Thursday, October 23, 2014

18 JANUARY; Tivertn, RI, USA: The Third Annual Hurdy-Gurdy Palooza | the Bosch HG

Steve Jobe posts (in "The Third Annual Hurdy-Gurdy Palooza" on facebook):
Consider the Bosch HG. It hasn't changed a lot in its outward appearance since it was more or less complete in 2006, but in detail it's much different. It was a featured instrument in the recent full-length concert of "Melusine" and it sounds amazing -- providing what I refer to as an 'atavistic surge' in a stylized context that could be, in some ways, unprecedented. There was a passage in the opera where Chris Turner was playing the bagpipe chanter, doubling the melody that was played on the Bosch HG; all the while the other instruments swirled around that melody -- sound combinations that may not have been heard before. How often can you say that, especially with acoustic instruments?

The Third Annual Hurdy-Gurdy Palooza

18 JANUARY; Tivertn, RI, USA

The HG Palooza, being in its third year and as such having become a tradition, will benefit the Sandywoods Center for the Arts. Russ Smith and all the folks at Sandywoods have been so kind to me over the last few years, allowing the Bosch Hurdy-Gurdy and the Drone Machine to be in residence in the space. Proceeds from the door will help them get their piano tuned. Please save the date and plan to attend.

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