Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Contestants for ESC German finals announced - includes FAUN | DW.DE

On Wednesday (14.01.2015), German public braodcaster North German Radio (NDR) announced the candidates that will compete in the German preliminaries to the Eurovision Song Contest: Fahrenhaidt, Faun, Alexa Feser, Mrs. Greenbird, Andreas Kümmert, Laing and Noize Generation. An eighth contestant will be elected by viewers of a club concert in Hamburg on February 19.

Two favored candidates

Two of the groups reflect current trends in German pop. Combining electronic music and acoustic sounds, Fahrenhaidt is described by its Berlin music producers Erik Macholl and Andreas John as "modern nature pop."

Faun, in contrast, has been a part of the medieval scene for 10 years. To the sound of hurdy-gurdy, harp and bagpipes, its artists Oliver s. Tyr, Fiona Rüggeberg, Niel Mitra, Stephan Groth, Rüdiger Maul and Katja Moslehner create a modern style of medieval folk with multi-voiced singing to German texts.

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