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Kaunan & Zirp: 9 APR; Munich, DE | Musica Antiqua Viva | Spectaculum Mundi

Matthias Loibner w/Didier François on 11 MARCH; Genk, BE | Schoon Folk in de Bib

We nodigen weer schoon folk uit in de bib! Na het succes van de voorbije twee edities kunnen we ook dit jaar weer twee topartiesten aan jullie voorstellen: Matthias Loibner en Didier François. Laat je verrassen door deze opmerkelijke muzikanten en ga mee op een bijzondere en avontuurlijke muzikale ontdekkingsreis. *
Inkom 5 euro, reserveer via !

* (google translate) We invite again people in the library! After the success of the last two editions, we can again two top artists propose to you this year: Matthias Loibner and Didier François. Be surprised by this remarkable musicians and embark on an unusual and adventurous musical journey.
Entrance 5 euros, reserve via!

(on facebook) Schoon Folk in de Bib

Saturday, February 20, 2016

NEU! T-Shirt Motiv „Drehleier“ | Dudelsack- und Drehleier-Unterricht Alex Zwingmann

Endlich ist es soweit. *

Da ich sehr oft auf mein Drehleiershirt angesprochen werde, habe ich nun eine größere Bestellung getätigt. Die Shirts sind Fair Trade und sowohl als girly, als auch in unisex in den Größen S-XL erhältlich.
Bei Interesse schreibt mir einfach eine Email mit der gewünschten Anzahl, Art und Größe an:
Der Preis liegt bei 25€ / Stk inkl Versand.

* (google translate) NEW! T-Shirt Design "hurdy-gurdy"
by Alex Zwingmann • 18 February 2016 • 0 Comments
Finally the time has come.
Since I am often asked about my Drehleier shirt, I have now placed a larger order. The shirts are Fairtrade and both girly, as well as in unisex available in sizes S-XL.
If interested, just write an email with the desired number, type and size:
The price is including shipping at 25 € / pcs.

NEU! T-Shirt Motiv „Drehleier“ | Dudelsack- und Drehleier-Unterricht Alex Zwingmann

Friday, February 19, 2016

GROUP PHOTO - Halsway Hurdy Gurdy and Pipes weekend 2016

courtesey Mike Smith

• SOLD: Hurdy-gurdy by Daniel Thonon, 1998

Hurdy Gurdy for Sale: made by Daniel Thonon in 1998. An authentic, rustic wheel-fiddle, priced to sell at $1500 b/o (US). Contact Steve if interested! *

Steve Jobe, US

post on Facebook, group: Hurdy Gurdy Player

* if interested, and not on Facebook, please leave a comment!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sinfonia: On the Trail of the Iberian Hurdy-Gurdy | Crowdfunding Intro & Movie Trailer

My story on the trail of the zanfona (Hurdy-Gurdy) in Spain, with interviews, concerts & great music

Well, for starters, it's not just from Spain–but more about that later. I'd like to tell you about my project, which has been important to me for years but has been 'parked' as a result of, well, life. But first: Who am I? What is this project about, and why might you be interested in helping out? And will you make a difference if you give to my crowdfunding campaign?

I'm a musician, first and foremost–a singer (tenor), and I love studying about music history, delving into manuscripts: I'm a music nerd for sure. I love medieval music, and I do a lot of it, but I studied voice performance at university, with all that it entails: solo vocal repertoire, chamber music, choral works, opera, you name it. But I also have loved traditional music my whole life, and through Galician trad I found about this incredible instrument, called zanfona. In English, it's called hurdy-gurdy.

In 2005 I applied for and received a Fulbright Fellowship to go to Spain and study the zanfona in Spain's history and culture (the was the official title of my project, anyhow). I had a great time, but unfortunately there were a few snafus in my collaborations. Most moments were stellar, and so many people along the way were incredibly helpful. However, an idea that I had—to write a book about the zanfona's history—never panned out. Still, I continued speaking to people, who opened their doors and hearts to me about an instrument and music they loved. They were a passionate group, these hurdygurdyists, and excited about the instrument's present-day renaissance in Spain. I shot some film here and there, took field notes and photos, recorded interviews. When I came up short for book material, I decided that video would be the way to go. So the following year, I made plans and started saving up for a short video documentary on the zanfona.

I had a great team, and we shot wonderful footage through central and northern Spain. To this archive, I added festival footage and interviews shot by collaborators who I hired in the years following. But I got so busy with the higher priorities of school and family life, that I had to leave the footage to one side, unedited and lonely...but with your help all of this will change!

NOTE: Stay tuned for "Take 2: Sinfonia" Crowdfunding Coming very soon on IndieGoGo!The original campaign ended on February 14th and fell a bit short (!) so I'm soon going to try again. Thanks to everyone for your continued interest and support!
SEE UPDATE (15 Nov.2016)

▶ Psalm About Two Brothers. (Hurdy-Gurdy, Ukrainian Folk Singer, Yamaha Motif XF8)

Psalm About Two Brothers. (Hurdy-Gurdy, Ukrainian Folk Singer, Yamaha Motif XF8) Color version - YouTube
Published on Feb 16, 2016 by Andrey Vinogradov

Andrey Vinogradov photo from the rehearsal of a joint programme with Nataliya Serbina

Ukrainian traditional song. Nataliya Serbina - voice, Andrey Vinogradov - hurdy-gurdy, arrangement, Yamaha Motif XF8. Псальм о двух братьях. Наталия Сербина - вокал, Андрей Виноградов - колёсная лира, аранжировка, клавишные.
Nataliya Serbina YouTube channel:

▶ Monuments - Jinn (hurdy gurdy cover) - #HurdyGurdy

Monuments - Jinn (hurdy gurdy cover) - YouTube
Published on Feb 18, 2016 by helvetion
This band, man, this band...

Hello, I'm happy to be here again! I am also overwhelmed by the number of more than 3000 subscribers, thanks and kisses for everyone! ^ ^ Monuments are my favourite band now, if you don't know them, go change that and let yourself sink in their awesome music.

Sound by me (Jan Malisz)
Video by my dad ❤
Editing by Kasia Madej
Song by Monuments

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-- and also to "pagan folk & metal hurdy gurdy"…

  • The Circle Pit –

You may or may not remember the Lamb of Gurdy incident from last year. Either way, the brilliant Hurdy Gurdy musician going by the name of Helvetion has returned! This time ’round, she decided to tackle the Monuments track “Jinn” and to say she smashes it might actually be an understatement. It’s rare to see the Hurdy get so Gurdy. So get nerdy and watch one of the best covers you’ll likely see in awhile.
Beyond this, Helvetion has a wide series of Eluveitie covers that are fully worth checking out along with the aforementioned Lamb of God cover. You can find more and subscribe over on her YouTube channel by clicking here. All hail Helvetion!

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Viela de Roda no Brasil: Viela "baratinha" no eBay, o mito.

"Nature morte à la vielle" -  Henri Horace
A pressa é inimiga da perfeição. 
Essa máxima, ainda que clichê ao extremo, é a mais pura verdade para nós, músicos. Temos que ter calma na hora de aprender uma peça nova, na hora de lidar com aquela frase que embola os dedos e o mais importante de tudo, no nosso caso, antes mesmo de morrermos trocando cordas: comprando um instrumento... *

* (google translate): Haste is the enemy of perfection.This maxim, although cliché the extreme, it is so true for us, musicians. We have to take it easy at the time to learn a new piece, when dealing with that phrase to lump together the fingers and most important of all, in our case, even before we die changing strings: buying an instrument...

more: A Viela de Roda no Brasil: Viela "baratinha" no eBay, o mito.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

12 MARCH: Blowzabella Day 2016 - Liege, Belgium

Le groupe légendaire anglais BLOWZABELLA est à nouveau en tournée et cela démarre en Europe ici en Belgique chez RZF avec un


Et en plus du bal folk, les musiciens vous ont réservé une journée complète d'activités.

MORE INFO: Blowzabella Day - Belgium 2016 | Rif Zans l'Fiesse

LARK CAMP 2016 • JULY 29 - AUGUST 6 featuring "French Camp" Hurdy Gurdy Workshop with Neil Brook; Mendocino, California

featuring "French Camp" Hurdy Gurdy Workshop with Neil Brook
Mendocino Woodlands State Park; Mendocino, California USA

Lark Camp French Tunes Library –

2016 French Tunes Collection. Notation - PDF from Neil Brook
Large French Tune Collection. Notation - PDF from Ian Law Updated 2015

Source material from Alan Keith's class 2012..

Lark Camp Workshops:

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sheet music sites - list from R.t. Taylor

^ name that tune! *

posted to Viela de Roda (hurdy-gurdy) Brasil on Facebook–

Hello from California.
A few month ago I said that I would post some web sites where you can
find lots sheet music etc for Viela de Roda. 
I hope you enjoy exploring the many tunes on these web sites.
There are many sources for Hurdy Gurdy friendly tunes on the web.
ABC files make it easy to get tunes and put them in DG tuning if necessary.
Try some of these web pages.
Web pages to search for tunes:
Here you can type in the name of a tune or just type something like
Bourree and find thousands of tunes.
TuneDB - ABC and Postscript sheet music.
ABC Notation search page
The Session
Mostly Irish but lots of other French, Galician and other European folk tunes.
Web sites with PDF and ABC file collections
Euro Ceilidh tune book PDF - GC - Mostly UK tunes but also French folk dance tunes
Lots of links to music sources and ABC files
Steve Mansfield - Neil Brook French ABC tunes.
Trad France - French ABC music
Richard Robinson - ABC and PDF - Tunes collected from various sources - Mostly French
Some Excellent La Chavannee tunes
D/G Tunes
Lark Camp - PDF - French and Galician tunes edited by Ian Law

(original post on facebook) Viela de Roda (hurdy-gurdy) Brasil

* can you name that tune? see

Kolyśnia – Anja Robertowna's photo album on Facebook via Zakręceni

a nice collection with 178 images >>>

Anja Robertowna's photo album on Facebook

The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly:
Zakręceni shared Anja Robertowna's album –#HGWeekly :|: #HurdyGurdy #FolkMusic #LiraKorbowa (lirą korbową) #Draailier #Drehleier #Viellearoue #Zanfona #Ghironda
Posted by The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

29 MAY - Bourdon in het Bos; Putten, NL | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

Op zondag 29 mei is er weer Bourdon in het Bos bij Putten. Dan zijn er geen workshops, cursussen of concerten maar deze dag is speciaal voor samenspelen, jammen en sessies. Ook andere instrumenten zijn natuurlijk welkom! Aarzel dan ook niet, meld je direct aan via onderstaand formulier en nodig je vrienden uit om mee te spelen!
Het lijkt ons leuk als alle deelnemers iets lekkers (zoet of hartig) meenemen. We kunnen het eten op een grote tafel uitstallen en er met z‟n allen de hele middag van genieten. Als organisatie zorgen we voor koffie en thee en voor een lekkere kop soep aan het eind van de middag.
Bourdon in het Bos wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door:

"voor optimale communicatie met de Franse overheden"
tel. 06 17 92 61 17


Tijdens het samenspelen kan er natuurlijk van alles gebeuren. Iedereen kan een melodie inzetten. Maar vooraf sturen we bladmuziek zodat er in iedergeval wat gemeenschappelijk repertoire is.

- Pour qouy
- Monferrino
- Adèle Blanc Sec
Wals voor Polle
Kadril van Mechelen
Sous ta fenêtre (Het klopt dat de partij voor de trekzak in een andere toonsoort staat dan de partij voor de draailier en doedelzak. We spelen de partijen afwisselend)
- Une demi seconde.
Branle des Cheveaux
Il est bien temps
Bourree du Secrétaire (ook in mp3 of midi)
Panic at the cafe polka
Tes jolies patins blancs


Deze dag vindt plaats bij het gebouw van Scoutinggroep Kon-Tiki dat midden in in het Speulder- en Sprielderbos bij Putten staat. Mocht het slecht weer zijn, dan biedt dit gebouw voldoende ruimte om in kleinere en grotere groepen samen te spelen.
Het adres is:
Garderenseweg 144-B
3881 NC Putten

Met het openbaar vervoer is deze locatie ook goed te bereiken: neem vanaf station Putten buslijn 107 (richting Ede). Stap uit bij Bushalte School Schovenhorst. Zie ook de actuele tijden op

Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

29 MAY: Bourdon in het Bos; Putten, NL
Hosted by Stichting Draailier En Doedelzak
Op zondag 29 mei is er weer Bourdon...
Posted by The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly • #HGWeekly on Saturday, January 30, 2016

La Nièvre rencontre le Québec - update

As promised, here it is, the internet site dedicated to the festival the nièvre meets the Quebec! All the information is not yet over, but you can already take a look!

Comme promis, le voici, le site internet dédié au festival la Nièvre rencontre le Québec! Toutes les informations ne...
Posted by La Nièvre rencontre le Québec on Friday, December 25, 2015

« La belle entente » sera donnée :
– À la Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre, le samedi 2 avril – 20 heures 30 (Saison Culturelle de la MCNN)

– À la grande halle de Luzy le dimanche 3 avril – 16 heures- en partenariat avec la Ville de Luzy et La Communauté de Communes des Portes Sud du Morvan.
Une co-production AMTCN / Maison de la Culture de Nevers – Nièvre Composition et direction musicales : Dominique Forges
Avec le groupe québécois Le Vent du Nord
Nicolas Boulerice (Vielle, accordéon- Piano, voix), Simon Beaudry (Bouzouki, guitare et voix), Réjean Brunet ( basses, accordéon diatonique, guimbarde et piano, voix) et Olivier Demers (violon, guitare, pieds, mandoline et voix) 
L’Ensemble Musique Traditionnelle de Nevers
Des musiciens professionnels invités et La chorale Poly’sons ainsi que les classes de cornemuse de Clamecy et Nevers.
Le bois/la forêt est une thématique très présente dans la chanson traditionnelle française (notamment collectée en Nièvre) et québécoise. Il y avait de quoi s’en inspirer pour composer une création riche en timbres, en voix, en rythmes et mélodies avec les couleurs irlando/écossaises qui caractérisent la musique québécoise.
Dominique Forges, habitué à l’exercice d’écriture pour de grandes formations, compose des paroles et musiques, adapte des chansons québécoises, arrange des titres proposés par Le vent du nord. On y entendra même de la trompe de chasse paraît-il… 15 titres devraient assurer plus d’une heure trente de concert.
« La belle entente » sera le moment fort de « la Nièvre rencontre le Québec », non seulement par la dimension de l’orchestre et la présence des quatre talentueux artistes de « Le vent du nord », mais aussi parce que c’est une production qui émane de notre territoire, impliquant instrumentistes et chanteurs nivernais, professionnels et amateurs, jeunes et adultes, et élèves des écoles de musique. La Nièvre est une terre de culture aime-t-on à dire, une création musicale comme « la belle entente » se veut en être le témoin.


JOALDUNAK - Feat. Music by LA BREICHE - YouTube
Published on Jan 29, 2016 by La Breiche
Images extraites des documentaires de
Patxi MENDIBURU Série Desolvidar (
Edorta AMURUA (
Thanks to all these video producers for their interest in Pyrenean culture.
Sur une musique de LA BREICHE
Non profit video. No advise! Just acknowledgment.

Monday, February 1, 2016

▶ Matthias Loibner – Mooreiche | Po prostu… Filharmonia!

Matthias Loibner – Mooreiche | Po prostu… Filharmonia! - YouTube
Published on Feb 1, 2016 by Filharmonia Narodowa
10 grudnia 2015 roku
Sala Kameralna Filharmonii Narodowej
Cykl „Po prostu… Filharmonia!”
Koncert „Lira korbowa… najdziwniejszy instrument Europy”
Matthias Loibner, lira korbowa
Matthias Loibner „Mooreiche”

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