Thursday, June 16, 2016

Michalina Malisz playing with Eluveitie

Michalina Malisz playing with Eluveitie |

Eluveitie posted: "...And while we wanna take some time to carefully build up an stunning new line-up, we are beyond happy and thankful to have found amazingly talented session musicians who will play all upcoming shows with us! We feel privileged to share the stage with them!
"So, welcome on stage with us: Michalina Malisz hurdy gurdy (of "helvetion" fame on YouTube), Jonas Wolf and Alain Ackermann..."
Michalina Malisz says: "She says: "To be honest - this is so awesome I don't know what to say. Like the coolest thing that could happen to me in this world. And it actually came true". 
(Facebook) Eluveitie posted: "...And while we wanna take... - The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly

helvetion - YouTube

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