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if you know of a hurdy-gurdy event that is not listed here please leave a comment!

4-8 SEPTEMBER; Brown County, INDIANA, USA: Hurdy-Gurdy Workshop - Early Music in Motion

2013 participants

EMIM’s 3rd Indiana Hurdy-Gurdy Workshop will take place on Thursday September 4th through Monday September 8th, 2014 at the Waycross Camp and Conference Center in scenic Brown County, Indiana. Learning and playing with both amateurs and professionals will take place alongside other enthusiasts in a relaxed atmosphere with renowned teachers and performers.

Hurdy-Gurdy Workshop - Early Music in Motion

Balfolk! ** Rotterdam, Hillegom, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Wageningen **

5-7 SEPTEMBER; Schwerin-Mueß, DE: Windros Folk Festival & Camp

5-7 SEPTEMBER; Geluwe, West Flanders, BE:

with Omnia opening! and Elanor on Saturday

6 SEPTEMBER; Ballarat, Australia: ALEK

9 SEPTEMBER; Curitiba, BRAZIL: Matthias Loibner in Concert

via CAIXA Cultural Curitiba
Solo Música - Matthias Loibner
Dia 09 de setembro (terça), às 20h *

Recital de viela de roda do austríaco Matthias Loibner, como parte da Série Solo Música. O músico é chamado de “Jimi Hendrix do hurdy-gurdy”, nome inglês da viela de roda, por conta de sua interpretação expressiva, que mistura emoções e estilos, e a utilização de recursos eletrônicos. O instrumento de corda friccionada assemelha-se a um cruzamento entre um violino e uma gaita de foles.
Seu envolvimento com diferentes tradições musicais levaram-no à França, sudeste da Europa, Uganda, Moçambique e Austrália para tocar ao vivo e gravar com os músicos mais diversificados como The Big Five, DJ Shantel, Dididumdum, Wild Marmalade, entre outros. #VivaMaisCultura

Solo Music - Matthias Loibner - Day 09 September (Tuesday), at Recital 8:0 pm Matthias Loibner-Austrian hurdy-gurdy, as part of the series Solo Music. The musician is called "the Jimi Hendrix of hurdy gurdy", -- on account of his expressive interpretation, that mixes emotions and styles, and the use of electronic resources. The stringed instrument rubbed resembles a cross between a violin and a bagpipe. 
His involvement with different musical traditions took him to France, South-Eastern Europe, Uganda, Mozambique and Australia to play live and record with musicians as diverse as The Big Five, DJ Shantel, Dididumdum, Wild Marmalade, among others. #VivaMaisCultura Tickets on sale from 06 September (Saturday), at 12:0.

-- also a lecture on the 10th -- Palestra com Matthias Loibner **Dia 10 de setembro (quarta), às 19h30 na EMBAPAlém do espetáculo de Viela de Roda no projeto Solo Música da CAIXA Cultural no dia 09 de setembro, às 20h, Matthias Loibner dará uma palestra na Escola de Música e Belas Artes do Paraná, na Rua Francisco Torres, 253, com entrada franca.*

** Lecture with Matthias Loibner-Day September 10 (Wednesday) at 7:30 pm on EMBAP in addition to the spectacle of hurdy-gurdy runs on Solo project music of Cultural BOX on 09 September at 8:0 pm, Matthias Loibner-will give a lecture at the school of music and fine arts of Paraná, at Rua Francisco Torres, 253, with free admission.
(Translated by Bing)

12 SEPTEMBER; : Le Duc en scène | concert de L'ensemble Tre Fontane

12-14 SEPTEMBER; Amersfoort, NL:
Workshopweekend Venster op het Oosten 2014

12-14 SEPTEMBER; Eiterfeld, DE: Fortbildung zur Musik des Mittelalters - Frühe Musik der Hohen Stände

12-14 SEPTEMBER; Kingston upon Hull, UK: Hull Folk Festival

with Celtarabia on the 13th

13, 14, 20, 21 SEPTEMBER: Providence, Rhode Island, USA: “The Legend of the Fairy Melusine”

see also:

17-25 SEPTEMBER; Santiago de Compostela, Pontevedra, Coruña, Ourense, Lugo, Valladolid, GALICIA, ES: Método Cardiofónico

17 de Septiembre. Teatro Principal, Santiago de Compostela.
21:00h. + info:, tlf 690.195.217,

18 de Septiembre. Casa do Pobo, Cangas, Pontevedra
21:00h. + info: Panal Colectivo Asociación Cultural

19 de Septiembre. Concierto privado de micromecenazgo. Teo, A Coruña.

20 de Septiembre. Concierto privado de micromecenazgo. Triós, Ourense

21 de Septiembre. Auditorio de Vilalba, Lugo. 20:00h.

22 de Septiembre. Concierto didáctico IES Basanta Silva. Vilalba, Lugo.

25 de Septiembre. Ciclo “Los Jueves de las Letras”. Facultad de Filosofía y letras, Valladolid.
20.00h. Entrada libre hasta completar aforo.

18 SEPTEMBER; Portland, ME, USA: Le Vent du Nord

• see also 19 & 20 September, below

19 SEPTEMBER: Bordeaux, FR: Viella à roue Concert par Pascal Lefeuvre


19 SEPTEMBER; , BostonMassachusettsUSA: Le Vent du Nord

at Museum of Fine Arts

20 SEPTEMBER; Bethlehem, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA: Le Vent du Nord

20 SEPTEMBER; Balfolk Nijmegen met Cecilia & Etoile Musette

20 SEPTEMBER; Lydd, Kent, UK: Lydd Bagpipe and Hurdy Gurdy Fest

A night of victorian, steampunky burlesque frolics.

'A Hell-raising fund-raiser for The Hall Exeter'

including "Hurdy-Gurdy Shenanigans" by GurdyBird

25-28 SEPTEMBER; TROSSIN, DE: "33. Spielkurs für Dudelsack und Drehleier"

33. Spielkurs auf dem Gut Trossin - bagpipe & hurdygurdy courses
- Beginner, intermediate and advanced repertoire courses for bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and Hümmelchen Folk Ensemble & Medieval Ensemble 

Anfänger-, Fortgeschrittenen- und Repertoirekurse
für Drehleier, Dudelsäcke, Hümmelchen,
Folk-Ensemble & Mittelalter-Ensemble

7 Kurse mit Referentinnen aus 3 Ländern

International Workshop for Bagpipes, Hurdy Gurdy,
Ensemble, Chant

7 Working Groups with Musicians from 3 Countries

Information & Registration on:

Working Groups:
Hurdy-Gurdy / Drehleier - Elke Rogge (Germany)
Bagpipe / Dudelsack Fortgeschrittene - Birgit Bornauw (Belgium)
Folk-Ensemble - Jo Freya (England)
Medival-Ensemble - Gesine Bänfer (Germany)
Bagpipe / Dudelsack Repertoirekurs - Andrea Hotzko (D)
Bagpipe Beginners / Dudelsack Anfänger - Lena Diewald (D)
Smallpipe Beginners / Hümmelchen Anfänger - Kristina Künzel (D)

Spielkurs für Dudelsack und Drehleier


26-28 SEPTEMBER: Lißberg, Hessen, DE: Lißberger Leiertage

Für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene *
Unterricht in kleinen Gruppen nach dem bewährten

* For beginners and advanced
"Teaching in small groups according to the proven"

27 SEPTEMBER; Dront, Anost, FR: Musique et Saveur with Hurdy Gurdy Project and the trio Millet Durand Raillard
Hurdy Gurdy Project- Duo de vielles, musique du Centre FranceMembers: Luc Gallimard and Jean-Pascal Pin

27 SEPTEMBER; Pembroke, WALES, UK: "The Mermaid's Lament" - Jess Ward's ALBUM LAUNCH and DANCE with the Gower All Stars
- SINGER songwriter and harpist Jess Ward will be celebrating the launch of her new album with a concert and dance on Saturday... ...Jess will be launching the album with a concert at Pembroke Town Hall on Saturday, September 27, followed by a dance with the Gower All Stars...
--- The Gower All Stars, feature three top names from the Welsh folk music circuit in Martin Leamon, Sille Ilves and Ceri Rhys Matthews, and perform regularly up and down the country, playing traditional Welsh music on hurdy gurdy, fiddle, bagpipes and more.

28 SEPTEMBER; Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to, JAPAN: KNIGHT WARS at Castle Tintagel with Homunculus

Dynamic!  Exciting!      The biggest armored battle event in Asia!   
War Day will be a day of scenario combat based on historic battles. To fight throughout the day while an audience watches. Ideally, there should be other activities and entertainments for the audience, such as Renaissance dance and games!

via Katsuhiko Makino of HOMUNCULUS: 
We play in medieval festival for armors on 28th Sept in Japan. Of course, I don't fight in armor!

if you know of a hurdy-gurdy event that is not listed here please leave a comment!

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