Friday, July 25, 2014

Nigel Eaton's music - New Tunes on dropbox; stream on soundcloud & youtube playlist

Dropbox - New Tunes --- "here's some of my new tunes on pdf, (partitions gratuit) those that aren't here are in the 2 tunes books published by Blowzabella"

PDF downloads include: Come When He Calls, Conspirators, Firestarters Of Leiden, Goldcrest, Halsway in D the Original and best, Lysander, Lyvet, Merry Maid A, Merry Maid B, Napoleon in Morocco in G, Napoleon in Morocco, Swan at Upton, Vergers C drone, and Vergers. -- click here

Nigel Eaton on
(mostly "Halsway" but includes a couple of other tunes - Swan at Upton, and Vergers

Lots of great videos on Nigel's YouTube channel - the above playlist and this link give all his uploads:

The #HurdyGurdy Weekly :|: #HGWeekly :|:

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