Sunday, December 27, 2015

▶ Ifj. Szerényi Béla - Bogár Imre balladája (The ballad of Imre Bogár)

Ifj. Szerényi Béla - Bogár Imre balladája (The ballad of Imre Bogár) - YouTube

Published on Dec 27, 2015 by Béla Szerényi 
Bogár Imre az ország egyik leghíresebb lovas betyárja volt. Róla szól az egyik legközismertebb betyárballada, aminek rengeteg változatát gyűjtötték országszerte. Ifj. Szerényi Béla a ballada dallamát megtartva bontja ki hangzásvilágát különleges hangszereléssel. A szólóhangszer a tekerő, az akkordokat a még új fejlesztésű dulzither szolgáltatja. Szerényi Béla hangszerkészítő mester fejlesztette ki és építette ezt az olyan citerát, mely már lehetővé teszi az akkordok fogását is. *

* Imre Bogár was one of the most popular highwayman in Hungary. This song is about his life and death. Jr. Béla Szerényi use a really interesting instrumenttion. The solo instrument is the hurdy-gurdy, but the accords are made by a new-expansioned instrument: Dulzither, which is a hungarian zither, but we can play accords by it as well. This instrument is expansioned and made by Béla Szerényi

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

▶ VENN playing a Kas a Barh at Horsley Dec 2015, plus ALMOND and the OLIVE

VENN playing a Kas a Barh at Horsley Dec 2015 - YouTube
Published on Dec 13, 2015 by MIKE SMITH
What a great night of music and dance it was.

ALMOND and the OLIVE - YouTube
Published on Dec 14, 2015 by MIKE SMITH
Me and Marcus playing Almond and the Olive ( by Cliff Stapleton ) at the Horsley Christmas Gig.....

Blues Guitar Phenom Makes It to Carnegie Hall After 34 Years with all-star ensemble

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- World-renowned platinum-selling Blues-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Joe Bonamassa will perform two very unique all-acoustic shows at the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York City on January 21 and 22, 2016, promising an evening of extraordinary music with new arrangements of favorite songs as well as brand new, never-before-heard songs. Both performances will be filmed for a future DVD release and will air on Public TV and Palladia...

>>> On this very special all-acoustic run, the guitar player will be joined by an all-star ensemble of world-class musicians, including the acclaimed Chinese cellist and erhuist Tina Guo, who's repertoire stretches from classical to heavy metal; and Hossam Ramzythe Egyptian percussionist and composer, who has performed on dozens of film soundtracks and records, and was the percussionist on Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's No Quarter: Unledded Tour. Reese Wynans(piano), Eric Bazilian (mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, saxophone, acoustic guitar, vocals), and three backing vocalists, Mahalia Barnes, Juanita Tippins, and Gary Pinto, round out the ace band.


5 Things to Do This Week, Dec. 18-25 - News - Ipswich Chronicle - Ipswich, MA

BOSTON CAMERATA PRESENTS "A MEDITERRANEAN CHRISTMAS": 8 p.m. Dec. 19, First Parish Church, 20 High Road, Newbury. Centuries-old Christian, Jewish and Muslim threads of the Christmas story from throughout the Mediterranean basin — Italy, Spain, France, Greece, North Africa and the Holy Land — found on medieval manuscripts and more recent, though still archaic, folklore and oral traditions, are woven together and performed on early European and Middle Eastern instruments, interspersed with poems and narrations. Virtuoso musicians include singers and instrumentalists performing on vielle, winds, oud, Middle Eastern percussion and hurdy-gurdy. SHARQ Arabic Music Ensemble joins The Boston Camerata in this program. Tickets: $10-$40,, 617-262-2092.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Help Robert keep #HGWeekly going! - GoFundMe

My hope here is to recover a portion of my expenses for the purchase of a new laptop, and so have something to live on for a little while.

As a hurdy-gurdy enthusiast, it has become a wonderful hobby for me to be publishing The Hurdy Gurdy Weekly . While it was never my intention to make any money from this endeavour, I put a fair amount of energy into it, and basically had to buy a new computer in order to continue this (along with some other purposes, of course). This could be "phase one" of my larger, evolving plan...

If you like what I do, I could use your support. Please know that I appreciate your consideration very much!

please visit the gofundme page for more information on my situation

gofundme! Help Robert keep #HGWeekly going

Sunday, December 6, 2015

• FOR SALE: Multiple instruments in Germany - hurdy gurdies, organistrum & bagpipes

Kurt Reichmann posts on Facebook:
Gebrauchte Drehleiern in sehr gutem Zustand...durch Todesfall, Auflösung einer Spielgruppe aus Altersgründen oder musikalischer Neuorientierung etc.zu verkaufen. *
Es handelt sich zum Teil um neuwertige Instrumente und werden im Auftrag der Erben oder ehemaligen Besitzer verkauft. Alle Instrumente sind generalüberholt. Rufen Sie mich an 0049 69 550563
Auch neue Instrumente habe ich momentan lieferbar.
Vergesst die Leiertage in Lissberg Mai 2016 nicht.

* Used Hurdy-Gurdies in very good condition... As a result of death, dissolution of a playgroup on grounds of age or musical reorientation, etc. To sell.
It is partly to be new instruments, and on behalf of the heirs or former owner sold. All instruments are completely refurbished. Give me a call 0049 69 550563
Also I have new tools available at the moment.
Don't forget the [workshop] days in Lissberg May 2016.
Automatically Translated

Organistrum - Nachbau von Steinplastik aus dem 'Portico de la Gloria' in Santiago de Compostella (Nordspanien). Nussbaum mit 3 Melodiesaiten gebaut von Kurt Reichmann 1979. // Organistrum - Replica of stone sculpture from the 'Portico De La Gloria' in Santiago De Compostella (Northern Spain). Walnut with 3 Melody Built by Kurt Reichmann 1979.
Spanische Gaita in C von der Fima Casa Paramon, auch als Schalmei spielbar, Baujahr 1998, sehr wenig benutzt. // Spanish gaita in c of the fima casa paramon, also as a shawm playable, year 1998, very little used.

Modell 'Louvet' von Wolfgang Weichselbaumer mit externen Tonabnehmern (eigens für dieses Instrument entwickelt). Mit dieser Drehleier wurden mehrere CD's aufgenommen. Baujahr 2008 // Model 'Louvet' by Wolfgang Vistula Baumer with external pickups (specially developed for this instrument). With this hurdy-Gurdy, several cd's. Built in 2008

Drehleier von Jacques Granchamp - Toulous - sehr gutes Instrument, Baujahr 1979- // Hurdy-Gurdy of Jacques Gran champ - toulous - very good instrument, year 1979

Drehleier 'Royal' mit Lautenkorpus und Drehleier 'Royal' mit flachem Korpus und Tonabnehmer. Beide Drehleiern 'Royal': 4 Melodiesaiten, 3 Bordune, 8 Resonanzsaiten, mechanische Wirbel mit Platingetriebe. Beide sind neuwertig - Baujahr 2014. // Hurdy-Gurdy 'Royal' with loud corpus and Hurdy-Gurdy 'Royal' with shallow body and pickup. Both Hurdy-Gurdies 'Royal': 4 Melody, 3 Bourdons (, 8 the sympathetic strings, mechanical vertebrae with platinum gearbox. Both are like new - built in 2014.

Modell 'Drachenglut': 2 Melodiesaiten, 2 Schnarren und 2 Bordune. Das Instrument hat Tonabnehmer und mechanische Wirbel mit Platingetriebe, neuwertig, Baujahr 2013. // Model 'dragons glut': 2 Melody note then hoarsely, 2 AND 2 Bourdons (. The instrument has pickup and mechanical vertebrae with platinum transmissions, as new, year 2013.

Lißberger Leiertage
5th - 8th May 2016

▶ Symbio live session I 2015 Hurdy-Gurdy & Accordion

Symbio live session I 2015 Hurdy-Gurdy & Accordion - YouTube
Symbio live session I 2015 Hurdy-Gurdy & Accordion
Published on Dec 6, 2015 by Symbio Folkfusion
The Swedish duo "Symbio"
LarsEmil Öjeberget: Accordion
Johannes Geworkian Hellman: Hurdy-Gurdy

Composer: Gilles Chabenat
Arrangement: Symbio
Photo: Marta Petterson & Erika Soldh Ahlström
Postproduction and mix: LarsEmil Öjeberget
Recorded at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, november 2015

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

▶ Le Son Continu 2015 highlights by Ian Mackay

   Le Son Continu 2015 - YouTube

Le Son Continu 2015
Published on Nov 29, 2015 by Ian Mackay
I have put together some highlights of 'Le son continu' music festival that took place in the grounds of Chateau d'Ars during July 2015. The location is about 180 miles (300km) south of Paris. The festival, which lasted for four days, was centred around 130 musical instrument makers and sellers. Fortunately, their trade stands were spread out in the shade of the trees in the chateau grounds, because it was hot and sunny every day! In addition, there were dances, evening concerts, presentations by the instrument makers, competitions and lots of informal music sessions. The aim of my video is to give you an idea of what the festival is all about. The organisation was superb, the food and drinks were great, the people were so nice and the sun shone every day! What more could you want! (Uploaded on 28 November 2015)
Salut! Voici ma video du festival. J'espere que vous l'apprecierez!

thanks to Stichting Draailier en Dodelzak

Friday, December 4, 2015

Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak Workshopweekend: (8) 9 & 10 of April 2016 [English page]

Workshopweekend: (8) 9 & 10 of April 2016

Registration starts wednesday 9th of December at 20:00
Always wanted to learn how to play the hurdy-gurdy or bagpipe? Or are you an advanced player who wants to improve his or her playing? This will be possible during the annual spring weekend of Draailier and Doedelzak. During this weekend there will be hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and other music courses for the beginner and the advanced player. During the day the courses will be held. In the evening there will be concerts and session. Lack of an instrument is not an excuse, because we have instruments for rent for the beginner groups.
Participants are welcome to arrive on friday 8th of April in the evening. This evening is open for session, talks, a drink and maybe a concert. The courses will start on saturday the 9th at 9.30 and will last untill sunday the 10th 17.00. Saturday evening at 20.00 there will be concerts or ball. Afterwards there will be time for session. Non-participants are also welcome on this evening...

more: Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak

alle workshops info (in Dutch):