Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Halsway Scottische and The Halsway Carol

Nigel Eaton composed a tune called "Halsway," played as Halsway Carol or Halsway Scottische, and it has gotten around some! - there are currently over 130 recordings and videos made by many different players and on different instruments.

The composer of 'Halsway Schottische' is Nigel Eaton, an English musician who plays hurdy-gurdy. He wrote the melody in October 2011, and shortly after this, Paul James of Blowzabella (a British folk group Nigel once played in) who is also currently the Chief Executive of Halsway Manor, asked Nigel to teach at the annual Hurdy gurdy workshop weekend there. Later, one of Nigel's friends, another Hurdy Gurdy player, Iain Frisk wrote seasonal winter lyrics for the melody and 'The Halsway Carol' was born.

via Nigel Eaton in Halsway and The Halsway Carol (a facebook group dedicated to this tune): "here's the new fab Halsway website, you can search by instrument or by country, theres a random player, a forum, sheet music links, and a lovely pic of me!!! and simon and iain too (i couldn't get these removed unfortunately), anyway it was all done by the ultra great Paul van Muijen who's ultra great, thanks Paul, etc."

Halsway and The Halsway Carol on facebook

here is Nigel performing the tune solo in 2012 -

  ▶ Halsway Schottische aka Halsway Carol - YouTube

and here is it in chorale form, just recently in 2013 - Performed by Piva and the Phoenix Singers on Saturday, 14th December at All Saints Church, Leek. This was it's first public performance and it is also the first choral setting of the Halsway Carol Melody by Nigel Eaton, words by Iain Frisk, arranged by Ashley Thompson. 

Nigel was there to hear it!

  ▶ Halsway Carol - YouTube

Minor version, published May 24, 2014

there is even and ancient Halsway artifact ;)

"the legendary long lost Halsway Bowl, un-earthed by famous archeologist Susanne Feine at a recent dig in the enchanted Amnesian Forest Germany" - (bowl actually made by one of the current Halsway initiates ;)
N.E., February 2014: "a beautiful "version" by Susanne Feine who made the bowl and carved the tune out of it too, what a lovely "version" it is too, thanks Susanne"

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