Friday, June 13, 2014

for sale on eBay - Ukrainian Lira Hurdy Gurdy


opening at US $1,300.00

Hand-made by master craftsmen in Ukraine in 2007, this violin-shaped hurdy gurdy has 4 strings: 2 melody strings, 1 drone string, and the trompette. Besides the beauty of the hand-carved embellishments and warm color of the wood, this instrument has a beautiful tone, somewhat lighter and clearer than other styles of gurdy. 28" end-to-end, 11" at its widest and 6.25" deep. 4 Violin-type friction pegs. New keys, new tangents, new bridge, done by a professional luthier. No defects, plays and sounds beautifully.This gurdy was designed to be played in the key of C, but can be tuned to D. Traditional all-wood construction, including wooden crank, which functions perfectly. Video demonstration of this instrument being played is available here:   Go to YouTube and type in Ukrainian Lira Hurdy Gurdy Demo

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