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▶ Irdorath folk band - "As Bas" | Press release of the Irdorath album “Dreamcatcher” | 1 MAY; Minsk, Belarus: "Dreamcatcher"

▶ Irdorath folk band - "As Bas" - YouTube
Published on Jan 25, 2015 by Ирдорат Фолк Бэнд
Good afternoon!
Irdorath, fantasy folk band from Belarus, has released their first clip!
The clip is based on Belarusian children’s playground rhyme and is the forerunner of a new album that will come out in May 2015.
We would be very grateful if you reposted or commented this clip. Every support is very important for us now!
Irdorath, fantasy folk группа из Беларуси, выпустила свой первый клип!
Клип создан по мотивам белорусской детской считалочки и является весточкой нового альбома, который выйдет в свет 1 мая 2015.
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Музыка - Irdorath, оператор, монтаж - Александр Боковец, Съемка - Михаил Кашкан, Грим - Дарья Дашкевич. Наши благодарности Павлу Синило, Веронике и Василию Никитик, Алексею Быненкову, Юлии Холевой, Анастасии Сухоносик.

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Irdorath folk band is a fantasy folk from Belarus that creates wonderful and unusual music and unique shows for about five years. Everything, from vivid scenic images to rare musical instruments creates magic atmosphere, in which a spectator dives on hearing the very first chords.
In the background Irdorath have a plenty of performances on the territory of the CIS, as wells as on the stages of Poland, Lithuania, Germany and France. In September 2014, the band performed at one of the biggest themed festivals – Festival Mediaval (Selb, Германия).
In 2012, Irdorath released their first album, Ad Astra. Its moto is “On the dragon wings to the stars”. The unusual sound and drive attracted the attention of the listeners, and the album itself got a lot of positive feedback from critics.
In autumn 2014 Irdorarh started to record a new album “Dreamcatcher”. The repertoire and experience gained in many tours developed into a work at the Everest studio (Minsk). The album includes the sound of such instruments as dudelsacks (of different tones), hardy-gurdy (European wheel lyre), keyboards, cello, violin, buzuki (and other string instruments), didjeribone, Jew’s-harps, percussions, drums and so on.
Remarkable changes appeared in the sound. Once again, Irdorath broadened the bounds of its style. The main part of the album consists of the bands own creativity now, including the elements of world music, folk and medieval notes. Irdorath were not afraid to use unexpected insertions with references to modern music. All of that, performed  live acoustic instruments became a new vector in the musical development of the band.
“Dreamcatcher” is a compilation of dreams and emotions gathered by Irdorath during the last few years. The presentation of the album will take place in Minsk, in Republic club, on May 1, 2015. Irdorath promises to celebrate this event with a concert and show on such big a scale the band had never done before.
Irdorath invites everyone to the presentation of their second album “Dreamcatcher” to share this joyful day with the band and to see the biggest of all the Irdorath’s shows.

1 MAY; Minsk, Belarus:
Irdorath Презентация альбома "Dreamcatcher"

Дамы и Господа! *

Irdorath приглашает Вас на презентацию долгожданного второго альбома, которая состоится 1 мая 2015 года в клубе Re:Public!!! Вступайте в группу, и станете участником розыгрыша, победители которого получат бонусы и плюшки от группы!
Подробности и информация появятся очень скоро, а пока Irdorath заявляет, что планирует в честь события закатить самое мегабомбезное шоу из тех, что были до этого!!!

Приглашайте друзей, следите за новостями и ждите весну вместе с нами!

* Ladies and gentlemen!

Irdorath invites you to the presentation of the long-awaited second album, which will be held May 1, 2015 in the club Re: Public !!! Join the group and become a member of the draw, the winners of which will receive bonuses and buns from the group!
Details and information will be very soon, but for now Irdorath says it plans to roll in honor of the event show megabombeznoe most of those that were before !!!

Invite your friends, stay tuned and wait for spring with us!

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