Saturday, February 14, 2015

ELUVEITIE - second part of Tour! - Nuclear Blast | Latin America Tour - Dark Dimensions

second part of Eluveitie's Origins European Tour is half-way through already –

Eluveitie – "We got a private tour of the Vatican in Rome, because there are even some Eluveitie fans in the Swiss guard. How awesome is that?" | photo courtesy Kay Brem – more Vatican photos at

2015-01-22 - After the incredible demand for the first part of the band's European "Origins" tour (several shows have been sold out weeks in advance), the folk metal eight-piece has announced a second leg for the tour... 

Anyone who's seen ELUVEITIE live recently has witnessed that the folk metal horde has once again taken things a step further, joining the small elite of metal acts that can put on a show that will make the fans dream of the next gig already on their way home. So, secure your tickets in time and celebrate the show of the year together with ELUVEITIE! 
ELUVEITIE - second part of Tour! - Nuclear Blast

also coming up – ELUVEITIE LATIN AMERICA TOUR 2015

Eluveitie Finally Returns to South America

This tour is long overdue: we cannot wait to finally return to South America in April 2015 – including our very first show in Chile, and our second ever appearances in Argentina and Mexico!
April 11 – Carioca Club, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
April 12 – Teatro Odissela, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
April 14 – Music Hall, Curitiba, BRAZIL
April 15 – Teatro Vorterix, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
April 16 – Blondie Club, Santiago, CHILE
April 18 – Circo Volador, Mexico City, MEXICO
April 19 – C3 Stage, Guadalajara, MEXICO
See you there!
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