ask since i was looking for a player

  2. please contact me if still for sale

    1. you can inquire – playthebanjo gmail.com