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▶ Fräkmündt - Pfaffechälleri | Landlieder & Frömdländler Album Release

 ▶ Fräkmündt - Pfaffechälleri
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Published on Sep 18, 2014 by Fräk Mündt
Artist: Fräkmündt
Album: Landlieder & Frömdländler (2014)

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Fräkmündt – Fräkmündt was the name of a mysterious mountain in the heart of Switzerland which is connected to uncountable sagas. It was re-named to Pilatus after a legend, telling that the corpse of Pontius Pilatus who condemned Jesus was thrown into a lake on the eastern mountainside in order to tame his restless and furious spirit. Also, many sources speak about dragons living in caves inside the mountain, the wild hunt haunting through its chasms and witches roaming the woods beneath it.

The Ur-Folk music project Fräkmündt tries to capture the spirit of these old legends and their manifestations in living traditions around mount Pilatus and in other pristine areas around the alemannic parts of Switzerland. Fräkmündt re-inteprate old Swiss songs but also create new ur-alpine music, based on the inspiration from sagas, nature, historical places and traditional ceremonies. Furthermore, as Swiss folk music always was, Fräkmündt is influenced by foreign folk and all kinds of other music (and sometimes also by enthralled schnaps from the various farms around).

Finally, all elements blend together in a somehow modern, yet untamed musical declaration of love to the Central Swiss alpine area, to share its oddities, secrets and beauty with others from near and far.

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Landlieder & Frömdländler promo medley

-- [Release date: 26.09.2014] --
Published on Sep 1, 2014 by Fräk Mündt
Info & purchase:

Landlieder & Frömdländler promo medley - YouTube

While "Landlieder & Frömdländler" is Fräkmündt's most diverse and refined album so far, it perfectly exemplifies the ensemble's odd, rustic style. The musical spectrum ranges from thoughtful reflections on nature across wistful renditions of folk tales to drinking songs performed with Helvetian zest for life. With this, the musicians skilfully balance serious content and subtle humour, which makes their music compelling and tinged with Swiss local colour like no other.

Release date: 26.09.2014
North-American release date: 30.09.2014 (not shop, just distribution)

Available editions:
- CD Digipak
- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl) incl. poster and PVC protection sleeve (300 copies)
- 2CD hardcover book edition (18x18 cm, 60 pages) incl. historical pictures, liner notes and lots of Swiss legends in three languages (Swiss German, German and English) plus a bonus CD with 5 bonus tracks (500 copies)

1. Ofem Hoger on em See
2. Klarydä
3. PfaffechäIleri
4. Draachestei
5. Gämsjäger
6. D'Wandeler Prophezeyig
7. Fontannegsecht
8. Zoge am Boge
9. Luegid vo Bärg ond Tal
10. D'Züüsler
11. S'Totescheff am Börgestock
12. Simelibärg
13. Wieso semmer eso?

1. De Rigibärg
2. D’Draachejongfer (Eurovision edit)
3. Ha Amen Ort äs Blüemli Gseh (all. Vers.
4. Verreckt etz wotti...nömm (Matthias Reim cover)
5. Wenn chani es Näscht? (Amy MacDonald cover)

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Finally! Tomorrow the new album as well as the re-releases of our past records in a titillating new layout and with agitating bonus songs will be released! Dive into the weirdly voluptuous world of Fräkmündt and get your copy here:

▶ The world of Fräkmündt - YouTube:
Published on Aug 29, 2013
a glimpse into the strange but wonderful world of Fräkmündt

Members Res - Gesang und Thematik, Maultrommel Anneli - Drehleier, Flöte, Bass, Gesang, Komposition Käthi - Akkordeon, Balalaika, Ukulele, Mundharmonika und Komposition Guschti - Gitarre, Banjo, Flöte und Komposition Hagu Hans - Schlagzeug Ursula - Kuhglocke

Genre Swiss-Ur-Folk
Hometown Luzern

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