Friday, February 5, 2016

Sheet music sites - list from R.t. Taylor

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posted to Viela de Roda (hurdy-gurdy) Brasil on Facebook–

Hello from California.
A few month ago I said that I would post some web sites where you can
find lots sheet music etc for Viela de Roda. 
I hope you enjoy exploring the many tunes on these web sites.
There are many sources for Hurdy Gurdy friendly tunes on the web.
ABC files make it easy to get tunes and put them in DG tuning if necessary.
Try some of these web pages.
Web pages to search for tunes:
Here you can type in the name of a tune or just type something like
Bourree and find thousands of tunes.
TuneDB - ABC and Postscript sheet music.
ABC Notation search page
The Session
Mostly Irish but lots of other French, Galician and other European folk tunes.
Web sites with PDF and ABC file collections
Euro Ceilidh tune book PDF - GC - Mostly UK tunes but also French folk dance tunes
Lots of links to music sources and ABC files
Steve Mansfield - Neil Brook French ABC tunes.
Trad France - French ABC music
Richard Robinson - ABC and PDF - Tunes collected from various sources - Mostly French
Some Excellent La Chavannee tunes
D/G Tunes
Lark Camp - PDF - French and Galician tunes edited by Ian Law

(original post on facebook) Viela de Roda (hurdy-gurdy) Brasil

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