Monday, June 16, 2014

Katsuhiko Makino posts "Wolfgang Weichselbaumer came to Japan"

Garyu Matsumoto with Wolfgang Weichselbaumer and Katsuhiko Makino

By Facebook, I could meet a wonderful event of hurdygurdy on last Sunday.

The hurdygurdy maker Wolfgang Weichselbaumer came to Japan. I had got to know him by Facebook on issue of the Lira Organizzata. Wolfgang is the only person who can make the quite complex instrument.

A few days before, I accepted his announce that he would come to Japan, and he asked me talk about hurdygurdy. It is very lucky to me, because it is quite rare to came any hurdygurdy maker visit to Japan.

And it is the first time for me to meet a foreign friend whom I have never met except on Facebook.
I could meet him at my friend home. His name is Garyu Matsumoto who is a great Japanese musician, who plays many medieval & renaissance instruments, especially hurdygurdy and bagpipes in Japan. He had ordered his new hurdygurdy to Worfgang, and received it on yesterday.

We talked about the hurdygurdy for long time with delicious dishes made by his wife, and heard the new instrument.

The hurdygurdy has so sweet and gentle sound, which is Wolfgang's only sound in the world. It made me fascinated deeply. At that time I brought my one, it has different sound from his one, but the each sound has own sounds which are characteristic.

Garyu will make great playing with his Wolgang’s instrument. I must make good music with my George’s instrument.

Someday I wish to hear the sound of Lira Organizzata on live.

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