Friday, January 23, 2015

250 hurdy-gurdies | Szerényi Béla - hurdy-gurdy maker

The famous architect, who is in fatherly friendship with Béla Szerényi, sent this salutatory address to the event entitled ‘250 hurdy-gurdies’, which was read out at the outing by me. It was also the writer of this report who was privileged to be the host of the evening. János Nagy, whose name appeared in the list on the invitation card, could not come because of an illness, just like the wife of the instrument-maker master, the singer Judit Kóta. In both cases the sudden problem was caused by the illness of their children. In the end, Mihály Borbély, Pál Havasréti, György Lányi and Béla Szerényi gave a concert at the evening. Their music was virtuosic and innovative, the room was excellent: the Gothic Saloon of the Museum of History is not only nice but also has good acoustics. I like such kinds of concerts, they have a friendly atmosphere. Although it was a full-house evening, their playing was free and ‘conversational’, we could call it a togetherness, in the full sense of the word.

250 masterful instruments is an astonishing number, behind which I discover a deeper sense. Szerényi has an integrative personality, he brings together traditions and the latest endeavours. The instrument-maker master, who started his career as the heir of the Bársony legacy, continued on with the work started by Mihály Bársony. The tree planted by the master grew huge foliage and burst into bloom. In a vertical sense, Szerényi dip out of the deep roots of popular culture besides Bársony’s traditions, the whole Hungarian culture is part of his activity. He was driven by this vertical growth to the alteration of the instrument, both in its framework and its tonality. As for its shape, the special instrument is built around the wheel that is placed at the instrument’s geometric harmonic division by its maker...

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