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Le Vent du Nord happy with venture into classical | Western Canada Tour

Just returning from an amazing first France venues tour, the Juno Awards winning Quebecois Le Vent du Nord is getting ready to head Western Canada tour (British Colombia & Alberta), from March 6 to 17, 2014.

To start the tour, Le Vent du Nord will be performing to the Royal Theatre in Victoria with the Victoria Symphony (BC, March 7, 8 & 9 2014) and will, after this special concerts series, visit Cumberland ( BC, March 11), St. Albert (AB, March 12), Golden (BC, March 13), Merritt (BC, March 14), Whistler (BC, March 15), Maple Ridge (BC, March 16)

Le Vent du Nord at Festival Chants de Vielles 2013, Quebec • Guillaume Morin photo

Le Vent du Nord happy with venture into classical

The band members of Le Vent du Nord have become used to their role as ambassadors of Québécois folk music, having performed the foot-stomping tunes across the country and abroad.
So when the opportunity to build another bridge presented itself — this time between musical disciplines — they were up for that, too.
But that doesn’t mean they weren’t a bit wary before recording an album with the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec. Folk musicians often have certain preconceived notions about classical musicians, and vice versa, according to Le Vent du Nord’s Nicolas Boulerice.
“People from classical music look at folk music as very simple, gentle music, but not very interesting. And folk musicians look at classical musicians as snobby people. So we had that prejudice to each other,” Boulerice, who sings and plays the hurdy-gurdy, piano and piano-accordion with the band, said in an interview. “We said OK, let’s do it. But basically, we’ll see.”
He’s happy they did.
- more at: Le Vent du Nord happy with venture into classical - Times Colonist


March 7 & 8, at 8PM
March 9, at 2PM

via Le Vent du nord: Next week we will start our western Canada tour at The Royal & McPherson Theatres Society with Victoria Symphony next march 7, 8, 9. With this concert consisting of songs & melodies of our discography, we offer a full program of works from the traditional repertoire of Quebec arranged for full orchestra by Tom Myron. This project is totally original and presented in British Columbia for the first time. A rollicking good time upcoming. Join us there!

Infusing old Québec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air, Le Vent du Nord captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen party. These Juno award winners are compelling Francophone folk music ambassadors who have received critical acclaim and audience adoration from across Europe and North America.

11 MARCH; CUMBERLAND, BC, CANADA at The Cumberland Hotel
Le Vent Du Nord – Vancouver Island MusicFest

St. Albert (AB, March 12), Golden (BC, March 13), Merritt (BC, March 14), Whistler (BC, March 15), Maple Ridge (BC, March 16)


All details:

"A cohesive playing style, a powerful groove, an almost rock attitude, the clarity of the voices, the accuracy of the instruments, the strength of the proposals, the realization of form. Surely among the elite of North American traditional Francophone bands."- Alain Brunet, LA PRESSE
"Le Vent du Nord have become "the leading exponents of Quebec's culture". WORLD MUSIC NETWORK UK
"A forceful wind (...) a piece of work infused with the serenity, symbiosis and friendship that now exists within this seasoned quartet. "- Ralph Boncy,
"You'd be hard pushed to find such imaginative change-ups of tempo and rhythm and such freshness of sound'', Jeff Kaliss - Songlines Magazine (UK)
"If you've seen them before, you already know. ... one of the best bands touring today, no matter your musical taste" - Syracuse News Time (US)
"Impeccably played and recorded, with unmistakeable soul and spirit." - Richard Thornley, PENGUIN EGGS MAGAZINE (Canada)

Le Vent du Nord: Canadian folk band headed for Hamilton PAC stage: Cajun meets Celtic meets Quebec in the music of Le Vent du Nord, and it’s a swirling mix that spells a high-energy musical experience. The foursome will sweep onto the Performing Arts Center stage at 8 p.m. next Friday, March 21 in Hamilton.

Idaho Mountain Express: Hibernation is over - March 19, 2014:  In Cajun country, you would call the blend of tradtional folk music a gumbo. In Ireland, a stew. If it’s a healthy dose of all that with a splash of Quebecois, it’s Le Vent du Nord.  This quartet—alternately raucous and triumphant while regularly sublime—will entertain audiences on Saturday, March 22, as guests of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. The show will start at 6:30 p.m. in the Sun Valley Opera House.

website: Nouvelles | Le Vent du Nord

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